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The ELAM Blog

Calendar icon: July 27

Equip Your Inner Coach: Personal, Career and Leadership Development in an Uncertain Age

As director of AAMC's Office of Women in Medicine and Science from 1987 to 2002, and since the beginning of ELAM, I have actively supported this influential program in many ways and served as ELAM faculty for more than two decades. Throughout these decades I learned so much from coaching these extraordinary women physicians and scientists. I have transformed these learnings into a book designed to assist early- and mid-career professionals, as well as emerging leaders, to turn their intellectual capital into satisfying career and leadership capital, and to equip mentors to improve their track record of mentoring women. Read more.

Calendar icon: June 19

Juneteenth 2023

We are truly living in interesting times. People are seeking more connection with family and friends after two years of isolating by choice. We may have leveraged some virtual technology as well to connect with family and friends. I desire to live in a community with the ability to celebrate and share sorrow in community. There is something about being in community with others that values your being. Read more.

Calendar icon: November 5

Considering an Internal Opportunity?

Sometimes candidates — internal and external — struggle with whether to apply when a leadership role emerges. The considerations for an internal candidate can be additionally challenging. So, should you apply for that internal role? Read more.

Calendar icon: October 10

Wisdom From ELAM

In September, I had the privilege of learning from and with a group of amazing people in the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) and Executive Leadership in Healthcare (ELH) programs, dedicated to leadership training for women and housed at Drexel University College of Medicine. I manage a tremendous group of executive coaches who provide services to the nearly 100 professionals attending these programs for 2022-2023. It is a true privilege and learning experience for me every time I get to be with this group. Read more.

Calendar icon: September 13

Virtual Negotiation Training: Evidence That It Works

Gender-based disparities in academic medicine are well-known. Women earn less than men, even after controlling for rank, RVUs and grant funding, and the pipeline for talent leaks more as it gets to the top, with only 25% of full professors being female compared to 46% of assistant professors. While the etiology of these disparities is multifactorial, one of the potentially issues identified has been the fact that women often feel less comfortable with negotiation than their male counterparts. Training in negotiation may equip women with these skills, and thereby help reduce the gaps that exist. But does such training actually work? Are there best practices? And how do we democratize such training for maximal benefit? Read more.

Calendar icon: March 3

I Am a Creative Again

Like many of us, I have been a part of academic medicine for my entire professional career. I chose this path because I loved the varied things it would allow me to do – teach, mentor, perform research, create new knowledge, be an administrator, organize events, see patients, contribute to national committees and so much more. After more than 20 years in this business, most people looking in from the outside would likely say that I have been quite successful. However, despite this, I felt a growing sense that I was missing something in my life. Read more.

December 7

Fixing the Gender Leadership Gap in Academic Medicine: The Equality Can't Wait Challenge

We are honored to be partnering with the Center for Women in Academic Medicine and Science (CWAMS) for a grant proposal that has been submitted to Pivotal Venture's Equality Can't Wait Challenge. The proposal offers solutions for fixing the gender leadership gap in academic medicine. Read more.

Calendar icon for September 21

What's in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The famous words spoken by Juliet in the Shakespeare drama Romeo and Juliet imply that names are meaningless. However, I would argue that this statement is incorrect. Read more.

Calendar icon for January 13

The Need to Train Women Executive Leaders in Academic Public Health

Academic health institutions are at an important inflection point in this country, because competitive market forces have never been stronger and the economics of higher education are falling further under scrutiny. At the same time the data are clear: Women leaders have a proven track record of productivity and success. Read more.

Calendar icon for October 17

How Can Advocacy, Inclusion, Excellence and a Gender Gap Coexist in Academic Medicine and Dentistry?

It is April 2015, and I am in my office working on one of my research projects. The department chair walks into my office holding the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (JOMS) in his hand. He puts it on my desk and says, "You ought to do something about this!" Read more.

Calendar icon for October 2

Then and Now: Mentoring in a Different World

Envision the wise woman on the mountain. She has trained, she has toiled, she has arrived. But what if the tools of climbing the mountain have changed? What if the mountain has changed? What if the goal is not to climb a mountain anymore? Read more.

Calendar icon for August 29

Women's Wellness Through Equity and Leadership (WEL) Project

As more women physicians enter the workforce, they face persistent challenges that can lead to burnout, including pay inequity, microaggressions, discrimination and imbalance between responsibilities at home and work. To tackle these issues, six major medical organizations have formed a partnership that brings together early- to mid-career women physicians for networking, mentorship and leadership training. Read more.

Calendar icon for August 12

The Power of Intersectionality to Promote Allyship

As a woman of color in academia, I’ve often experienced the marginalization, isolation and microaggressions that are inherent in predominantly white institutions. Sadly, being in a leadership position does not shield one. Read more.

Calendar icon for July 24

The Importance of an Internal AND External Curriculum Vitae

As an ELUM and a search consultant at WittKieffer, I wanted to share some thoughts about CVs, resumes and executive summaries — they can all be very confusing! Read more.

June 14

Do No Harm

I am lying on my yoga mat in heart bench, a block under my upper back lifting my chest skyward, and another lower one supporting my head. My feet are together, my knees wide. Class is about to start, and I am wondering why I am here. Read more.

May 6

Civil Discourse and Academic Medicine

When you hear the words “civil discourse,” what comes to mind? You may envision a room of politically charged individuals debating gun safety versus gun rights, immigration or other contentious issues. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Why would anyone want to engage in something like that? And what could possibly be the connection to leadership in academic medicine? Read more.

March 27

Getting to ELAM's 25th Anniversary

We're 15 months away from what is a milestone event for women in academic medicine – the 25th anniversary of the founding of ELAM. We're excited to celebrate ELAM's accomplishments – and more importantly – YOUR accomplishments – at our celebration on May 1, 2020. Last year, 69 of our ELUMs moved into exciting new positions of leadership and 38 of our alumnae received awards or board appointments. Our alumnae are leaders in 259 schools of medicine, dentistry, public health and pharmacy. We have 1,026 alumnae across the country and the world who are making measurable impact at their institutions. We are a powerful network of leaders with an equally powerful network of allies. Working together – women and men – is how we are going to make progress. Read more.

ELAM is a core program of the Institute for Women's Health and Leadership at Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pa. The Institute continues the legacy of advancing women in medicine that began in 1850 with the founding of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, the nation's first women's medical school and a predecessor of today's Drexel University College of Medicine.