Research Safety Training 

Principal Investigators new to Drexel University must contact EHRS to be added to the BioRAFT platform.

Existing Principal Investigators can access the platform using Drexel credentials by clicking the link on the right side of the page. The Principal Investigator will be required to provide contact information, add laboratory members, hazard data and conduct a job activity assessment for each member. This information will be used to assign the required training courses.  Principal investigators can utilize the PI Profile Quick Start [PDF] guide to conduct the profile setup. 

Visiting researchers/students and non-employee associates cannot access this training system until all requirements outlined in the following link (Visitors in University Laboratories) are completed. A temporary access account will only be issued to individuals who are visiting university laboratories for a period of less than six months.  All other individuals must have a Drexel email account to access the training system

The PI is responsible for ensuring that laboratory employees are provided with training about the specific hazards present in their laboratory work area, and methods to control such hazards. Such training must be provided at the time of an employee's initial assignment to a work area and prior to assignments involving new potential exposures, and must be documented. Refresher training must be provided at least annually. The specific training must be documented and upload into the BioRAFT Compliance Platform.

Principal Investigators can manage and track compliance by clicking on the Dashboard link on their profile page. The Dashboard page provides the following information:

  • Member summary – this summary provides list of members and the job activities for each member.
  • Training summary – this summary provides the training compliance status.

EHRS will send an access suspension notice to the PI if any lab member has one or more training courses overdue. The notice will provide the name of the lab member who is delinquent. This lab member may not access the lab until the training is completed.

EHRS will send a closure notice to the PI if any lab member has one or more training courses overdue for two weeks or more. The notice will provide the names of the lab member who are delinquent and a deadline date to complete. The deadline to complete will be no more than 24 hours. The lab will be closed if the training is not completed prior to the deadline. The lab will remain closed until all training is completed.



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