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Using SCDCOnline

SCDCOnline is the Steinbright Career Development Center's online recruiting system.

Through this service, the full spectrum of the co-op recruitment process is managed. Employers access this system through the Co-op Employer Portal. For information on using the portal, including screenshots and step-by-step instructions, log in at

While SCDCOnline is the primary method of securing co-op employment, some Drexel students may also conduct searches outside of the SCDCOnline system. Steinbright refers to this as a self-directed or independent search. Steinbright supports students in their independent searches as means to a proactive and aggressive job search. Employers may occasionally be contacted by Drexel students outside of the SCDCOnline recruitment portal, at which time they can contact their designated co-op advisor with any questions on how to best address a student's interest.

Posting Deadlines

There are a series of deadlines for each co-op cycle recruiting process. View our co-op recruiting calendars to see when jobs must be submitted in order to participate in each round of recruiting for our fall/winter or spring/summer co-op cycles:

Accessing SCDCOnline

Every co-op employer partner contact is issued a user ID and PIN that will allow you to log in to SCDCOnline at to complete each step in the co-op process, including posting jobs, choosing interview candidates, extending offers, and completing student evaluations.

Resending or Resetting Your PIN

If you have lost your user ID and PIN, please contact your co-op advisor and it will be resent to you. If you want to reset your PIN, you can do this by logging in to

Information Required to Post a Co-op Position

When posting a position, you will need to include information about your company, the job responsibilities, and requirements/qualifications needed to perform the job. Employer partners are asked to choose the majors and experience level they are looking for, which helps students as they search for and apply to jobs.

At the time of posting, employer partners must also indicate if the position is paid or unpaid, if there is a required level of work authorization, and indicate if there are any pre-employment screenings (including background checks, drug screening or skills-based testing). Refer to the Department of Labor Fact Sheet Regarding Unpaid Interns and Students regarding pay, and refer to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for further information on work authorization.

Lastly, the employer partner must indicate the location of the position and if any travel will be required. Information is also included when posting that will later advise the candidates you choose to interview on the instructions they should follow for setting up their interview.

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