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TEACH Early Childhood® Pennsylvania Scholarship

Drexel University School of Education

Drexel University School of Education is a proud partner of the TEACH Early Childhood® Pennsylvania Scholarship that helps early childhood education teachers earn preK-4 certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students who qualify for TEACH will earn their degree online from Drexel for 95% off regular tuition. Please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions below. Questions should be directed to the academic advisor for the program you are interested in. The advisors are listed below. If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Michael Haslip at

Download a TEACH Brochure [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What degrees can I complete with TEACH at Drexel? Online and on-campus?

    • Online bachelors degree in education with PK-4 teacher certification for the state of PA.
    • Online post-bachelors PK-4 certification (you have a bachelors already and need certification). These credits will also apply for a masters degree should you decide to complete it. (You will only need a few more credits to complete the masters degree).
    • Currently, Drexel is only accepting online students with a TEACH scholarship. We are not accepting face to face or on-campus students through TEACH yet. This may change, so please inquire if this is the option you need. 
  • What courses do I need to take in order to earn teaching certification? 

  • How many transferable credits do I need to be admitted into Drexel’s bachelors program?

    • You need to have 55 credits or an Associates Degree before you can be admitted to a Bachelors degree at Drexel paid for by TEACH.
    • If you do not have 55 college credits, you will first need to complete this requirement at a local community college that is a TEACH partner, such as the Community College of Philadelphia.
  • I want to earn my Associates degree at CCP (or another community college) and then come to Drexel. How does this work?

    • We have an articulation agreement between CCP and Drexel so you can complete your AA at CCP, including all your general education requirements for your bachelors degree, and then you’ll complete the education courses online at Drexel to complete the bachelors degree.
    • We will be working with other community colleges soon to establish similar agreements. Please inquire if this is the option you are interested in.


  • Who are my advisors? Who should I contact with specific questions, to help me apply, review transcripts, get the TEACH scholarship, etc?

    Type of Advising Available
     Name of Advisor
      Email & Phone

    -Applying for Drexel’s online degree / application process
    -Transcript submission
    -Information about admission to Drexel 

    Jeanette Vivanco, Enrollment Counselor           

    -Student Advising at Drexel
    -Degree completion information
    -Creating a list of courses to take each quarter to finish your degree
    -Ongoing student advising when you are enrolled and completing classes
    -Student teaching questions
    Bachelors degree students:
    Wendy Elliott-Pyle
    Academic Advisor 

    Post-Bachelors students:
    Nicole Trinkaus, Academic Advisor
    -T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship,
    Applying for TEACH,
    Criteria to qualify for TEACH
    -How TEACH pays for the tuition
    -How TEACH works with child care centers and directors
    -Any TEACH related questions for the duration of your study
    Jen Engle, TEACH Student Counselor assigned to all Drexel students
    (717) 657-0794 
    -Completing an Associates at the Community College of Philadelphia that is transferrable to a Drexel Bachelors degree Amy Saia, Education Curriculum Coordinator at CCP  
    -Any other concern
    -Is something not working for you?
    Sarah Ulrich, EdD, Associate Dean of Teacher Education and Undergraduate Affairs, Drexel University


  • When should I apply?

    1. You should submit the TEACH application and apply for admission to Drexel at about the same time, and as early as possible. See application information below.


  • How does TEACH work? What are the criteria for participation?

    • Everyone who qualifies receives TEACH money, on a first come first served basis each year, until funding is completed for that calendar year. Therefore, apply early.
    • You need to have been working for at least 6 months in a child care center.
    • You need to work at least 25 hours / week (see the TEACH application or contact TEACH counselor Jen Engle for exact requirements)
    • Your current teacher salary should not be more than $19 for teachers and $25 for center directors
    • For each year you receive a TEACH scholarship, you will need to work for one additional year at your center.
    • You will receive a higher salary as you make progress in your program of study / based on your contract with TEACH
    • TEACH will pay you to complete field placements or student teaching requirements which may take you out of the classroom
    • TEACH will pay your center to cover the cost of a substitute teacher if you need to be out of the classroom for school-related purposes
    • You can complete at least some of your student teaching at your current center so long as you are working with a certified teacher. Please inquire for more details.
    • Child care directors can also receive a TEACH scholarship.
    • More details are located in the TEACH application forms, or by contacting your TEACH counselor, Jen Engle at


  • Where is the application for a TEACH scholarship? Which one do I need to submit?

  • Where is the application for Drexel University’s online degrees? Click on the links:

Click here for the full list of online education degrees at Drexel