Harry G Kwatny

Harry G. Kwatny

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Harry G. Kwatny

Professor Emeritus
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Degrees / Education

  • PhD (E.E.), University of Pennsylvania, 1967
  • SM Aeronautics & Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962
  • BSME, Drexel Institute of Technology, 1961

Research Areas

Research Interests

Control Systems, Symbolic Computing, Electric Power Systems, Flight Dynamics and Control, Hybrid Systems, Autonomous Vehicles

Areas of Study

Academic Distinctions

  • Life Fellow, IEEE 1997

Select Publications

  • H. G. Kwatny and G. L. Blankenship, Nonlinear Control and Analytical Mechanics: a computational approach, Birkhauser: Boston, August 2000.
  • H. G. Kwatny and Karen Miu-Miller, Power System Dynamics and Control, Birkhauser: Boston, July 2016.
  • H.G. Kwatny and K.D. Young, “The Variable Structure Servomechanism”, Systems and Control Letters, Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 184-191, November, 1981.
  • H.G. Kwatny, F.M. Massimo and L.Y. Bahar, “The Generalized Lagrange Formulation for Nonlinear RLC Networks”, IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-29, No. 4, pp. 220-233, April, 1982.
  • H.G. Kwatny, A.K. Pasrija and L.Y. Bahar, “Static Bifurcations in Electric Power Networks: Loss of Steady State Stability and Voltage Collapse,” IEEE Trans on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-33, No. 10, pp. 981- 991, October, 1986.
  • L.Y. Bahar and H.G. Kwatny, “Extension of Noether's Theorem to Constrained Nonconservative Dynamical Systems,” Int. Jrl. Nonlinear Mech., vol. 22, no. 2, 1987, pp. 125-138.
  • H. G. Kwatny and Handol Kim, “Variable Structure Regulation of Partially Linearizeable Dynamics,” Systems & Control Letters, Vol. 15, pp. 67-80, 1990.
  • G. E. Piper and H. G. Kwatny, “Complicated Dynamics in Spacecraft Attitude Control Systems,” AIAA Jrl. Guidance, Conrol & Dynamics, Vol. 14, N0. 4, July-August 1992, pp.825-831.
  • H. G. Kwatny, W. H. Bennett and J. Berg, “Regulation of Relaxed Static Stability Aircraft,” IEEE Trans. Auto. Contr., Vol. 36, No. 11, November 1991, pp. 1315-1323.
  • J. Berg and H. G. Kwatny, “A Canonical Unfolding of the Kronecker Form of a Matrix Pencil,” Automatica, Vol. 31, No. 5, pp. 669-680, 1995.
  • H. G. Kwatny and B. C. Chang, “Symbolic Computing of Nonlinear Observable and Observer Forms,” Applied mathematics and Computation, Vol 171, December 2005, pp. 1058-1050.
  • H. G. Kwatny, J-E T. Dongmo, B-C Chang, G. Bajpai, M. Yasar, and C. Belcastro, “Nonlinear Analysis of Aircraft Loss of Control,” AIAA Journal on Guidance, Control and Dynamics, January, 2013, Vol. 36, No. 1: pp. 149-162.