Isaac L. Auerbach Third Annual Innovation Competition & Award 2019

Innovation award winners with Yi and Ali

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2019 Innovation Awards Judges

The third annual Isaac L. Auerbach Innovation Competition and Award, which exemplifies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), seeks to recognize the culture of innovation in our CCI community. The competition is open to all currently employed CCI faculty, professional staff and currently enrolled students. Collaboration among faculty/professional staff/students is encouraged.

What Does Innovation at CCI Look Like?

Many of the opportunities that CCI has in the areas of societal impact, the student experience, community building and the Women in Computing initiative require novel approaches and out-of-the-box thinking. Established in 2017, the CCI Isaac L. Auerbach Innovation Competition and Award helps to fuel the ideas that address these challenges while encouraging and celebrating creativity among faculty, professional staff and students. The goal for the College is to foster and sustain a culture of innovation, with this competition as the cornerstone of this effort.

CCI’s Innovation Priorities:

How can we?

  1. Create a Welcoming New CCI Space
    • As CCI prepares to move into our new location at 3675 Market Street, it is essential that the College’s new home is an environment that is welcoming, collaborative and fosters innovation and creativity. While furniture and space design/layout have been selected, there are still creative ways we can utilize and activate spaces throughout the new building. What resources can be used to create an energized and productive space?
  2. Advance the Women in Computing (WiC) Initiative
    • CCI has launched an overarching effort to increase the number of women in the computing field. This collaborative effort involves CCI, industry and each one of us. How can we recruit female students to our College? How can we retain this female talent once they choose CCI? How can we create meaningful and measurable impact with this initiative?
  3. Create Societal Impact
    • Now more than ever we see the role of technology in society. How can we increase our research and academic influence to make the world a better place? Can we use our knowledge to increase learning? Help populations in need through research? Blaze a sustainable path for the future? How can we be responsible CCI citizens to our surrounding community?
  4. Build a Vibrant CCI Community
    • A vibrant community is one in which individuals are engaged and committed to one another through shared responsibility. How can we make CCI the best it can be? Are there opportunities to better connect faculty, professional staff, students and alumni to collaborate? How do we harness our individual talents and energy to benefit the CCI community? Can we create a College-wide common focus to reach our goals?
  5. Enhance the Student Experience
    • The student experience reflects every aspect of student life. Students are at the center of everything we do in CCI. This area is two-fold:
      • College perspective: How can we improve the student lifecycle from first contact to graduation and the alumni experience? Are there courses that CCI could look to develop (or expand upon) that would better prepare students for their fields of interest? Is there co-curricular programming that could better cater to the interest of CCI students that is not currently being offered?  Are there ways in which CCI students’ needs are met that could be improved from a process-oriented standpoint?
      • Student perspective: Are there programs or support systems that could make CCI an even better place be? Are there issues you’ve encountered that you can propose a solution for? How can we improve your campus experience, through events or other ideas?

2019 Innovation Award Judges

These judges review the top selections from crowd voting and make the final award decisions:

Dean's Leadership Team

Christopher Spangler
Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications


Jeff Salvage
Teaching Professor, Computer Science

Erjia Yan
Assistant Professor, Information Science


Matt Horger
BS/MS Computer Science

Marisa Tranchitella
BS Computing & Security Technology

Professional Staff

Kerry Boland
Assistant Director, Creative Content and Publications

John McNamara
Information Technology Manager