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Connect with Current Public Health Students

The Dornsife Ambassadors are student representatives from the Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Science programs at Drexel University's Dornsife School of Public Health.

Prospective students can meet and interact with our ambassadors during class visits, open houses, virtual sessions and accepted students days.

Dornsife Ambassadors are available to talk to prospective students and provide guidance and advice throughout the admissions process. If you would like to speak with a Dornsife Ambassador please contact our admissions team at

Meet our Dornsife Ambassadors

Learn more about our students, including some of our second-year students' Applied Practical Experiences (APE) and Integrative Learning Experiences (ILE)‚Äč below.

Adanna Aguta headshot

Adanna Aguta
Odenton, MD
MPH, Global Health (minor in Maternal and Child Health)

About Adanna

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose to attend Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health because of the diversity of opportunities. I was confident that I would receive the most forward-centered schooling in public health. In addition, the unique concentrations that the school of public health has to offer are what attracted me the most.

Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Global Health, Health Disparities, Reproductive Health, Policy, and Health Inequities.

Octavio Alanis headshot

Octavio Alanis
Maywood, IL
MPH, Epidemiology

About Octavio

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because of the research being done by the faculty. I was specifically interested in the SALURBAL project led by the Drexel Urban Health Collaborative and thankfully I have been able to join the team as a Graduate Research Project Assistant.

Research Interests: Clinical research, Urban Health, Data Analysis and Public Health Consulting

Khadijah Bundick headshot

Khadijah Bundick
Roanoke, VA
MPH, Global Health

About Khadijah

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because of the distinctiveness of the program.

Research Interests: Maternal Reproductive Health (Research), Health Policy/Inequities

Meredith Cohen headshot

Meredith Cohen
Bensalem, PA
MPH, Health Management and Policy

About Meredith

Why I Chose Dornsife: There are so many reasons I chose Dornsife. I knew this was the school for me because of the renowned faculty, the applied practical experience opportunity, and its top rank among Public Health programs across the country.

Research Interests: Health Law, Health Leadership, Maternal and Child Health

Ugonwa Ezeanyagu headshot

Ugonwa Ezeanyagu
Philadelphia, PA
MPH, Epidemiology

About Ugonwa

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife School of Public Health because it would be a great place to learn and grow my skills.

Research Interests: Clinical trials, Drug Discovery/Development, Population Health

Bhavita Kalambekar headshot

Bhavita Kalambekar
Philadelphia, PA
MPH, Epidemiology (minor in Global Health)

About Bhavita

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife has well renowned faculties who engage in lot of conversation about the current Public Health topics and provide us with wonderful insights that shapes us in becoming the Public Health Experts that the world needs now. There is a vast range of flexible curriculum offered by the school which is an added advantage. There are lot of clubs actively holding meetings that provide a window for students to learn about current dynamics in their favorite field.

Research Interests: Cancer, AIDS, Opioid Abuse

Nidhi Khadke headshot

Nidhi Khadke
Nashik, Maharashtra, India
MPH, Epidemiology

About Nidhi

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife is one of the reputed Public Health schools and offers great research opportunities with a flexible curriculum. It has extensive community engagement which provides a perspective into real world Public Health challenges.

Research Interests: Cancer, Neurodevelopment and Neurologic Disorders, Infectious Disease, Urban Health

Akshatha Krishna headshot

Akshatha Krishna
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
MPH, Epidemiology

About Akshatha

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife offers a curriculum which allows easy understanding through its quarter system. Also being one of the most renowned public schools, it offers a wide range of exposure in the health care field.

Research Interests: Cancer Research, Infectious Diseases, Urban Health, Community Health

Lorena Melendez-Chavez headshot

Lorena Melendez-Chavez
Colima, Mexico
MPH, Community Health and Prevention (minor in Maternal and Child Health)

About Lorena

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife School of Public Health because of their multidisciplinary research and work in the field of public health and diverse faculty and staff. Also, for their commitment in fighting for health as a human right for everyone. Dornsife is the perfect place to grow as a student and as a professional in public health.

Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health, Community Nutrition, Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Latino and Immigrant Health

Alysha Melnyk headshot

Alysha Melnyk
Mohnton, PA
MPH, Global Health

About Alysha

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife offers the school and work balance I was searching for. Since completing my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Susquehanna University in 2014, I have worked for over six years with international medical nonprofit ECRI. I always knew I would go back to school, but I was so passionate about growing my career at ECRI that I needed to find a program that I could complete with a full-time work schedule. Additionally, I was searching for a program that could truly compliment the work I do. Dornsife provides me with that balance, and I am happy I can build my career and gain additional knowledge at school simultaneously. Despite already working in the public health field, I find Dornsife continually offers new resources, varied perspectives and additional knowledge that allows me to grow inside and outside the classroom.

Research Interests: Global Health, Health Policy & Health Care Delivery, Behavioral Science & Health Communication

My APE: In my APE project, I provided E-learning Technical Support for the PCORI Health Care Horizon Scanning System (HCHSS). I specifically worked on the PCORI Horizon Scanning Database which is a part of HCHSS, and was developed to make health care technology innovation information more easily accessible to the public. In my role providing E-learning Technical Support, I helped to create user-friendly and accessible resources to help individuals navigate the PCORI Horizon Scanning Database.

Other Involvement at DSPH: Member of the American Public Health Association (APHA)

Ifunanya Nwabueze headshot

Ifunanya Nwabueze
Lagos, Nigeria
MPH, Health Management and Policy (minor in Health Economics)

About Ifunanya

Why I Chose Dornsife: I was instantly drawn to Dornsife because of the wide array of minors offered, particularly health economics and the emphasis on practical skills. The Dornsife's commitment to health as a human right was quite inspiring, it felt like a community I would love to be a part of. Also, its location in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, while ranking as the number #1 school of public health in Philadelphia made it the right choice for me.

Research Interests: Cardiovascular Diseases, Health Economics, Health Policy, Global Health

Parth Patel headshot

Parth Patel
Ahmedabad, India
MPH, Epidemiology

About Parth

Why I Chose Dornsife: At Dornsife, the course curriculum is set in a manner that it allows students to take care of their physical and mental well-being. Its location in the urban area and proximity to the biggest hospitals and research organizations of Philadelphia give students an opportunity to gain rich practical experience.

Research Interests: Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Health Policy and Management, Oral Cancer, Dental Public Health

Vishwa Patel headshot

Vishwa Patel
Maple Grove, MN
MPH, Epidemiology (minor in Global Health)

About Vishwa

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because of its core mission to fight for health as a human right locally and globally which is one that strongly resonates with me. Along with the school's distinguished faculty, research opportunities and strong emphasis on community engagement, I knew that Dornsife would provide me with all the tools necessary to succeed.

Research Interests: Global Health, Health Disparities, Health Equity, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health

Vidya Patil headshot

Vidya Patil
Pune, Maharashtra, India
MPH, Epidemiology

About Vidya

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because it was my Dream University. I was really fascinated by the Faculty and their Research Interests. The University also has extreme high-quality flexibility and perfect course study for MPH program.

Research Interests: Oral Cancers and Infectious Diseases

Whitney Roach headshot

Whitney Roach
Sterling, KS
MPH, Urban Health

About Whitney

Why I Chose Dornsife: I live in Philadelphia and know of the great reputation Dornsife has as a public health leader!

Research Interests: Environmental Health, Healthcare Access, Maternal/Child, Nutrition

Jensy Rodriguez-Silva headshot

Jensy Rodriguez-Silva
Fajardo, Puerto Rico
MS, Epidemiology

About Jensy

Why I Chose Dornsife: The accessibility to resources and opportunities brought me to the Dornsife School of Public Health. I have felt so welcomed since I arrived that I've been able to share the basis of my ideas in epidemiology. The diversity of specializations in the epidemiological branch at the school help the students grow professionally and gain the ability to work together and combine projects from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I admire the school interest on community and global issues.

Research Interests: Substance Use and Abuse, Pharmacoepidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health, Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health

Jhumna Sarkar headshot

Jhumna Sarkar
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
MPH, Global Health (minor in Maternal and Child Health)

About Jhumna

Why I Chose Dornsife: Living in South Jersey, I was always aware that Drexel University is one of the most reputable Universities in the region. Also the fact that it is the best in Philadelphia in MPH and ranked 24th in the country were very important reasons why I chose Drexel. Also the fee structure fits my requirements.

Research Interests: Global Health and Maternal and Child Health

Ashni Shah headshot

Ashni Shah
Mumbai, India
MPH, Epidemiology

About Ashni

Why I Chose Dornsife: A curriculum with electives that make you proficient in your field of interest is every student’s dream and Drexel has exactly that to offer. There are amazing networking opportunities and the university is centrally located which makes this a great place to start your career.

Research Interests: Infectious Disease Control and Chronic Health Disease Control

Gelila Solomon headshot

Gelila Solomon
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
MPH, Health Management and Policy (minor in Health Economics)

About Gelila

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because it is a private research university in Philadelphia. I was attracted by the multitude of research areas covered by faculty. In addition, Dornsife is unique in that it is well respected and known within the community through the numerous community collaborations it undertakes. This unique blend of community and academia gravitated me towards choosing Dornsife.

Research Interests: Health Services Research, Non-Communicable Diseases Research, Policy Analysis, Health Systems Development, Health Disparities and Intersection of Clinical Medicine and Public health

Varsha Sriram headshot

Varsha Sriram
MPH, Epidemiology

About Varsha

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Drexel's Dornsife School of Public Health because of the plethora of opportunities. Taking up public health allows me to look into a broad range of possible and interesting career options, through the structured didactics, ongoing research and practicum here at Dornsife. The renowned faculty and staff are very supportive and share a great camaraderie with the students. Our class has rich diversity where we celebrate our varied views & cultures amidst the classrooms and beyond.

Research Interests: Community Health and Prevention, Urban Health, Non-communicable Diseases specifically Heart Disease and Diabetes, HIV Medicine & Clinical Research

Ope Thompson headshot

Ope Thompson
Ibadan, Nigeria
MPH, Health Management and Policy (minor in Health Informatics)

About Ope

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife offers one of the best public health programs in the country. The numerous public health initiatives and research shows the institution's dedication to improving public health in the country.

Research Interests: Use of Information Technology for Public Health Communication and Emergency Preparedness, Analyzing Public Health Policy targeted towards Vulnerable Communities and Groups

Josiane Tsobgny headshot

Josiane Tsobgny
Harrisburg , PA
MPH, Community Health and Prevention

About Josiane

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because it is the perfect combination of academics, research, and first-hand exposure to truly understanding and solving public health issues. With Dornsife's connections to public health research and programs in the city of Philadelphia, l knew that attending this program would challenge me to think outside the box.

Research Interests: Global health, Mental Health , Behavioral Science & Health Communication, Infectious Disease, and Reproductive Health

Hope Vega headshot

Hope Vega
Bronx, NY
MPH, Community Health and Prevention

About Hope

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because of its perfect location in a diverse and vibrant city, commitment to health as a human right, and the endless opportunities for hands-on experiences!

Research Interests: Minority Health and Health Disparities

Anusha Vishnubhotla headshot

Anusha Vishnubhotla
Brentwood, CA
MPH, Epidemiology (online program)

About Anusha

Why I Chose Dornsife: I have always been interested in Public Health and Dornsife seems to be the best place to gain that knowledge!

Research Interests: Infectious Disease, focusing on viruses and cancer

Shufang Wang headshot

Shufang Wang
Nanjing, Jiang Su, China
MS, Epidemiology

About Shufang

Why I Chose Dornsife: I chose Dornsife because of the excellent location, the top rank in the US, and the amazing faculty of Dornsife.

Research Interests: Disease Prevention, Chronic Disease, Mental Health

Tessa Witkowsky headshot

Tessa Witkowsky
Park Ridge, IL
MPH, Epidemiology (minor in Global Health)

About Tessa

Why I Chose Dornsife: I have always wanted to live on the east coast and had a lot of friends that went to Drexel and always spoke highly of its professors and programs.

Research Interests: Health Inequalities, Access to health promoting resources and its impacts on overall health

Aletha Wolo headshot

Aletha Wolo
Liberia, West Africa (Currently live in Maryland)
MPH, Epidemiology (online program) (minor in Infectious Disease and Population Health)

About Aletha

Why I Chose Dornsife: Dornsife provided me with the opportunity of scholarships, resources and also professional development.

Research Interests: Infectious Disease Epidemiology