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Leah Schinasi, PhD

Headshot of Leah Schinasi

Assistant Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health
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BA, Environmental Studies, Vassar College
MSPH, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health
PhD, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health


Leah Schinasi is an environmental and occupational epidemiologist and an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health. She is an affiliate of the Dornsife School of Public Health’s Urban Health Collaborative and a member of the strategic council for the Ubuntu Center on Racism, Global Movements, and Population Health Equity at Drexel University.

Dr. Schinasi conducts research at the intersection of climate vulnerability, climate adaptation, and health equity. She is particularly interested in conducting research to inform the design of climate adaptation strategies that promote health equity and justice. Among her recent publications are ones describing links between structural racism and urban heat vulnerability; extreme heat and childhood asthma morbidity; and green spaces and neighborhood gentrification processes.

Dr. Schinasi earned her MSPH and PhD in Epidemiology from the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and conducted postdoctoral training at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in Lyon, France and then within the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Exposures
  • Cancer
  • Health and Place or Built Environment
  • Occupational Health
  • Urban Health
  • Community Based Participatory Research
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Climate Change


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