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Peer Counseling Helpline

"The Counseling Center is one of the most important resources that Drexel has to offer for students... The Counseling Center has further taken the time to train students as Peer Counselors for the student run Peer Counseling Helpline, which has been a fantastic way to expand and emphasize the support system they provide at Drexel. As a psychology student applying to graduate programs, the Counseling Center has personally provided me with tools and skills from the Peer Counseling trainings that I would otherwise not have learned in undergrad. Such communication skills have become now become critical in my daily interactions with others, especially since everything has gone remote.” - Anonymous Drexel student and Peer Counselor

The Drexel Peer Counseling Helpline is transitioning into a new peer support program called the Mental Wellness Peer Alliance in the spring 2022 term. Please check back for details as we undergo this change.

Drexel Peer Counseling is a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS helpline. It is staffed by volunteer Drexel students who help to provide support, referrals and a listening ear to all college undergraduates and graduates. This is not a HOTLINE for crisis intervention, but rather a HELPLINE to freely discuss troublesome topics.

Students call the Peer Counseling Helpline for various reasons. Sometimes you may be experiencing problems that you are not comfortable with discussing with your friends or family. When those problems are significantly affecting your ability to function, you may want to visit a therapist at the Counseling Center. However, you may also just need a person to be able to talk with, someone who is similar in age and responsibilities, and that is the goal of the Peer Counseling Helpline. We aim to provide you with a safe space to explore your concerns.

Below are some of the more common questions asked about the Peer Counseling Helpline:

How can a Peer Counselor help me?

Peer Counselors are trained to explore feelings, address concerns and questions, and provide resources when needed. The Helpline establishes an unbiased, supportive and listening environment. It is also a forum where students can disclose issues that they might be uncomfortable discussing with friends and family.

Will I be speaking with a professional?

The Peer Counseling Helpline is designed as students helping other students. While these students are not professionals, they do receive rigorous training in order to better accommodate your call.

Can I only call about certain topics?

When you call the Peer Counseling Helpline, you can discuss any issue that bothers you. Some examples include relationships, family, academics, roommates, drugs/alcohol use, loneliness or sexual health issues.

When can I call?

The Peer Counseling Helpline is available Monday through Thursday between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. However, there are times during the year when Peer Counselors may not be available, such as during holiday or term breaks.

Is peer counseling confidential?

Yes. All information is held in accordance with the Counseling Center’s confidentiality policy. No portion of the call’s content will be discussed outside of the Helpline. The identities of both the caller and the Peer Counselor remain anonymous.

Is Peer Counseling free?

Yes. Peer Counselors dedicate their time and offer this service to the entire university at no cost.