This message was sent to faculty and staff by the Provost on December 21, 2021. 

Holiday Card Photo
Holiday Card Photo

Dear Colleagues,

Two weeks ago, we had a small reception for the 12 students who were selected as the first Nina Henderson Provost Scholars. As we went around the room, each student talked about the contributions they hope to make in their new roles and about their academic and professional journeys thus far. One student started a nonprofit at the age of 16 to empower young women in South Africa, another was named an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and another presented to City Council on a proposal for a more equitable distribution of city resources. Almost all of the students are involved in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and all spoke in some way about their desire to “pay it forward.”

It was a rainy evening after a long day, but I felt an incredible energy as each student shared their story. It’s the same feeling I’ve had throughout my career at Drexel: a persistent reminder of the importance of the work we do and the talent we have the privilege to educate, mentor and empower.  

Thank you all for what you do every day for this University. I know it can be easy to lose sight of the power of that work when you’re tired or caught up in the day-to-day. But it is meaningful, and it could not be done without you.

I wish you all a happy and restful winter break and an inspiring New Year!

Paul Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost