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Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies

"My Drexel experience in one word: adventurous."

Adelola Popoola

BA Global Studies '19

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The Global Studies major is an interdisciplinary, intercultural and interactive program that links language study with other academic disciplines. Students take courses in international relations, history, economics, sociology, anthropology, literature and philosophy while pursuing international study and work experiences. Global Studies students develop intercultural awareness and the critical skills to understand global political, social and economic trends.


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Global and international studies prepare students to become responsible citizens who are aware of both world issues and local concerns. Students draw on their knowledge of the humanities, social sciences and sciences to critically engage with these issues.

The interdisciplinary nature of Global Studies, in particular, is a key strength: Rather than focusing on a single field (e.g., politics or anthropology), students create a cohesive course of study while sampling classes from around the university. The flexible curriculum of a Global Studies degree distinguishes it from a degree in International Relations, which is focused in a subfield of political science. Global Studies majors at Drexel further tailor their education to their interests by choosing from four concentrations with distinct plans of study.


Students choose from four thematic concentrations to focus their Global Studies degree. Each concentration prepares students for a range of study abroad, co-op and international relations career opportunities.

Global Business, Economics & Development

The Global Business, Economics and Development concentration is for students interested in careers linked to the global economy, where regional knowledge, intercultural competency, and writing and language skills are highly valued. Along with a grounding in basic business and economics, students gain the social, political and historical knowledge to better understand international business and global economic systems trends. This international economic relations degree concentration also introduces students to the challenges of transitional economies and third world development programs, calling attention to the ethical and cultural issues facing international agencies.

Unlike traditional business school programs, this concentration offers a liberal arts focus for careers in multinational companies, development agencies, government and international organizations. It encourages students to take advanced language courses specifically designed for international business, and to study abroad in the language of their specialty area.

This concentration ideal for global studies careers in:

  • Global economy
  • International business
  • Multinational companies
  • Development agencies
  • Government organizations

Global Health & Sustainability

The Global Health and Sustainability concentration combines a solid social science and humanities education with a grounding in the scientific and technical aspects of global development. Students study issues such as environmental science, international public health, development and sustainability. Courses in languages, sociology, anthropology, politics, history and other fields prepare students to be global citizens with knowledge of diverse cultures and global governance.

Students in this environmental sustainability and global health concentration will have a heightened awareness of the global challenges posed by environmental change, population growth and poverty. Drexel offers various study abroad opportunities for hands-on experience in global development work, as well as heightened language skills in sustainability and international relations contexts.

The Global Health and Environmental Sustainability concentration is ideal for careers in:

  • Economic development
  • Social service agencies like the UN
  • Public health
  • Environmental sustainability
  • International social work
  • Graduate studies

Global Justice and Human Rights

The Global Justice and Human Rights concentration is ideal for students interested in careers related to global welfare, social justice and human rights. International aid workers, human rights advocates, experts in non-violent conflict resolutions, and related professions require the language skills, regional specialization and social science foundation provided by this concentration. Students explore current global issues such as the growth of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), international peacekeeping, and the interplay of global security and justice.

The Global Justice and Human Rights concentration also links technology and science to human rights and social justice, considering such problems as access to medicine and clean water. Students continue their investigation into human rights and international relations issues in co-operative education and study abroad experiences. Our Costa Rica program, for example, offers exciting options that dovetail well with this Global Studies concentration.

This concentration is ideal for global studies careers in:

  • International aid
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Global welfare
  • International nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
  • International law

Global Media, Arts & Cultures

The Global Media, Arts and Cultures concentration allows students to develop a major around cultural and language studies, emphasizing the cultural life associated with modern languages and their regions. This provides a broad understanding of the ways in which language intersects with media and all aspects of a region’s cultural and artistic life. Global studies majors take courses in diverse fields such as media studies, comparative literature, art history and languages to create a customized course of study.

This global cultural studies concentration helps build well-rounded, culturally literate and deep-thinking students with a broad appreciation of social and artistic trends. Students of this global arts studies program will be well prepared for graduate studies and careers that consider educational and cultural institutions from an international studies perspective.

Ideal for careers in:

  • Graduate studies in culture, media and modern languages
  • Interpretation and translation
  • International organizations
  • International education
  • Cultural institutions

Co-op for Global Studies Majors

Global Studies majors take advantage of Drexel’s renowned Co-op program to gain professional experience, both in Philadelphia and around the world! Our students graduate with up to 18 months of full-time work experience, on-the-job skills and professional connections that serve them long after their time at Drexel. Recent Global Studies majors have embarked on co-op positions such as:

  • International Programs Associate, Citizen Diplomacy International
  • Research Assistant, Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights in Cairo, Egypt
  • Peace and Security Analyst, Global Governance Institute in Brussels, Belgium
  • Translator, EntreMundos, a Guatemala-based NGO
  • Consumer Protection Co-op, Office of the Attorney General

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Global Studies Student Stories

"In Kazakhstan it all just came together – I realized that international law and foreign policy was what I wanted to do."

Caitlin Walczyk

BA Global Studies & Political Science '16

"Drexel has shown me that there is always a way — as long as you do the research, plan ahead and go after your goals."

Anthony Perez

BA Global Studies '20

"I became a published journalist with Voice of America, and my academic and career goals were solidified because of it."

Sharee Devose

BA Global Studies '19

Meet More Global Studies Students and Alumni


The Global Studies degree curriculum allows students the opportunity to study abroad — multiple times, if desired — in places like France, Costa Rica, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Madrid and many more! Drexel also offers combined study abroad/internship programs in places like Belgium and Germany. Through these programs, students simultaneously take international relations courses and complete internships with the European Parliament, international law firms, non-governmental service agencies and multinational corporations.

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The Global Studies curriculum prepares students for an exciting range of career and post-graduate opportunities. Our majors have gone on to careers in law and policy, advocacy, competitive graduate programs, international event planning and more. Students interested in global health careers may wish to pursue the Accelerated BA Global Studies and Master's in Public Health.

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Global Studies Major Language Requirements

Global Studies majors gain intercultural competence and skills by completing a minor in one of our approved languages which are offered through Drexel’s Modern Languages program. Global Studies minors must complete at least one 200-level course. The language minors listed below are approved to fulfill the Global Studies language requirement.

Approved languages for the Global Studies major:

Please note that the Modern Languages program offers Intermediate Proficiency Certificates in German, Chinese, Korean and Arabic, as well as coursework in Hebrew and Italian, but not minor programs.

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