Concert Experience App Jam Jar Wins 2016 CCI Senior Project Competition

Senior Design Competition 2016
Team Jam Jar took first place at the May 24 Senior Design Project Competition. Pictured from left to right: Drew Banin, Mark Koh, CCI Associate Teaching Professor Filippos Vokolos, Jessica Eng, Ethan Riback and Sanjana Raj.

An app that records live music performances and a video game designed for the visually-impaired took home the top prizes at the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) annual Senior Project Competition on May 24 in Nesbitt Hall.

Four finalist teams presented their senior projects at the annual event, which serves as the culmination of part of a multi-term capstone experience that includes an in-depth study and application of computing and informatics.

All CCI seniors are required to complete a three-term software engineering project. Students work in groups of four to seven members to develop and deliver a related product.

The CCI senior project requires the use of a development process involves planning, specification, design, implementation, evaluation and documentation. Their projects are usually conceived by external stakeholders who advise on the requirements process and use the ultimate application.

The senior projects are judged in a multi-level competition on originality, compliance with software engineering principles, completion and teams’ successful deployment. This year’s judges included Joshua Daltry (senior vice president of development at eMoney Advisor), Colin Kerr (software engineer at Bentley Systems), Earlin Lutz (advisory software engineer at Bentley Systems), Brian Mitchell, PhD (senior director at Cigna Group Insurance), and Rick Blyler (engineering director at Unisys Corporation).

The Senior Design Project is advised by CCI faculty members Jeff Salvage and Gregory Hislop.

The 2016 CCI Senior Project Competition finalists include:

Jam Jar (First Place $2,000) by Drew Banin, Jessica Eng, Mark Koh, Sanjana Raj and Ethan Riback. (Faculty Advisors: Filippos Vokolos, Project Advisor: Youngmoo Kim)

“Relive the concert experience with JamJar! By combining crowdsourced concert videos, JamJar lets you replay live performances from anywhere in the crowd. Just post your concert videos to JamJar and we'll do the rest! JamJar provides a unique viewing experience that rivals being at the show – and best of all it’s free for everyone!”

Click here to view Jam Jar's presentation [video]

Goal Ball (Second Place $1,000) by Richa Bhartia, Jordon Stone, Colton Terrace, Ryan Crim, Cho Gyn Min, Ryan Smith, John Frankel, TJ Heiney and Buzz Lakata. (Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Salvage, External Stakeholder: Overbrook School for the Blind)

“The video gaming industry consistently reaches new heights in visual appeal. However, a group of would-be gamers, the visually impaired, are left behind. Goal Ball is a real-world game played by individuals world-wide from a local level to the Paralympics. Specifically designed for the visually impaired, the Goal Ball application provides a replication of the real-world game play with audio and sensory feedback providing a fair, competitive environment and an entertaining experience for the audience.”

Click here to view Goal Ball's presentation [video]

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Worden (Honorable Mention $500) by Corey Everitt, Marc Barrowclift, Eric Nordstrom, Jiakang Jin and Ivan “Frankie” Orrego. (Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Salvage, External Stakeholder: Rachel Greenstadt)

“Worden is a authorship attribution software that fuses the principles of natural language processing with the power of machine learning. Using the existing JStylo Stylometry tool as the foundation, Worden sets out to take this proven tool out of the lab and into the hands of the common person with a redesigned, clear UI built for the web and a more versatile, scaleable machine learning core.”

Click here to view Worden's presentation [video]

Booksmart Touring (Honorable Mention $500) by Molly King, Josh Weinstein, Daniel Nguen, Heidi Muth, Airika Volkova and Roderick Sterling. (Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Booker, External Stakeholder: Ben Melman)

“Booksmart is a web and mobile application that makes creating and managing a music tour an easy and convenient experience. When a manager organizes a tour, it can be hard to keep track of all the dates, times, venues, people involved, financials, and much more information regarding the tour. The application keeps all of this information in one place while allowing real time updates and notifications to be sent to anyone else associated with the tour. Everything from booking flights, scheduling a show, keeping track of gear, to chatting with tour members every day of the tour can be be done through the application. It will be a reference point for all information pertaining to current and past tours for everyone involved in the tour management process.”

Click here to view Booksmart Touring's presentation [video]

CCI would like to thank this year's Senior Project Competition sponsors for their generous support: Unisys,Bentley Systems, Cigna, and eMoney Advisor.

For more information on CCI’s Senior Project, please visit our website.

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