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Dept. of Computer Science Talk: "Introduction to Quantinuum"

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

2:00 PM-3:00 PM

The Department of Computer Science at the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) at Drexel University is pleased to present the following talk:
"Introduction to Quantinuum" 
Featuring Mark Jackson, PhD, senior quantum evangelist at Quantinuum
Talk Abstract:
Quantum computing is fast approaching commercial applicability. In this talk, Jackson will introduce the basics of this field including theory, and technology, applications, and commercial status. These include solutions for drug discovery, material science, finance, and cybersecurity. He will also describe how one programs a quantum computer methods used to optimize its efficiency. Jackson will finish by describing Quantinuum's “TKET” open-source architecture-agnostic quantum compiler.
This free event is open to all Drexel faculty, professional staff and current undergraduate and graduate students. No RSVP is necessary.
About the Speaker:
Dr. Mark Jackson is the senior quantum evangelist at Quantinuum. He received his BS in Physics and Mathematics from Duke University and PhD in Theoretical Physics from Columbia University. He then spent 10 years researching superstring theory and cosmology, co-authoring almost 40 technical articles. He is adjunct faculty at Singularity University and a director of Astronomers Without Borders.

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