Drexel Info Board Request Form

To submit a request for a promotional card, please fill in the Drexel Info Board Form.

Drexel Info Board

The Drexel Info board is a visual display system installed throughout campus to inform and alert the University community of opportunities, events, support services, news, and more to enhance the Drexel experience.

Across campus in common areas, Dragons will find over 30 display screens University-wide. Specific Colleges may also have Drexel Info Board screens to share information and updates for each college community. 

University-Wide Content

The Drexel Info board system is designed for Drexel community messages via digital cards that offer content relevant to all communities University-wide. This encompasses a range of possibilities including event promotions, Drexel news, academic support opportunities, student services, celebratory messaging and much more.

Content that is not acceptable or require special approval:

  • Personal or college-only messages that does not impact the full student body or community university-wide
  • Promotion of events that are limited to a specific college, group, or community
  • Solicitation of study participants for research projects
  • The promotion of academic programs, encouraging students to transfer internally
  • Select student organization messaging and promotion must be formally approved and submitted by administrative leadership at the Division of Student Success 

Submission requests for promotion

Colleges, schools, centers and administrative offices, may request a promotional digital card to be displayed on the University-Wide system for student audience promotion provided it meets the criteria noted previously and below. 

  • Messaging development must be requested to the Division of University Marketing & Communications through the request from below.
  • The Division of University Marketing & Communications will consider and approve all messaging and will design all creative digital cards, unless previously negotiated with the requestor
  • All digital cards may only be live for maximum run time of 14 days, unless is deemed a part of a larger University-approved communications campaign.
  • Requests to re-run digital cards can be made to University Marketing & Communications pending another round of review and approval.
  • University Marketing & Communications reserves the right to not run submission requests for any reason, though examples such as too much volume, inappropriate messaging, messaging that does not meet the acceptable usage criteria above, style of submitted designs could serve as rejected promotions and/or delays in promotion.

Submitted card designs

  • If an organization wishes to submit their own design for their card, they must consult University Marketing & Communications in their request for specific dimension specifications so it meets a global standard for Drexel screens. Art will then go through a review process with University Marketing & Communications.  Any art submitted that does not meet that specification will be rejected immediately. 

Submit Your Request for a Digital Card

College and School Focused Content

The Drexel Info board system also has a presence in many of Drexel’s colleges and schools. These systems are operated independently of the University-wide system and will primarily offer information supporting each unique college community. This system will also offer global content deemed as University-wide prioritized messaging that is relevant for all students and for their benefit pending template alignment with central design. 


While the Drexel Info board system will have multiple users and contributors around the University, Drexel Business Services and University Marketing & Communications are responsible for the ongoing ownership of the system and management of the software vendor relationship.  

Participating organizations using this service will liaison with Business Services for ongoing servicing, troubleshooting, updating of technology, and receive counsel on using the tool and serve as a first-level decision maker when conflicts and/or disputes are escalated.

All creative submissions, review, approvals, and counsel will be provided by University Marketing & Communications. 

Content Governance

  • University Marketing & Communications and Drexel Business Services reserves the right to monitor, add cards for University business purposes in a global insertion approach, and remove any card on the system University-wide if deemed inappropriate. 

Emergency Alert Systems

University Marketing & Communications and Drexel Business Services reserves the right to completely take full control of all systems University-wide in an event deemed an emergency of any kind to communicate safety messages to the Drexel community. 

The Drexel Info board system may align with the current Drexel Alert System and display messages across all screens at any time during an emergency event or timely warning with varying degree of prominence of screen area.