This message was sent to Drexel faculty and staff by the Provost on December 3, 2021. 

Dear Colleagues,

As we approach exam week and with the arrival of winter weather, please be aware of the following policies, as we aim to ensure students’ continued academic success amid possible student illness and inclement weather.

Accommodating Student Illness

Factors such as holiday travel and rising COVID-19 cases in our region may lead to increased student absences from exams and classes due to illness. As the effects of the pandemic continue, we need to remain flexible and supportive of our students while maintaining academic integrity. Instructors should make appropriate accommodations for student illness, including administering make-up assignments and exams, whenever possible. There are suggestions for accommodating student absences due to illness or quarantine in the Fall 2021 Faculty/Staff FAQs.

The following policies contain information relevant to student absences from classes or exams. Please remember that instructors cannot ask a student for a doctor’s note and should follow the procedure outlined in the Absence from Class Policy.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather and other emergency occurrences that suspend normal University operations, instructors are encouraged to use the online resources available in Drexel Learn to hold courses and exams via a remote modality. The course or exam could be held at the originally scheduled time or offered asynchronously if appropriate for the course. Alternatively, instructors could work with the Office of the University Registrar to reschedule an exam, either online or in-person, for a later date within final exam week. For more information, please view the Suspension of Normal Operations Policy.

Best wishes for a smooth and successful exam week!


Paul Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost