Howard White

Howard D. White

Professor Emeritus, Visiting Research Professor

Howard D. White

Professor Emeritus, Visiting Research Professor


Dr. White is currently developing theoretical ties between information science, discourse analysis, and linguistic pragmatics. He is also active in bibliometrics and citation analysis, especially the automatic visualization of term co-occurrence data. Topics in librarianship that he has written on include collection evaluation, innovative online searching, reference and bibliographic work, library publicity, and American attitudes toward library censorship. Outside librarianship, he has written on social science data archives and on domain analysis in higher education.

Research Areas

  • Library & Information Science
  • Data Science

Research Interests

Literature information systems, bibliometrics, research methods, collection development, online searching

Academic Distinctions

  • PhD, Librarianship, University of California, Berkeley

Select Publications

  • White, Howard D. (2011). Relevance Theory and Citations. Journal of Pragmatics 43: 3345-3361
  • White, Howard D. (2011). Scientific and Scholarly Networks. In The Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis, John Scott and Peter J. Carrington, eds. London: Sage Publications. 271-285.
  • White, Howard D. (2010). Ingwersen’s Image and Identity Compared. In The Janus Faced Scholar: A Festschrift in Honour of Peter Ingwersen. Special Volume of the E-Newsletter of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, v. 6-S: 219-227.