Filming by External Entities at Drexel University

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 12, 2014
RESPONSIBLE OFFICER: Senior Vice President, University Marketing & Communications

I. Purpose and Application

From time to time, external production companies (non-news media) seek to film on the University’s campuses or property in relation to films, documentaries, television shows, commercials, marketing videos, and similar projects.

  • This policy describes the policies and procedures that must be followed at the University when such production companies approach the University about the possibility of filming on University leased or owned property.
  • This policy only applies to non-news media. The University’s separate “News Media Relations” policy can be found here: UCOMM-1.  

II. Scope

This policy applies to Drexel University and its subsidiaries and affiliates (the “University”).

III. Implementation

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the University Office of Marketing & Communications. For inquiries regarding this Policy, please contact the Vice President of Strategic Communications at  

IV. Statement of Policy and Procedure

Professional staff, faculty, colleges, schools or departments that are contacted by external production companies with requests to film on University leased or owned property must first contact the Office of University Marketing & Communications with this request. Permission from University Marketing & Communications is required for any kind of filming on University leased or owned property.  

Once approval has been granted, University Marketing & Communications will be responsible for working with the production company directly and coordinating its efforts with all appropriate University colleges and departments. 

Procedures for Producers: 
Producers who wish to film on campus must submit in writing detailed information about the proposed project in order for University Marketing & Communications to make a determination as to the permissibility of the filming, including: 

  • Detailed description of the overall project;  
  • Detailed description of the type of activity proposed to be filmed at the University; 
  • A script for the project; 
  • Locations at the University requested; 
  • Date and time of proposed filming; 
  • Length of proposed filming; 
  • Number of people involved in each day’s filming; 
  • List of all equipment and/or vehicles used in connection with the project;  
  • Sizes and composition of any structures that will be used in the filming;
  • Any other information reasonably requested by the University in order to make a determination as to permissibility of the proposed filming.

An agreement in a form acceptable to the University’s Office of the General Counsel detailing the filming to take place must be entered into between the University and the production company no later than 24 hours prior to the first date of filming. Only an authorized representative of University Marketing & Communications may bind the University. A fee for using and/or filming at the University may be charged, and a damage deposit may be required, at the discretion of University Marketing & Communications in consultation with the relevant University Colleges and Departments. In addition, the production company will pay for all expenses in connection with the filming, including without limitation, those for electricians, food services, security, janitorial services, etc. All fees and deposits described above will be determined on a case-by-case basis and must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the first date of filming. 

A certificate of insurance from the production company that meets the requirements of the University’s Office of Risk Management is required. This certificate must name Drexel University, its trustees, officers, employees and students as an additional insured, provide comprehensive general liability insurance, including for personal injury and property damage. Additional insurance may be required by the University’s Office of Risk Management on a case by case basis, depending on the exact nature of the project. The certificate must be provided at least 24 hours prior to the first date of filming. 

No acknowledgement or recognition may be given to the University in the project unless specifically reviewed and approved by University Marketing & Communications. The University’s seal, logo, trademarks, and service marks may not be used without the written permission of University Marketing & Communications. Written permission is also required for the use of University branded clothing and other items, such as pennants, for use as costumes and on sets.