Undergraduate Programs

Drexel’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics prides itself on a curriculum that offers a balance of technical breadth and technical depth. MEM does that through a comprehensive program of courses, laboratories, design projects, research projects, and co-op experiences, in which students can choose a global, interdisciplinary approach to the degree, or specialize in one of these areas: Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, Mechanics and Structures, Systems and Control, or Thermal and Fluid Sciences. A customized specialization is also available to students with particular career aspirations.

Undergraduates are required to successfully complete 192.5 credits for the BSME degree. The required courses comprise engineering and elective courses that round out the full BSME curriculum. Opportunities also exist for students to minor in at least one subject area, such as mathematics, languages, business, or another engineering discipline. Undergraduates participate in research projects as well as in Drexel’s celebrated co-op program, which provides students with months of hands-on experience in the field before graduation.

A minor in mechanical engineering is available to students in other disciplines, consisting of 16 credits selected from required MEM offerings (a pool of 36 credits) and at least eight credits from an elective list of 56 credits.

Undergraduates can work in faculty research laboratories and, in some cases, in independent study while pursuing the degree.