Ethan Pisone

Drexel Engineer Ethan Pisone

Hometown: Long Valley, New Jersey
Major: Engineering Technology
Class Year: 2024

When or how did you become interested in engineering?

Growing up with both of my parents working in the field of engineering, I had the advantage of their guidance and insight when it came to choosing my own engineering path. Their firsthand experiences and knowledge helped me gain a deeper understanding of the different branches of engineering and allowed me to explore various disciplines. Their guidance not only helped me identify my interests but also enabled me to make a well-informed decision about the specific area of engineering that resonated with me the most. I am incredibly grateful for their support and mentorship, which played a significant role in shaping my career aspirations.

When you were looking at colleges, what made Drexel stand out?

The main thing that stood out to me at Drexel was the co-op program. Not many colleges offered a co-op program and work them in with classes. Another key factor that swayed me to attend Drexel was the numerous amounts of food trucks!

Why did you decide to focus on your major?

I chose to pursue Engineering Technology due to its emphasis on practical experience, with more than 70% of its courses incorporating hands-on labs that utilize industry technology. In this program, students acquire the same fundamental concepts as in traditional engineering, but with the added advantage of engaging in hands-on work. I find that I learn most effectively when I can directly apply the theories, I study in class to laboratory settings.

Which of your co-ops made the biggest impact?

During my most recent co-op, I held the position of an Electrical Project Engineer, which marked my first encounter with real-world project work. As an Electrical Project Engineer, my responsibilities encompassed a diverse range of tasks, including programming, power generation (Arc Flash Studies), electrical instrumentation, and even solar panels. Through this role, I had the opportunity to delve into various facets of electrical engineering while working on a multitude of projects. This experience made me realize the value of project-based work, as it allows for exploration across different domains of electrical engineering, as opposed to being confined to a single area. Consequently, I am keen on pursuing similar project-oriented endeavors in my post-Drexel years

What extracurricular groups are you in and what value do they bring to students?

I’m the co-founder and current secretary of the Drexel Manufacturing Engineering Society. Our organization serves as a student outreach initiative for individuals interested in the field of Manufacturing. We organize events on a quarterly basis and occasionally invite industry professionals who specialize in Manufacturing to share their experiences.

I’m also the co-founder and president of the Association for Engineering Technology Students. We are in the process of establishing this club and seeking official recognition. Our objective as a student association is to foster a sense of community among underclassmen and upperclassmen through engaging events. Additionally, we aim to offer academic support and guidance to those in need.

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