Antonios Kontsos

Antonios Kontsos

Associate Professor
Director of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Group
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Antonios Kontsos

Associate Professor
Director of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Group
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics


My primary research interest is in theoretical and applied mechanics with emphasis on the under-standing of the mechanical behavior of materials. To achieve this goal, I rely on defining micro-structure-properties-behavior relations using multiscale mechanics methods that involve theory, ex-periments and simulations. A fundamental goal of this type of research is the identification of dam-age and in particular the quantification of evolving material states as a function of applied loading, which can then be used for prognosis and remaining useful life estimations. In this context, I have been using nondestructive testing and evaluation methods in fatigue and fracture investigations across length and time scales in conjunction with signal processing and pattern recognition ap-proaches that could assist in both fundamental investigations of the mechanical behavior of struc-tural materials as well as in structural health monitoring applications. Such information is further used in investigations of both static and dynamic effects with emphasis on localization and nonlin-earity. In relation to these research efforts, I am teaching topics of solid mechanics in addition to computational methods in engineering.

Degrees / Education

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Rice University, 2007
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Rice University, 2005
  • BS, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras (Greece), 2002

Research Areas

Research Interests

Theoretical , experimental and computational mechanics; nondestructive testing; material multiscale modeling, fatigue and fracture

Areas of Study

Academic Distinctions

  • 2016 Provost’s Early Career Outstanding Scholarly Award, Drexel University
  • 2015 Drexel Xi/Pi Tau Sigma section Teaching Excellence Award for Graduate Courses
  • 2014 ASME National Student Section Advisor Award
  • 2014 ASME Philadelphia Section Faculty Advisor Award
  • 2014 P.C. Chou Endowed Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Drexel
  • 2014 Office of Naval Research, Young Investigator Award
  • 2012 Advisor of the Year, Drexel University
  • 2011 American Society of Nondestructive Testing, 2011 Faculty Grant Award
  • 2007 Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society Member
  • 2003 – 2007 Onassis Foundation International Scholarship Award for Doctoral Studies
  • 2003 Hellenic Professional Society of Texas Scholarship for Graduate Studies
  • 2000 – 2002 Technical Chamber of Greece Scholarships for Academic Performance

Select Publications

  • C. Mo, and A. Kontsos*, “Twinning Contributions to Strain Localizations in Magne-sium Alloys”, Materials Science and Engineering A 2018, Vol. 722, pp. 206-215
  • M. Matthew, Α. Ellenberg, S. Esola, M. McCarthy, I. Bartoli and A. Kontsos*, "Mul-tiscale Deformation Measurements using Multispectral Optical Metrology", Structural Control and Health Monitoring 2018, Vol. 25; pp. e2166
  • B.J. Wisner and A. Kontsos*, “Investigation of Particle Fracture during Fatigue of Aluminum 2024”, International Journal of Fatigue 2018 , Vol. 111, pp. 33-43
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  • K.P. Baxevanakis, C. Mo, M. Cabal and A. Kontsos*, “An Integrated Method to Model Strain Localization Bands in Magnesium Alloys”, Computational Mechanics Journal 2018l, Vol. 61(1), pp. 119-135
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