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Concur Travel and Expense

Concur Travel and Expense (T&E) system is a comprehensive web-based tool that integrates travel request and expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution.

Concur has 3 Modules:

  • Request — Standardizes and automates the pre-approval process.
  • Travel — Concur Travel should be used to book airfare and make rental car and hotel reservations through the University’s TMC, World Travel, either by using the online booking tool or booking directly with a WT agent.
  • Expense — Replaces the paper Travel Expense Reimbursement form to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, and to reconcile any university prepaid transactions expense on a P-Card.

The Concur Mobile app helps you manage receipts, expenses and travel from your mobile device.

The Drexel University Travel & Expense Guide is available on the Concur homepage under "Company Notes." It is also available as a PDF on the Procurement Services website. Procurement Services has also created a FAQ guide below based on the questions received during Concur demos and training sessions and will continually update this resource.

If you have any questions, please contact

Travel & Expense Guide [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions

Profile & Access

Is using the Concur Travel and Expense system mandatory?

Yes. Users will use the Concur system to submit all travel requests and expense reports, including P-Card reconciliation and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

Who has access to the Concur T&E system?

Full-time, benefit-eligible professional staff and faculty have access to Concur. All other employees, including part-time, Adjunct faculty, and students, do not have access to the system.

Since students, part-time faculty, and professional staff will not have access to this system, what is the process for them to be reimbursed for travel-related expenses?

Since students, part-time faculty, and professional staff will not have access to this system, what is the process for them to be reimbursed for travel-related expenses?

How long will the system store our request and expense reports?

Reports will be stored indefinitely as we maintain the Concur system.

If I already have an SAP Concur profile, will all my information be fed over when the new system goes live?

Yes. All your current information will be available in your profile. Please verify your profile when you first log in.

Do you recommend the use of the Concur app? Will it directly connect to our Drexel concur account?

Yes. We recommend using the Concur Mobile app as it can easily manage your travel booking and expense reporting and upload receipts directly from your smart device.

Receipts & Documentation

Will receipts be required?

Receipts are required for expenses above $25 unless it is allocated to a grant, which may require a receipt regardless of the dollar amount.

What happens if I am missing a receipt?

If the receipt is above $25, you should first reach out to the supplier to attempt to obtain a copy of the original receipt. Concur has a Missing Receipt Declaration that can be completed in lieu of the actual receipt.

How can I upload a receipt to Concur?

There are several ways to upload a receipt. You may either drag and drop your receipt from a file on your computer, upload a receipt using your Concur mobile app, or send an email to from a verified email address.

Can we create separate folders within the available receipts section if we are managing things for multiple people?

No. When a receipt is uploaded, it cannot be separated into folders.

If the receipt is not correct. Is there a way to change or fix the uploaded documents after submitting my expense report?

Yes. The submitted expense report must be recalled for any edits to the report. You may correct any receipts at that time by detaching the current receipt and uploading/attaching a new one.

Should the original receipt/documentation be kept if the expense report is approved and processed in Concur?

Keeping original receipts after the expense report is approved and processed will not be required. Please ensure that your expenses are properly documented if you do not plan to keep the original receipt/documentation after the report is approved and processed.

How long will the Concur system store my reports, receipts, and other supporting documents?

After the expense report is approved and processed, all documentation, including receipts in the report, will be stored indefinitely as we maintain the Concur system.

If you are a delegate, can you view the receipt(s) the user uploads for reconciliation purposes?

Yes, if the user uploads a receipt to their account, the Delegate should be able to access the receipt.

Cost Centers & Allocations

Is it possible to charge multiple cost centers within the same chart when reconciling an expense?

Yes. You may use the Allocate option to add one or more cost centers.

Will the Approvers see the expense allocation on my report?

Approvers will be able to review the expense allocation by individual transaction or report total allocations.

What are Program codes?

The Program code identifies a function and enables the University to classify transactions across orgs and accounts. Financial Statements for the University are required to be presented by function.

How can I allocate an expense from my default to a different cost center?

When reconciling your expenses, expenses may be allocated to a different cost center using the "Allocate" option. The default cost center cannot be changed on the request/report header level.

Can delegates update the expense type and/or cost center allocation before submission for approval?

Yes. Before delegates submit a report for approval, they may update the expense type and/or cost center allocation during reconciliation.

What is the first cycle that needs to be reconciled in concur instead of PaymentNet?

The SAP Concur system is now live, and reconciliation in Concur will be required starting the July 2022 (07/21/2022 - 08/22/2022) cycle.

Travel Requests

Why do I have to have an approved Travel Request before I book my travel?

Having an approved Travel Request before booking travel allows the manager and financial approvers to review anticipated travel spending and spot issues on bookings before they happen.

How do I estimate my travel?

Before booking travel, Travel Requests must be approved first. Travel Requests require estimates on expected expenses that will be incurred during travel. The estimates do not have to be accurate down to the penny. However, the estimates should be based on an educated approximation of perceived expenses.

How far in advance is it recommended for submitting a Travel Request?

Travel Requests should be submitted as soon as possible to allow the approvers to review the travel request carefully.

How long will requests be archived in Concur?

Requests processed in Concur will be available for review for as long as we maintain the Concur system.

I forgot to enter an expected expense at the request stage. Can it be added later when I expense my travel?

Yes. When you are expensing your travel, there is an option to add additional expenses incurred during your travel.


Does Concur notify an approver when a request or report is submitted for approval?

Yes. If the Approver allows Concur to send them email notifications, they will be sent a notification once a request or report is submitted for approval. If you are experiencing issues receiving email notifications, please check the junk email/spam folder.

Will the Manager see the allocations, or will they have to view each transaction individually?

Managers can see the total allocations on a submitted request or report under "Allocation Summary."

If I am a Delegate, can I submit a report for approval?

No. Delegates cannot submit a report on behalf of the account owner. Once a delegate is finished preparing a request or report, the account owner will have to do a final review of the request or report before they can submit it for approval.

If an expense is split across multiple cost centers, will each cost center Approver receive the request to review? Do all approvers need to approve for a request to be approved?

Yes. If an expense is charging multiple cost centers, it will route to each cost center approver. Requests and reports must have everyone on the approval workflow before it is considered fully approved.

Will the approval for a specific fund and org for an expense go to the Department that is budgeted to for approval or will it go the Department that created the expense?

If the expense is charged to a specific fund and org, it will go to the Approver of that fund and org to approve. If you are purchasing something for another department and charge their department's fund and org for those expenses, the report will route to them for approval.

Delegates, Approvers, Financials Admins

What is the difference between the Manager and the Financial Manager?

The Manager is who you directly report to in your department. They would approve your Travel and Expense requests. A Financial Manager is the person in your department that may have been assigned as the Delegate for your direct supervisor to review Travel and Expense requests.

Are we allowed to have more than one Delegate?

Yes, you can have more than one Delegate.

Does the dashboard look the same for delegates?

Yes. When acting as a delegate, the Concur system looks and functions similarly. There will be a green notification left of the Profile drop-down indicating that you are currently working as a delegate. The process of creating and preparing travel requests and expense reports remains the same.

Do delegates have to approve being added?

No. Delegates do not need to approve being added; however, the person who was made a delegate can remove themselves if they should not be a delegate for that individual.

If you remove yourself from being a Delegate, does the person who initially entered you as a Delegate receive notice of the change?

No. Concur does not notify the user when a delegate removes themselves.

Can a delegate also book travel for another user?

A delegate can book travel on behalf of the other user if the traveler assigns them as their Travel Assistant and Arranger under their profile settings.


When will Concur training guides be available?

The Concur Travel and Expense Guide is available on the Concur homepage under "Company Notes."

How do I schedule departmental training if it is available?

You can email with your department's name, an estimate of how many people will be attending, and several dates that your department is available for Departmental Training. A Travel & Expense team member will contact you to coordinate training dates.