Gogotsi Awarded DOE Grant for Clean Energy Solutions

Yury Gogotsi

Yury Gogotsi, Distinguished University and Bach Professor and Director of the AJ Drexel Nanomaterials Institute, has been awarded a grant from the US Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). In collaboration with SRNL researcher Patrick Ward, PhD; Kah Chun Lau, PhD, of California State University, Northridge; and Paul Weiss, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles, Gogotsi will conduct research into clean energy solutions.

Right now, the team’s focus is improving hydrogen storage and production through understanding the element’s behavior. “By understanding the underlying behavior of hydrogen in these systems, materials can be strategically designed to possess the desired properties needed to advance clean energy technologies,” said Ward. 
Through this grant, Gogotsi and each of the other team members are awarded $580,000 spread over 3 years for research into renewable energy and “low-carbon manufacturing” in order to cut emissions and improve existing technologies. 

Their research will be helpful with the government’s Hydrogen Shot initiative, one aspect of its three Energy Earthshots. The Hydrogen Shot initiative aims to reduce the cost of oxygen to $1 per 1 kilogram in one decade. 


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