Social Media Accounts Security

  • Use strong unique password per Drexel Password Policy guidelines and enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all social media accounts. Do not use the same credentials for official and personal accounts.
  • Use caution when visiting external links from posts on social media websites. Do not click any suspicious links sent by unknown senders.
  • Be aware of which social media account is active (personal, Drexel Official, etc.) before posting.
  • Only use Drexel approved physical devices to access official social media accounts. For social media accounts (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) that can only be accessed via a mobile device, personal devices can be used.
  • Protect your devices. Do not use public devices to access official social media accounts. Lock your devices and log out of accounts when not in use. Enable a passcode lock on mobile devices.
  • Make sure only authorized users have credentials for official accounts.
  • Manage and review privacy and security settings to secure your account on social media websites.
  • Verify which third-party applications or services have access to your account, and what information is being provided to those applications and services.
  • Connect to the Drexel VPN when using Drexel-affiliated social media accounts from off-campus locations.

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