Editorial Style Guide

The Drexel University Editorial Style Guide is a reference tool for campus communicators to use when preparing copy for print and electronic distribution. It exists to help ensure that Drexel colleges, campuses, programs, etc., are identified in a consistent manner.

Drexel’s editorial style generally adheres to The Associated Press Stylebook. The purpose of this style guide is to delineate Drexel’s exceptions to AP style, preferred nomenclature for Drexel institutions and programs, and commonly encountered style questions. Drexel communicators are encouraged to purchase a recent edition of the AP stylebook or purchase an online account at apstylebook.com.

It is understood that some communicators working in specific functions may adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines as a matter of practicality or because of established professional standards.

Questions about the Drexel University Editorial Style Guide should be directed to the Executive Director of Internal Communications & Publications.