Dr. Schauer Receives Distinguished Service Award

Caroline Schauer, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has received the Harold M. Myers Award for Distinguished Service for her dedication to and work on programs and initiatives that have advanced Drexel University’s mission.

The award was bestowed at a ceremony last month honoring all recipients of the 2018 Provost Awards for Teaching, Scholarship, and Professional Service.

Caroline Schauer and Provost Brian Blake
Caroline Schauer receives her award from Provost Brian Blake.

“Dr. Myers gave so much to Drexel University in terms of service, and past winners have done and continue to do so much for Drexel. I was delighted to be a Myers award winner and have my service contributions recognized,” said Dr. Schauer. “I have been lucky that my service opportunities have been in line with my academic goals of increasing the recognition of Drexel’s students, staff, and faculty for various local and national fellowships and awards.

“I think service can complement the research and teaching goals of a faculty member. My broader role in the growth of students and faculty and staff highlights the amazing things Drexel is doing,” she added. “My winning of the Myers Award is just the beginning of my service to Drexel.

The Harold Myers Award for Distinguished Service is given to an administrator, member of the professional staff, or part- or full-time faculty member who has engaged in service work that has been recognized to be truly significant to the University.

Since arriving at Drexel in 2003 in the College of Engineering (CoE), Dr. Schauer has leveraged her research and teaching in ways that contribute to a broad campus constituency and beyond. She served as a departmental graduate advisor, which led to an increase in the domestic applicant pool in terms of diversity, quantity, and quality; she worked to revamp the graduate curriculum; and she has been a leader in developing forward-thinking courses for undergraduates and graduates, most notably the course “The Art of Being a Scientist” for first-year grad students.

In addition, Dr. Schauer ran a National Science Foundation Experience for Undergraduates program for seven years that hosted upper-level engineering students. She has also mentored several upper-division students, many of whom received prestigious awards and fellowships, among them, Goldwater and Fulbright Scholarships.

“The fact that we typically win two-to-four of these prestigious national awards yearly makes my role a rewarding service opportunity,” Dr. Schauer said. “I know the fellowships office needs more faculty participation in evaluating graduate and undergraduate awards, and I encourage my colleagues to serve.”

Dr. Schauer has also led the organization of the Fall 2014 Fiber Society Meeting hosted by Drexel and the Chemical Heritage Foundation. And she recently participated in the Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) program, which advances leadership potential of senior female faculty from across the nation.

In order to be chosen for the Myers award, an individual must have performed service above and beyond the normal expectations of their position; must have engaged in service work on one or more occasions that has been recognized as truly significant in the life of the University; and must be an administrator, administrative staffer, or part- or full-time faculty member. The award includes a certificate and a monetary award.

Dr. Edwin Gerber, retired faculty/emeritus, of CoE’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, won the award for 2012-2013.

The award honors Dr. Harold Myers, who served Drexel University as an instructor, administrator, and trustee over five decades. In addition to many other positions here at Drexel, Dr. Myers served as Drexel’s Interim President from 1987 to 1988 and became President Emeritus in 1989. The Myers Residence Hall on the University City Main Campus is named in his honor.