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Faculty Flowchart for Student Disengagement and Mental Health

This resource shares action items and suggested language for referring students to support services.

Erin McNamara Horvat, PhD

Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

Led by Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement Erin McNamara Horvat, PhD, the Drexel University Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) provides dedicated support for faculty members at all ranks for career advancement, skill development, professional growth and satisfaction throughout their careers at Drexel. The Office is dedicated to faculty advancement through functions such as:

  • Developing and implementing initiatives to enhance faculty recruitment, success and retention.
  • Managing faculty appointments, promotions, tenure and retirement.
  • Creating innovative programs to help faculty continuously improve their teaching, research, and scholarly, clinical or creative work.
  • Developing and implementing guidelines and policies.
  • Ensuring implementation of national best practices in faculty affairs.
  • Supporting work-life balance initiatives.

Drexel’s NCFDD Membership

Drexel faculty have access to free membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity, an independent professional development resource and training and mentorship community, via the Office of Faculty Advancement. Resources include multi-week courses, a weekly productivity email, “accountability buddy” matches and more, all dedicated to supporting faculty success. Activate your free membership.

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