Class of 2021 Graduate Spotlight

Name: Abigail Clune
Degree and Concentration: BS/MS, Computer Engineering
Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Abigail Clune
Abigail Clune

What one word would you use to describe your Drexel experience and why?

My Drexel experience in one word would be powerful, because between every person I've met, every co-op I've worked, every class I've worked hard in, every event I've enjoyed, my life is entirely changed now, and that's pretty powerful.

What class, teacher or project taught you a lesson you still carry with you today?

Dr. Andrew Cohen always talked about doing something you love for a career, and that when you do find your real passion, go for it and never forget why you love it/why it's meaningful to you in the first place. That's always stuck with me.

How did you experiences at Drexel change or reinforce your idea of what engineering can do for the world?

Drexel has further reinforced the idea that creativity and teamwork can make anything a reality.  These ideas are part of the bread and butter of engineering. Engineering is about using creativity to grow, evolve, and change the world that we live in, for the better.

What are your professional plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will begin full-time work as a software developer at Analytical Graphics, Inc, where I also completed 2 co-ops and worked part-time through the last several quarters.