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Interview Policies and Best Practices

Review information on how to select candidates for interviews in SCDConline, complete your interviews, and how to best contact students post-interview.

Selecting Interview Candidates

In A-Round and B-Round of recruiting, employer partners should not reach out to students until the designated start of the interview period (see the Recruiting Calendars for Undergraduate Co-op Employers for specific dates). In order to select a candidate to interview, employer partners must choose the candidate from their list of applicants in SCDCOnline. Students will then be notified of which employer partners selected them for interviews and can start scheduling after the official start date of the interview period. C-Round is the only time that employer partners may reach out to candidates immediately upon receiving résumés. View our Co-op Employer Portal Screenshots for details on how to select candidates for interviews in SCDCOnline.

Completing Interviews with Candidates

Employer partners must interview all students that they have selected. Keep in mind the availability of you and your team when deciding how many students you would like to interview. We also encourage you to be aware of Drexel's academic calendar when scheduling interviews, as some weeks you may find it is harder for students to be available, especially during finals and break weeks. Students should not be asked to miss classes or exams for interviews. If you find you are having trouble reaching a student to set up an interview, contact your co-op advisor.

In A- and B-Round, all interviews must be completed before making any offers (for information about A-/B-Round offers and rankings, go to our Ranking and Pairing Information page. For information about C-Round interviews and offers, go to our How C Round Differs page. Students often have numerous opportunities and offers and it is in your best interest as an employer partner to meet all students so that you have options.

Communication with Students Regarding Interviews

To make students aware of what to expect, employer partners should reach out to students early in the interview period about their interview process, even if you do not intend to start scheduling interviews until later in the interview period. Students are required to attend all interviews granted and it can be very helpful to both the student and employer partner to know when they are expected to interview.



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