New Drexel Dragons 2019: You’ve Moved In, Now What?

Here's what incoming Drexel students should do to make sure the transition to living on Drexel University’s campus is as smooth as possible before classes begin.

Maybe it’s your first time living away from home. Maybe it’s the first time you won’t have your parents or family members there to help you navigate new and difficult situations. Maybe the excitement of Welcome Week has started to run down and you simply realize… this. is. REAL! 

The transitions you’ll make while morphing into a Drexel Dragon will be exciting, novel and, in some cases, pretty tough. But before or in the early stages of your first academic term here at Drexel, here are some questions to ask yourself and things to know about campus living that can help ease that burden of adjusting, and help you better focus on new classes, new friends and your new way of life:


Do I really have everything I need?

You and your parent or guardian may have sworn up and down that you packed everything, but if that proves not to be the case, don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone in that sinking feeling.

Housing and Residence Life works with campus partners for students and families to have goods shipped directly to Drexel Residence halls, including linens, home décor and care packages. Additionally, microfridges can be rented and available for move-in.

Perhaps that sinking feeling doesn’t come from forgetting something tangible, but rather from looking at your phone or laptop and realizing that you’re not connected to the internet. The horror!

ResNet provides wireless internet, streaming television and local telephone service and voicemail for each resident (the latter by request only). For assistance getting any of these services set up, contact Drexel IT Networking at 215.895.6666. If you are experiencing difficulties with any of these services, contact Drexel IT at 215.895.2020 or check out the information available at the Drexel IT website.

Lastly, it may not be something you need now, but be sure you know how to submit a maintenance request in the case any routine maintenance or service at your residence is needed!


How can I receive mail and what is my mailing address?

You may not have thought too much about physical mail before, or maybe you believe it’s a thing of the past. But you’ll want to make sure you can receive important things like your absentee ballot, Amazon packages and birthday or holiday gifts from home. 

Through Student Mail Services, each housing resident is assigned a mailbox and mailing address, so make sure to update your address with any important parties (as USPS forwarding service does not work on campus). Plus, make sure anyone sending you mail knows that including “Drexel University” or your hall name will actually delay your mail’s arrival, rather than speed things up.

Mail is sorted five days a week during the academic term and will not be delivered on weekends or holidays.

To find out more about your mailing address, mail frequency and other pertinent information, click here.

Campus Dining

Drexel Campus Dining Plans are designed with convenience, flexibility, value and healthy options in mind and are made of up meals and Dining Dollars. If you have a Dining Plan, you can view your Meals and Dining Dollars balance in the DrexelOne Mobile App.

Drexel Campus Dining has a full-time registered dietitian available to help you navigate the dining locations. This resource is particularly helpful if you have dietary needs such as food allergies and sensitivities or are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. The dietitian can offer individualized nutrition counseling. If you would like to learn more or would like to set an appointment with the dietitian, email

New this academic year, Dining Plan holders will receive a reusable cup, part of the Cupanion® Fill-It-Forward reusable cup program. If you are a Dining Plan holder, you will receive unlimited beverages in select dining locations across campus using your Cupanion® cup. The Fill-It-Forward program donates one cup of clean water to communities in need of water every time a student scans the barcode on  their reusable cup via the Cupanion® mobile app. It’s estimated that each Dining Plan holder will donate over 600 cups of clean water this academic year!

To find out more about Drexel Campus Dining, including menus and health & wellness resources, click here.


Pick up your Drexel ID card, the Dragon Card, during Move-In weekend! From then on, it is important to take care of your DragonCard for it to work properly. Just a few reminders and tips for care taking:

  • Do not punch a hole in or deface your DragonCard. Your card contains a “smart” chip inside that grants access to campus buildings through electronic card readers.
  • Store your DragonCard in a secure location, such as a wallet or handbag and away from other magnetic cards that may deactivate it.
  • Lanyard and other cardholders are often helpful – Barnes & Noble at Drexel University has a variety of options.

There is no charge for an initial DragonCard; however, there is a $20 replacement fee if a DragonCard is lost.

To find out more about DragonCard services, click here.

Campus Bookstore

Barnes & Noble at Drexel University is the campus bookstore where you can find your course textbooks, Drexel gear, gifts and room décor.

Did you know that Barnes & Noble price matches textbooks? They price match Amazon, and other businesses — click here for details. This is a great feature to take advantage of to ensure that you have your books quickly and are receiving the best value.

To find out more about Barnes & Noble at Drexel University including locations and hours, click here.

Drexel Central

How do I read my eBill?

Drexel’s billing system for students is completely paperless, which allows for a secure, cost-effective and timely method of viewing and acting on your monthly eBill online through your DrexelOne account. 

It’s important to note that your parents or guardians will not automatically have access to your eBill and payment methods, so you will have to sign them up to be authorized users on DrexelOne. Students and authorized users should also sign up for direct deposit of refunds, and can opt into text message notifications for when a new eBill is issued. 

For more information on your eBill, click here and watch the video above.

Public Safety

What steps should I take right away to stay safe on campus?

Drexel Police officers, Public Safety security personnel and dispatchers work around the clock to help keep you safe on campus. Safety is a collaborative effort, so here are some steps you can take immediately upon arriving to campus in order to be prepared:

Add 215.895.2222 to your mobile phone contacts list. This number will connect you to the Drexel Public Safety Communications Center, staffed 24/7 by dispatchers who will answer and send help your way (you may also call 911 during any emergency).

Make sure you receive DrexelALERTs. DrexelALERT is an emergency notification system that sends crime and safety alerts via text messaging and email. To ensure that you receive these alerts, confirm your contact information:

  • Log in to DrexelOne.
  • Select the Welcome tab in the main menu bar.
  • Select Drexel Alert under the Safety and Security header.
  • Update your contact information and select Submit. 

Download the Drexel Guardian app to your phone. Search for “Rave Guardian” in the app store, then download it and register. In an emergency, you can use the one-touch dialing feature to activate a GPS locator so Drexel Public Safety can immediately locate and assist you. Drexel Guardian will not track you nor share your information unless you initiate an emergency.

Register your valuables with Drexel Public Safety. Most crimes on campus are unattended thefts. Always safeguard your valuables, and register your property for free (bikes, laptops, skateboards, cell phones, larger headphones) by bringing them to Drexel Police Headquarters at 3219 Arch St.


What construction will I see when I arrive on campus?

Drexel’s campus is constantly changing, and for the better. The University has invested approximately $295 million in campus improvements over the past five years, upgrading classrooms, labs, residence halls, athletic and recreation facilities, community spaces, and more.

Here’s a look at some of the construction you’ll encounter on Drexel’s campuses this fall as part of ongoing efforts to refresh the University’s living, learning and working spaces. For a more complete list of major projects, please visit the “current projects” page on the Real Estate and Facilities website.

Academy of Natural Sciences Library and New Exhibit Hall Renovation: The Academy is renovating the existing Library Reading Room into an exhibit space and consolidating library functions adjacent to the Reading Room. Completion is anticipated in February 2020.

Arlen Specter US Squash Center (developer: US Squash): Construction is in progress to convert the Armory into a national center for US Squash by renovating the Armory's interior, creating 20 courts, athletic training facilities, audience amenities and community use spaces. Construction is planned to be substantially complete in early fall 2020 to host the US Open Squash Tournament.

Bentley Residence Hall Renovation and Expansion: Students will begin moving into the renovated and re-named Bentley Hall in mid-September. The renovation addressed the needs of the building envelope and modernized the building throughout to provide an improved living experience. The project also includes an approximately 11,500 square foot, two-story addition – currently under construction — to provide critical space to relocate the Pennoni Honors College into the heart of the campus. The addition is expected to be completed in spring 2020.

Center for Automation Technology (CAT) Renovations: Construction is in progress on approximately 5,685 square feet of wet research laboratories and technical support spaces for the College of Engineering in the CAT. The project is anticipated to be completed in winter 2019.

Powell Elementary/Science Leadership Academy Middle School: Drexel and partner Wexford Science & Technology are developing the school on the western end of the University City campus at 36th and Filbert streets. Design has reached the construction document phase, building permit applications are underway, and project completion is targeted for fall 2020 or spring 2021 occupancy. 

Schuylkill Yards (Brandywine Realty Trust):  Scaffolding has been erected and demolition has begun in preparation for the installation of the new façade for 3025 Market Street (the former Bulletin Building), which will be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

Vidas Bubble: Construction is in progress for a seasonal air-supported structure over three existing tennis courts at the Vidas Athletics Complex, allowing year-round play. The facility is expected to be prepared for seasonal use in late fall 2019.


What and how do I recycle?

Many current Dragons are committed to green living and the environment, including making sure they recycle whenever the option is available. Maybe you aim to be one of these Dragons yourself. But every environmentally conscience member of the Drexel community does not necessarily recycle effectively, so to become one of them, keep these points about campus recycling in mind:

Any recycling option is a good option. There’s a slot for paper and a slot for plastic, and you’ve put your recyclable item in the wrong place. Do not fear! Whichever campus you’re on, the University supports a single-stream recycling program, which means it’s all going to the same place anyhow. If your item is in fact recyclable and not contaminated, any recycling receptacle will do!

However, this isn’t the case with items like batteries, plastic bags and film, which have their own special recycling bins in residence hall lobbies and the Creese Student Center. Be sure to not contaminate the recycling of these products by throwing food, wrappers, liquids, cardboard, etc. in these special receptacles.

Paper coffee cups are contamination. Think twice next time you go to recycle your cup of morning Joe. Paper or cardboard cups are not recyclable, and if you throw them in when there’s still some coffee left, you risk contaminating that whole bag of recycling. Even if the cup says it’s made from recyclable material, the way they are lined make them unusable. Only throw plastic coffee cups (usually for iced beverages) in the recycling bin!

Food and recycling don’t mix. It’s not just coffee that could render a whole bag of recyclables useless. Food containers and wrappers are another culprit. As a general rule, just remember that food and liquids do not play nice with recycling.

The bigger, the harder it is to recycle (but still possible). If you’re generally not sure what Drexel recycles, visit this page to get in the know. Note that certain specialty items require a trip to specific recycling bins, and others require submitting a work request to be picked up. Still not sure? Email with any recycling questions.


What should I know if I’m a commuting student?

Even without a room of your own, there are plenty of resources on campus to make commuter students feel at home.

The University City campus has lockers for rent in the lower level of the Creese Student Center, and are free of charge to students. Lockers are also available at Hagerty Library (per term, accessible during library hours), the Drexel Rec Center (for a full year) and the Center City Student Life office.

You can also hang between classes in the Charlotte Alletag Commuter Lounge, also located on the lower level of Creese and equipped with couches, tables, chairs, two 50-inch flat screen televisions and a kitchenette. Forgot your charger at home? You can check out a portable charger from the Creese Information Desk.

Need to freshen up while on campus? Keep in mind that your free membership to the Rec Center also provides access to its showers and bathrooms.

To find out more about commuter students resources, click here.

Looking for additional information not included above? Remember that there are a wealth of resources and people here at Drexel ready and willing to help!