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Wellness Workshops

Our Wellness Workshop program provides opportunities for students to develop and/or expand their coping toolbox through a three-to-four session-formatted workshop. Workshops are different from group therapy in that they are psychoeducational and didactical in nature, focusing on learning, practicing coping skills, and providing activities to encourage self-reflection. Please note that workshop members may be invited but are not expected to share their reflections. Descriptions of commonly offered workshops are found below. To view our upcoming workshops, you will need to log in through Drexel Connect:

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Workshop Descriptions

Anxiety Toolbox

Anxiety Toolbox is a three-session workshop intended to help increase your understanding and knowledge about anxiety. The goal is to provide you with some skills to recognize and manage symptoms you may be experiencing and life-long tools you can use while facing anxiety-triggering situations.

Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck is a three-session workshop aimed at helping students identify and cope with experiences of depression. This workshop, which is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, strives to help individuals understand their unique experiences of depression, explore how thoughts/feelings impact depression, and identify ways to change thoughts and behaviors to better manage depression.

Mood Management

Mood Management is a three-session workshop for students residing in Pennsylvania only and is intended to increase your understanding of emotions and develop strategies to help you cope when your emotions become distressing and hard to tolerate. We will review methods that have been shown to be helpful with mood concerns, such as depression. In addition, many of these strategies can help individuals navigate relationship problems, cope with stress, improve self-esteem, and become less anxious and more confident. The workshop sessions will focus on mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

"I Don't Belong Here" and Other Thoughts: Combating Impostor Syndrome and Burnout Within the BIPOC Community

This workshop is for any individual who identifies as a member of the BIPOC community who is looking for support in managing imposter syndrome and burnout. Imposter syndrome is unique when you apply a colorized lens, as it is so deeply intertwined with assimilation and racism. As a result, it disproportionately affects women and minority groups. Imposter syndrome can intensify burnout for members of the BIPOC community and therefore requires unique coping strategies. This three-session workshop will explore the intricacies of Imposter Syndrome and Burnout within the BIPOC community and identify adaptive coping strategies to help navigate these ongoing behaviors.

Date Yourself

Fun fact: Improving your self-esteem will have a positive impact on your performance, your relationships, and how you relate with the world. Date Yourself is a three-part workshop centered around understanding, developing, and improving your relationship with yourself! In this workshop, you will address self-perception, relationship patterns (i.e., attachment styles), and techniques to improve self-esteem as it relates to healthy relationships. Learn to build up your own self-esteem to feel more confident about who you are and establish authentic relationships.

Relating Authentically

Relating Authentically focuses on developing skills to establish, nurture, and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships. The sessions are divided into content that builds upon itself. The four sessions include segments dedicated to: boundaries and values, conscious communication, vulnerability, and intimacy, and relating authentically. By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of the common areas where we 'hold ourselves back' in relating to both yourself and with others.


ACT One focuses on cultivating the skills of mindfulness, openness, and meaningful action, while also creating flexibility in how you respond to distress. The three-session workshop is designed so that each week, the materials build on the week prior. The sessions include modules dedicated to: (1) Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and identifying your values, (2) creating flexibility and openness in how you respond to unhelpful thoughts and difficult emotions, and (3) helping you take committed action steps toward living with a wide range of emotions.