CoE Professors Receive National Science Foundation's CAREER Awards

Two College of Engineering professors from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department are recipients of the highly prestigious NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards.

Dr. James Shackleford received the award for his five-year project, “CAREER: Low Latency, Parallel, and Context Aware Vision in Computed Tomography." Dr. Shackleford will be developing a computational framework that enables rapid automatic identification of anatomical structure, deformation, and motion within the human body by employing new computer vision algorithms for MRI and CAT scans. In addition, Dr. Shackleford is developing innovative computer vision curricula as part of his CAREER award plan in order to engage the graduate and undergraduate student populations in this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Dr. Matthew Stamm received the CAREER award for his project, “CAREER: Scaling Forensic Algorithms for Big Data and Adversarial Environments.” Digital images and videos can easily be altered using software such as Adobe Photoshop, then redistributed over the Internet. In response to this, researchers such as Dr. Stamm have developed a new class of security techniques known as “multimedia forensics.” These techniques are capable of determining where an image or video originated, and if it has been altered or falsified. Dr. Stamm’s research is aimed at addressing these problems by designing multimedia forensic algorithms capable of: (1) operating in “big data” environments, (2) exposing complex forgeries, and (3) responding to adversarial attackers attempting to fool forensic algorithms.

The National Science Foundation's prestigious CAREER awards are in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization. According to the NSF, such activities should build a firm foundation for a lifetime of integrated contributions to research and education.