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Domain Name Servers

Overview of Service

Domain Name System (DNS) servers translate human readable host or domain names to numeric IP addresses. Drexel IT Networking manages domain name servers used by the university. At start-up time, most computers and devices connecting to the Drexel network receive their network configuration using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), which automatically provides the necessary DNS configuration for the Drexel Network, along with other information necessary to connect.

Computers and devices that are configured with statically assigned IP addresses, must be manually configured with domain name server addresses.

Description & Features

The domain name system is an important network utility built-in to your operating system used to translate host names to IP addresses. For DNS to function your operating system must communicate with domain name servers provided by your ISP.

Drexel's domain name servers only function for devices connected to the Drexel network. When connected at home or on other networks, you must use DNS server addresses provided by your ISP or local provider.

Getting Started

It is only necessary to configure DNS on your computer or device if it connects to the network using a static IP address without use of the DHCP protocol.  

 If you are manually configuring DNS servers, use the following IP addresses in the order provided below:


The legacy DNS server addresses listed below were deprecated in August 2018, and will continue to respond until December 18, 2021 June 30, 2022 January 31, 2023. The new servers are faster and more reliable. 


Requesting Help

Contact the Drexel IT Network Operations Center (NOC) for more information or assistance.