The Drexel eBill

Drexel University: Understanding the eBill

Drexel University uses an electronic billing system that allows students to access their account summary and eBill statements online.

In lieu of a paper billing statement, Drexel Central uses an electronic billing system that allows you and anyone you have authorized to access your account summary and eBill statements online. Paperless billing is a secure, cost-effective method that allows you to receive account statements in a timely manner, as well as have the convenience of accessing up to 12 months of billing history for students with active university accounts.

In order to receive an eBill statement, a student must have registered for classes or co-op five days prior to the bill issuing date.

We remind all of our students of their responsibility to check for their latest eBill, and submit their payment on or before the due date. For individuals who may be assisting with payment, and are not authorized users, we recommend that the student print a copy of the eBill or create a PDF to share this information.

Download the Understanding Your eBill [PDF] guide for helpful information about reading your eBill statements.

Student Billing Account

You can access your billing account via your Drexel One account. In your billing account, you are able to do the following:

  • View all transactions on your account in real time
  • Download and print available eBill statements as PDFs
  • Set-up authorized users to have access to your billing account
  • Establish bank accounts for making online payments and receiving refunds
  • Make electronic payments

You can access your billing information by:

  • Logging into DrexelOne.
  • Selecting the Billing+Financial Aid tab.
  • Selecting the "eBills" link under Account Balances and eBills.
  • Selecting the "Review eBill" link in the top navigation.

eBill Statements

Drexel Central creates eBill statements once a month based on recent registration, payments, or transactions to your student account. When a new eBill is created, you will be sent an electronic notification via your official Drexel University student email account. This electronic notification provides a web link to your DrexelOne account to view the latest eBill, and includes the current due date and any balance/credit due.

Authorized Users

You have the ability to grant permission to other payers such as parents, guardians, and employers to be authorized users, which gives them access to the eBill 24 hours a day. Once permission is granted, the authorized user will be allowed to make online eCheck or credit card payments on your behalf. Additionally, if you have more than one family member paying your bill you can authorize multiple users. We strongly encourage students to set up the authorized users one month prior to registration.

To add an individual as an authorized user:

  • Log into DrexelOne.
  • Select the Billing+Financial Aid tab.
  • Select the "Authorized Users" link under Manage Online Billing.
  • Input the email address of the authorized user — please use all lowercase letters as the system is case sensitive.
  • Review the options area to determine the level of access you will grant.
  • Select the "Continue" button.
  • Please read the agreement, select the "I Agree" button, and then select Continue.
  • Two emails will be sent to the authorized user. One will include a link to the authorized user website and the email address you have authorized; the second will have the password. The first time the authorized user logs in, they will be prompted to select a new password.

Once an individual has been granted access as an authorized user, they will be able to access your billing account information at our eBill site.

Please note that granting access as an authorized user does not give the individual access to your Drexel One account or academic information, nor does it take the place of the university's FERPA policies.

Text Message Notifications

You can sign up to receive text messages every time a new eBill is issued for you. Authorized users can also sign up to receive text messages. To sign up a mobile number, use the following instructions:

  • Log in to Drexel One.
  • Select the Billing+Financial Aid tab.
  • Select the "eBills" link under Account Balances and eBills.
  • Select the "My Profile" channel.
  • Select "My Profiles" in the top navigation.
  • Select "Personal Profile" from the drop down.
  • Select "Edit" next to the listed mobile number.
    • Note: If you have not enrolled in two-step verification with our mobile number, you will be required to do so in "Security Settings" before enabling text messages updates.
  • Fill out the mobile phone and carrier information.
  • Select "Save."

Please note, standard messaging rates apply.

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