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Leaders Forum & Alumnae

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Each year, the ELATES program concludes with an in-person Leaders Forum to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating cohort. The Leaders Forum is a unique opportunity for Fellows and their institutional leaders to discuss the wide range of organizational change initiatives addressed during the Fellowship year. The core of the Leaders Forum is a showcase of the Fellows’ Institutional Action Projects though an oral presentation and poster symposium, and serves as the capstone of the ELATES Fellowship year.

The symposium:

  • highlights the Fellows’ accomplishments and leadership activities.
  • provides a space for content-rich interaction between fellows and guests.
  • supports collaboration on organizational change efforts across institutions.
  • demonstrates the overarching impact of ELATE Institutional Action Projects on organization improvement.

ELATES Alumnae

The community of ELATES alumnae extends to STEM faculty from schools and universities all across the country. ELATES alumnae are also part of a larger community of ELATES' sister program, ELAM, which now numbers into the thousands. Through joint efforts, ELATES and ELAM are committed to fostering this community of leaders in a manner that contributes to the success of our program alumnae long beyond their fellowship year.

Leaders Forum Graduation Speakers

  • Class of 2022-2023: Brigadier General Mary V. Krueger, DO, Commanding General, Medical Readiness Command, East 24th Chief of the Army Medical Corps
  • Class of 2021-2022: Soraya M. Coley, PhD, president of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Class of 2018-2019: Sharon L. Walker, PhD, ELATE alumna and the first woman dean of Drexel University’s College of Engineering
  • Class of 2017-2018: Alison Morrison-Shetlar, PhD, acting chancellor of Western Carolina University
  • Class of 2015-2016: Sally Mason, PhD, president emerita of the University of Iowa


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