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Philly Is Ranked One of the World’s Best Places To Found a Startup, Climbing to No. 25 Globally
Drexel was mentioned in a June 11 Philly story about Philadelphia being ranked among the top 25 cities in the world for founding a startup, according to a ranking by Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network.
Ad Spending Is Climbing, Thanks To Tireless Consumers — And Artificial Intelligence
Elea Feit, PhD, an associate dean for Research and associate professor in the LeBow College of Business, was quoted in a June 11 Marketplace story about the sharp increase in ad spending, despite a poor economic outlook, due in part to artificial intelligence.
‘It’s Unbearable’: In Ever-Hotter US Cities, Air Conditioning Is No Longer Enough
Simi Hoque, PhD, a professor in the College of Engineering, was quoted in a June 11 Guardian story about extreme heat in the U.S. and the shortcoming of air conditioning in preventing indoor exposure.
When Women Say It Hurts
Ramesh Raghupathi, PhD, a professor in the College of Medicine, was quoted in a June 10 Philadelphia Citizen story about the "gender pain gap" and how women's pain has historically been mismanaged by health care providers.

Our Faculty Experts

Drexel University faculty provide expertise, analysis and commentary on a wide variety of news and research topics. Please contact Media Relations for more information and follow us on Twitter to get a first look.

Abieyuwa Aghayere, PhD

buildings, civil engineering, engineering

Aghayere studies structural systems and why they fail. He has written extensively about wood, concrete and steel construction and structural failure analysis. And commented in media stories about building collapses, the degradation and testing of infrastructure and the built environment.


Robert D'Ovidio, PhD

Criminology & Justice Studies
D'Ovidio researches the intersection of computer technology, crime and the criminal justice system. He directs Drexel's research program in computer crime and digital forensics. In the past, he has worked with the New York City Police Department and Philadelphia Police Department on research projects involving computer crime. His work with the law enforcement community also includes training investigators on techniques to trace Internet communication and seize electronic evidence and cell phones.

Girija Kaimal, EdD

creative arts therapies
Kaimal’s research focuses on understanding the way that creative self-expression affects human emotions and other brain processes. Her work particularly focuses on the ways people's experiences influence what they create, and how art-making can be used to reduce stress and stress-related issues.

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