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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful and effective way to manage emotional concerns and personal struggles. The power of group therapy comes from the unique opportunity for group members to share experiences, increase self-awareness, give and receive feedback, and improve interpersonal relationships. Although it is not uncommon to be somewhat apprehensive at first, many individuals report that their group experience exceeded their expectations. For many emotional concerns and personal struggles, group therapy is the most effective treatment modality. The Counseling Center offers a range of groups each term, and we are confident that group therapy is an effective and beneficial treatment for addressing some of the more common issues our Dragons face.

The Counseling Center offers different group experiences in the form of process groups and support groups. The goal of a process group is to help members change, while a support group centers on helping members cope.

Descriptions of groups commonly offered at the Counseling Center are found below. To view and register for one of the groups currently offered, you will need to log in through Drexel Connect:

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Process Groups

Understanding Self and Others (USO)

A safe, supportive environment for students who want to gain awareness of their functioning in relationships (with friends, family, romantic partners, classmates, etc.). Participants will learn about themselves by exploring their interpersonal patterns, getting feedback about how they function in relationships, and using the group to experiment and try out new behaviors, such as sharing honest thoughts and feelings. Students who are struggling with establishing or maintaining satisfying relationships may especially benefit from this group.

Grad Group

Similar to the Understanding Self and Others group, this group is for graduate-level students who want to experience stronger emotional connections with others while also working through personal issues that may be unique to being a part of a graduate program at Drexel.

Understanding Self and Others: Intersecting Queer Identities

This group provides a safe and supportive environment for undergraduate and graduate LGBTQ+ or questioning students to share their concerns and experiences, receive and give honest feedback and support, and learn about themselves and how they relate to others. This is a space where members can explore gender and sexual, or affectual, orientation at the intersection of other cultural and social identities (e.g., race, religion).

Chaotic Families

This group offers students support for managing difficult family relationships. For example, students who were raised by caregivers who struggled with addiction or mental illness, and/or controlling behavior. Students might have had to navigate complicated family dynamics, such as estrangement. Students can share their experiences and offer support to one another while learning more effective communication and boundary setting. This group might be helpful for individuals who struggle with self-esteem, current relationships, self-confidence and comfort in social settings as a result of these experiences.

Sistxrs of Support

This group will provide community support for femme-identified folx who are working to rebuild their life after a traumatic event related to sexual assault. You will have opportunities to share experiences about how life has changed as a result of the trauma, relate to others who have similar experiences, and develop coping skills to manage symptoms of trauma. Although not required, this group may be most beneficial for those who have received some therapy regarding their traumatic experiences.

Black Men Are

Black Men Are is a support/process group for Black people (inclusive of the African diaspora) who are male identified to support each other through the journey of navigating a PWI and life. This group is a place to explore the question "how did you learn to be a Black man?" and what that means within the context of today's society. Group members will explore themes of impostor syndrome; code switching; academic struggles and achievements; being a Black man at Drexel, in Philadelphia, and in the world; racial trauma and racial battle fatigue; toxic masculinity; intimacy; relationships; self-worth; self-esteem; self-acceptance; and joy.

You Are Your Best Thing

You Are Your Best Thing is a support/process group for Black people (inclusive of the African diaspora) who are femme identified, to process their experience of living with intersecting marginalized identities (race, gender, and more). Group members will have the opportunity to reflect on how messages received throughout their lives ("you will have to work twice as hard to get half as far," "you have to be strong," "be careful, you don't want to be known as the angry Black women," "make yourself indispensable so they can't replace you," and more) have had an impact on their identity. Students will explore themes of gendered and racial stereotypes; academic struggles and achievements; being a Black woman at Drexel, in Philadelphia, and in the world; code switching; impostor syndrome; racial trauma and racial battle fatigue; relationships; identity; self-esteem; and happiness.

Support Groups

Adjustment to College Life

This group is to help first-year students and incoming second-year students attending classes on campus for the first time to address common issues such as homesickness, stress management, building relationships, and self-care. Learn helpful skills and get support from other students experiencing similar issues.

Students of Color Support Group

This support group aims to provide students of color with a safe and supportive space to share what it means to be a person of color in a predominantly white institution and country. Students will be invited to connect and empower one another by sharing stories, providing feedback, encouragement, and advice.

International Student Support Group

Adjusting to a new culture, school, and country can be both exciting and stressful. This support group offers a safe and supportive space to explore those unique experiences of international students. International students will have the opportunity to connect and share their successes, difficulties, and personal growth as they navigate the culture of Drexel and the United States.

First in the Family

This support group aims to provide support for first-generation college students. Students will have opportunities to relate, encourage, and support through shared experiences with topics that may include, but not limited to, lack of knowledge about college experience/resources, impostor syndrome, financial and family stress, and challenging subject matters.

Chronic Pains Support Group

This group is for anyone navigating the experience of a chronic illness while being a full-time student. The group provides a supportive space to share, process, and connect with others who know what it’s like to have to manage chronic pain, cycles of changing capacity, and frequent interactions with the medical system. This group will use a somatic and trauma-informed approach to understanding connections between mental, emotional, and physical well-being as well as a disability-justice frame to explore and challenge sociocultural norms of health/illness, productivity, independence, etc.