Drexel Global

Drexel Global contributes to the mission of transforming the university into a global hub of academic and professional excellence.

The office works with units across the university to build an ecosystem of global partnerships and programs both on and off campus through Drexel’s trademark programs in co-op, education abroad, research partnerships and industry relations.

Partnerships and Exchanges

Drexel University and Drexel Global have established partnerships for research and education — such as dual degree programs, undergraduate exchange programs and community engagement opportunities — with institutions around the globe. View our map for a representation of these partnerships.

Students have access to a variety of opportunities to take courses in a different country — from short-term Intensive Courses Abroad to six-month programs and fully funded opportunities like the Dornsife Global Development Scholars program.

Global Classrooms are courses that engage Drexel students with students at one of our partner universities abroad through a range of interactive technologies. Faculty members from any discipline who are interested in incorporating a global dimension into their scheduled class and link it to a class of students at an international partner institution are eligible to participate.

Through broad consultation, Drexel Global will select a handful of existing strategic partners in key locations all over the world to deepen and scale up our collaboration, including research, education abroad, dual-admission degrees, recruitment, co-op, civic engagement, and alumni and industry relations. Through these "Hubs Abroad," Drexel will, over time, significantly expand our global imprint without the expensive and risky proposition of building campuses away.

Funding Opportunities

Every year, Drexel Global funds numerous faculty, students and staff awards for a diverse range of international experiences. Funding opportunities include, but not are limited to:

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