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Ranking and Pairing Information

Employers, please review this helpful information on the co-op pairing process in SCDCOnline.

Offer vs. Qualified Alternate Ranking

When choosing candidates you would like to make an offer to or rank as an alternate in A or B Round, it is important to be aware of the following differences:

  • Job Offer – An offer in SCDCOnline is an official job offer, similar to a formal offer letter.
  • Qualified Alternate –  This is a candidate the employer partner is interested in hiring, but who is not the first choice. If the first choice candidate does not accept the offer, employer partners may be automatically paired with an alternate.

Steinbright recommends ranking more than one student to better increase the chances of being paired with a student. Employer partners should not rank a student they would not hire as any student ranked could be paired with the position, and pairings are final.

During the recruiting process, employers may encounter a candidate in SCDCOnline whose status is listed as "temporarily ineligible." This means that employers are not able to hire the student and could occur for a variety of reasons. Please contact your co-op advisor if you have questions about a student's status, as the student's status may change.

For additional information, see how C Round differs.

Pairing Process in SCDConline

Employers are not permitted to extend offers outside of SCDCOnline in A Round or B Round, and students should never be pressured to accept a position. It benefits our co-op employer partners to follow this policy. Student commitments are not considered official until confirmed in SCDCOnline through the optimal pairing process. Students are given time to evaluate all offers before coming to a decision. After the optimal pairing process is completed, all hiring outcomes are considered final.

Steps after Optimal Pairing

Once paired with a student, it is the employer partner's responsibility to reach out in order to complete any paperwork or on-boarding steps that must take place before a student's start date. This may include background checks or other pre-employment screenings that must be cleared in order for the student to start work. Employer partners should reach out to their new employee(s) regarding next steps, confirm their start date, and give information about their training process.


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