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How C Round Differs

C-Round Timeline

C-Round typically begins about one month prior to the start of a new co-op cycle. Due to timing, employer partners are encouraged to begin scheduling interviews as soon as they receive candidate résumés. Hiring decisions happen at any time (see below for important offer information), so you may also encounter candidates who have already accepted other positions. This underlines the importance of reaching out to promising candidates quickly in this round, as the pace is much faster.

C-Round Offers

In C-Round, employer partners must make offers directly to students. This is the only round of hiring in which this is permitted. Upon making an offer to a student, it is also the employer partner's responsibility to communicate the offer to their assigned co-op advisor. Please include whether the student has accepted the position, as well as the offered salary, number of hours per week, and any other compensation provided. The co-op advisor will inactivate the position once it is filled so that no further applications are submitted.

If at any time you would like to cancel a position and stop receiving candidate résumés, please reach out to your co-op advisor as soon as possible.



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