Drexel CCI Announces New Graduate Programs in Computer Science

Beginning Fall Quarter 2016, Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) will offer two new programs in computer science: a Graduate Certificate in Computer Science and a Graduate Minor in Computer Science. The programs are an addition to CCI’s existing graduate offerings in computer science, including the Master of Science in Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science degree programs.

The new graduate offerings will be housed in the College’s Department of Computer Science, but are intended for students outside of the department without a computer science background.

The new programs will offer the opportunity to expand and obtain fundamental knowledge about computer science and related topical areas. Both programs aim to provide a systematic integration of computing including but not limited to rigorous algorithmic thinking and effective computational implementation, without any prerequisites on computer science knowledge.

“For students with a background in any major, the new Graduate Certificate in Computer Science offers the perfect accelerated introduction to theoretical and applied computer science,” said Computer Science Department Head and Professor Dario Salvucci, PhD. “The new Graduate Minor in Computer Science allows Drexel graduate students across the University to blend their primary studies with computer science.”

Computation is quickly becoming an integral part of all scientific disciplines; therefore, basic knowledge of computer science is now a necessary component of any scientific or engineering education. The new certificate and graduate minor are designed to provide the basic knowledge necessary not only for success in higher-level graduate computer science courses, but also for using, understanding and building software systems in any discipline.

The certificate offers a versatile way for graduates or professionals to learn the basics of computer science or sharpen their skills in a technological environment, while the minor is an ideal fit for Drexel students hoping to add on a computer science education to their home degree.

“The certificate can be a standalone program, or can serve as a launching pad for a new career in a variety of computing-related disciplines,” Salvucci said. “The minor gives students a core skill set in developing computer programs and thinking algorithmically about problems in their main areas of study.”

Both the certificate and the minor include three core courses that cover fundamental computer programming and computer science theory: CS 520 Computer Science Foundations, CS 570 Programming Foundations (new), and CS 571 Advanced Programming Techniques.

Both programs provide an in-depth overview of computer science fundamentals with an electives option, allowing flexible platform for students to expand and customize their studies with courses of their choosing.

The 12-credit certificate includes three core courses and one elective, and can be completed in a minimum of two quarters. Upon completion, students in the certificate program are eligible to apply to the College’s Master of Science in Computer Science and/or Master of Science in Software Engineering degree programs.

The 15-credit minor includes three core courses and two electives, and can be completed in a minimum of three quarters.

Both the certificate and minor are exciting new additions to the College’s academic offerings, including master’s, doctoral and professional development programs in areas such as computer science, library and information science, information science, information systems, health informatics and software engineering.

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