CoE Faculty Members Honored for Scholarship by Drexel University

The College of Engineering congratulates six faculty members recently honored by the 2018-2019 Drexel Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Awards & Provost Awards for Teaching, Scholarship, and Professional Service, which are bestowed annually as a means of supporting the ongoing development of Drexel research, scholarship, and creative activities and excellence in teaching.

Three of those awards went to CoE’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

“We are thrilled and delighted that our outstanding faculty members are being recognized for their contributions to the Drexel community and beyond,” said CoE Dean Sharon L. Walker, PhD. “It will be our great pleasure to continue supporting their research and teaching as together we forge one of the country’s strongest engineering programs.”

The faculty members received awards in six categories at a dinner held at Behrakis Grand Hall last month.

The Provost Award for Outstanding Scholarly Productivity, Mid-Career

Dr. Ekaterina Pomerantseva, Anne Stevens Assistant Professor, Department of Material Science and Engineering. This award is given to a tenured faculty member in the field nine to 16 years who has demonstrated unusual excellence and become a recognized leader in his/her scholarly field.

Provost Award for Outstanding Scholarly Productivity, Career

Dr. Michel Barsoum, Distinguished Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This award is given to a tenured faculty member with more than 16 years since earning a terminal degree who has sustained an extraordinarily high level of scholarly activity that has had a major impact in the greater community and/or the public perception of Drexel University.

The Barbara Hornum Teaching Award

Dr. Christopher Weyant, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This honor recognizes a teaching faculty member who exemplifies the highest quality of teaching and pedagogical innovation and rigor.

The Evidence-Based Teaching Award in STEM

Dr. Patricia M. Gallagher, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. Gallagher’s research interests are geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, soil improvement, and recycled materials in geotechnics.

The Sixth Annual Drexel University Assessment and Pedagogy Award

Dr. P. Mohana Shankar
P. Mohana Shankar

Dr. P. Mohana Shankar, Allen Rothwarf Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Shankar joined Drexel in 1982. His research interests are wireless communications; channel modeling; ultrasonic Imaging; medical ultrasound; fiber optic sensors; and biophotonics.

Scholarly Materials and Research Equipment for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty

Dr. Antonios Kontsos, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. His primary research interest is in theoretical and applied mechanics with an emphasis on the understanding of the mechanical behavior of materials.