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Processing Payments

Speakers, Artists, Performers

Follow the steps outlined here to navigate the payment process for speakers, artists, or performers engaged for University-sponsored business. If your payee falls into one of the Service Provider Types described in the table below, then read on to review payment processing instructions for:

Occurrences Under $600: One-time payment of $599 or less, limited to three such occurrences per year

Occurrences of $600 or More: One-time payment of $600 or more, or payments under $600 that exceed three occurrences per year

Service Provider Type Description Examples
Guest Speaker or Guest Lecturer Non-Drexel affiliated speakers for University-sponsored events. May be used for guest speakers in an academic setting, but may not be used for classroom instruction.
  • Guest Speakers
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Seminar or Workshop Leaders
Artist Artists engaged to perform for the University community. Artists employing dangerous methods or materials (e.g., fire) may require a different contract template.
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Live Artists
Performer Individuals engaged to entertain the University community or who otherwise perform limited services involving cultural or academic enrichment. May not be used for operations, maintenance, or academic instruction services.
  • Magicians
  • Comedians
  • DJs
  • Dancers

Processing Payments for Occurrences Under $600

If your department or unit: 1) engages a speaker, artist, or performer; 2) the payment is under $599 or less; and 3) the engagement is limited to three occurrences per year – then your transaction is exempt from the University's Independent Contractor Classification Policy. To process the payment, please follow these instructions:

1. Complete the Agreement: The individual being engaged by Drexel must download and complete the Speaker, Artist, Performer Agreement [PDF]. Save the completed PDF to your computer. 


2. Submit the Agreement Through Smart Source:

  1. On the Smart Source Shopping Dashboard, under Showcases, Forms and Information, select the Speaker, Artist, Performer (SAP) Form button.
  2. A new window will open. Complete this form and attach the Speaker, Artist, Performer Agreement PDF that was previously completed in Step 1.
  3. Add this completed form (with the completed agreement attached) to your cart in order to submit for review and payment (for more information, see the Speaker, Artist, Performer Request job aid).

3. Pay the Speaker, Artist, or Performer ("Supplier"):

  • If the Agreement is approved and the supplier already exists in Smart Source: An invoice will be generated for department approval. The department will approve this invoice via Smart Source once the service has been provided. No further action is needed.
  • If the Agreement is approved but the supplier does not exist in Smart Source: Procurement Services will manage the registration process and reach out to the prospective supplier to register. Once registration is complete, your requisition will be processed.
  • If the Agreement is declined: Procurement Services will provide the department/unit with an explanation as to why the Agreement was declined and recommended next steps.

Processing Payments for Occurrences of $600 or More, or In Excess of Three Occurrences Per Year

Before you can engage a speaker, artist, or performer for a payment of $600 or more, or for smaller payments that are expected to exceed three in a calendar year, you must complete the following steps:

1. Complete the Certification for Determination of Independent Contractor Status Form and return it to the Office of Tax Compliance to determine if the person(s) is to be classified as an Independent Contractor, as outlined in the Independent Contractor Classification Policy and Guidelines for Use.

  • If the Office of Tax Compliance determines that the supplier is an Independent Contractor, complete steps 1 through 3 listed above for Processing Payments for Occurrences Under $600.
  • If the supplier is determined to be an Employee, not an Independent Contractor, contact your Drexel Human Resources Business Partner to determine next steps for hire.

Please refer to the Independent Contractor Classification Policy and Guidelines for Use for more details on the Certification process.