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A Look into the Drexel Education Experience

Gabriella Breen, BS in Elementary Education '25

April 9, 2024

As a student in the Drexel education program, I've come to value the unique and rewarding experience this small, yet impactful program offers. The Drexel education program stands out by providing an exceptional foundation right away during freshman year. One of the program's standout features is the immediate exposure to observational experiences. From day one, students dive into the world of education, gaining practical insights that set the stage for our journey ahead. 

What truly distinguishes this program is the intimate environment it fosters. The small class sizes allow for more personalized interactions, enabling me to forge meaningful relationships with professors. These educators don't just teach; they guide, mentor, and inspire. Their commitment to our growth extends beyond the classroom, providing invaluable support and guidance as we navigate the complexities of the education field. Their mentorship has been instrumental in shaping my perspective and honing my skills. 

Moreover, the emphasis on hard work and dedication in these classes is unparalleled. The rigorous coursework challenges us to push our boundaries, encouraging a deep understanding of educational principles and practices. This dedication doesn't go unnoticed. It translates into opportunities like funded co-op experiences, where students apply their knowledge in real-world settings. 

My own journey is a testament to the program's worth. The dedication and effort invested in my education at Drexel opened doors to a funded co-op that offered me hands-on experiences that surpass what I could have gained elsewhere. The practical insights and meaningful experiences gained during this co-op were transformative. They allowed me to immerse myself in the diverse facets of the educational landscape, providing a depth of understanding and skills that I couldn't have acquired solely through academic study. 

In essence, being a Drexel education student, though part of a smaller program, has proven to be invaluable. It's not about the size of the program, but the depth and quality of experiences it offers. The early observational experiences, the meaningful relationships with professors, and the doors opened through hard work have solidified my belief that choosing this program was one of the most rewarding decisions I've made in my educational journey. 

Gabriella Breen 
Class of 2025 
Blackwood, NJ
Elementary Education (K-4)