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Collection descriptions 2000-2012

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1955, 1986   2.0 volumes
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Baby Blocks is the "story of an outstanding New Zealand woman who is one of the pioneer doctors in her country in the field of maternity and child welfare." Dear Grace "is based upon twenty-seven letters written between 1889 and 1894 by a Canadian doctor, William C. Little, to Grace Ritchie, one of McGill University's first female graduates and the first female doctor licensed to practice medicine in Quebec."


Partial draft of An Alternative Path: The Making and Remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia

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Draft of A New and Untried Course: Woman's Medical College and Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1850-1998

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Working files and biographical information from the Asian American Women Physicians Project

1991-1993   .5 ln. in.
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American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) materials

1987-1993   .5 ln. in.
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Archives files regarding a contract with the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) for the transfer of that organization's materials

1990-1993   .5 ln. in.
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Various Archives files

1979-1997   1 ln. ft.
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Archives files regarding the department's quarterly newsletter "Collections" and files including grant application, renovation project, calendar of ongoing events, book fair, book sale, Founders' Day.


Articles about Marie Rennotte

1999, 1898   2 articles
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WMCP photographs

1928, 1978   2 photographs
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WMC class of 1928 graduation portrait, with class members identified and Mary Lehman Windus (WMC 1928) at WMC 50-year reunion, 1978.


Materials related to Dr. Kroser

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See acc337 for finding aid


A New and Untried Course: Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1850-1998

2000   1.0 volume
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This book is the sesquicentennial history of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania and its successor institutions (Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and Medical College of Pennsylvania).


Longshore Collection

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Clippings (obituaries) regarding Rebecca Gross

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Essays of a Legacy: Poriraits of Women Physicians, by River Malcolm

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Bound dissertation: A Vital Force: Women Physicians and Patients in American Homeopathy, 1850-1930, by Anne Taylor Kirschmann

1999   1 object
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2000   6 photographs
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Florence Haseltine papers


1999 yearbook of MCP Hahnemann University

1999   1 yearbook
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Willie Goes to Woman's

1962-1962   1.0 object
These items were created from and for "Willie Goes to Woman's", a musical play that was produced and performed in 1962 by students, faculty and residents of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The donor was the musical director and stated that the production was reflective of the fact that the WMC community was aware that it would soon be forced into coeducation because of Federal government granting agencies' criteria. (Men were admitted in 1970.) The records were sold as part of a campaign to raise funds for a piece of hospital equipment. Dr. Eskin also owns the original score, and will donate it at a later date. See also accession 2000.20 (a video tape of the production.)


Yearbook: 1974 Cap and Candle, MCP School of Nursing yearbook

1974   1 yearbook
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MCP Hahnemann curriculum materials

1999-2000   1.25 Linear feet
Medical biochemistry course schedule, cardiovascular module hour descriptions, modules of the Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine curriculum.


Audio tapes related to Allegheny Health,Education and Research Foundation (AHERF) and women in medicine

1995-1998   16 audio tapes
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Lists of MCP planning committee members and faculty committee members

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Photocopy of original script and music for "Willie Goes to Woman's"

1962   1 photocopy
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Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D.

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Copy print of an image of "Willie Goes to Woman's" cast members

1962   1 photograph
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MCP public relations piece

1990   1 video tape
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Materials relating to events organized to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

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Manuscripts related to MCP

2000   3 manuscripts
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Book; Arztinnen aus dem Kaiserreich: Lebenslaufe einer Generation (Woen Physicians of the German Empire: The Course of a Generation)

2000   1.0 volume
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This book is written in German, but a rough translation of the table of contents shows that it covers the following: German women physicians with degrees from other countries, 1871-1901; overview of licensed women physicians in Germany through 1918; the arrival of early women physicians; study and practice of German medical women in WWI; standard practice and womanliness through the end of the Weimar Republic; the scientific application of early women physician; the fate of non-Aryan women physicians of the older generation; the non-presecuted women physicians of the older generation and the Third Reich


Booklet and report related to the MCP

1998-2000   2 objects
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Video tape: "Doors of Opportunity at Woman's Medical College and Medical College of Pennsylvania"

2000   1 video tape
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Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture, March 7,2000 by Steven J. Peitzman, M.D.



2000   4 images
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These are images of items in the WMC/MCP Archives and Special Collections and were taken for use in the Archives 2000 brochure


Oral History Interviews

1996-1997   3 Audiotapes
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These audio cassette tapes are recordings of group oral history interviews conducted with alumnae during MCP's 50-year-class reunion luncheons at Homecoming:


Book; Restoring the Balance: Women Physicians and the Profession of Medicine, 1850-1995

1999   1.0 volume
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The Aesculapian, the 2000 yearbook for the Medical College of Pennsylvania and the Hahnemann University School of Medicine

2000   1 yearbook
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Book; Tokology: A Book for Every Woman

1897   1 volume
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Photograph: image of the key to the Arch Street building

2000   1 photograph
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faculty lists, faculty meeting minutes

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1910-1998   11 photographs
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Photographs made for an exhibit


Photograph shot from the 63rd Annual Announcement

c. 1912   1 photograph
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Maurice Clifford Collection

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Papers of Natalie Shainess, M.D.

1961-1992   1.25 ln. ft.
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Dr. Natalie Shainess' materials are primarily professional papers (published, unpublished and presented), 1961 – 1992, relating to her research and opinions on gender identity, sexuality, Shakespeare and personality traits, feminine psychology and women's rights, from her perspective as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.


Materials related to Katharine Soucot Sturgis

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Bartuska Collection Inventory

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Materials relating to Lila Stein Kroser, M.D.

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Videotape collection

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National Board and Alumnae/I materials

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Development Inventory

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Archives Budget Files

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Photograph: Catharine Macfarlane, M.D.

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Framed certificate: "Resolution by the Board of Corporators of the Medical College of Pennsylvania on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Board"

c. 1980
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Paper: "Gender and Disease in Eighteenth-century Saint Domingue"

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Article: "Initial Review of Electronic Residency Application Service Charts by Orthopaedic Residency Faculty Members"

2000   1 article
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Clinical Education Publications

1.0 Box
Internal and external publications from the Clinical Education Department


Book: Out of the Dead House: Nineteenth Century Women Physicians and the Writing of Medicine

2001   1.0 volume
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Materials related to Bernard Sigel, M.D.

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Dr. Sigel was president, dean and chair of surgery at MCP. Before his death in December 2000, his work focused on research in the use of ultrasound technology in surgery.


Clifford Collection Inventory

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paper: "Gender and Disease in Eighteenth-century Saint Domingue"

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Materials regarding the Committee for the University

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Senior honors thesis for the Department of History, Stanford University: "Women and Medicine in the West: Charlotte Blake Brown and the Founding of the San Francisco Children's Hospital, 1875-1904"

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Hannah Reeve-Sanders Collection

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Dr. Reeve-Sanders is a past president of the South African Society of Medical Women, which organization is a member of the Medical Women's International Association. Dr. Reeve-Sanders was also Vice-President of the MWIA's Near East and Africa Region, and Chairman of MWIA's Finance Committee.


Maurice Clifford Collection

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A Woman of Honor: Dr. Mary E. Walker And the Civil War

2001   1.0 volume
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2000   2 papers
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"Frances Emily White Retroscope" and "Gender, Medicine and Evolutionary Thought: The Case of Frances Emily White"


Materials related to Maurice Clifford, M.D.

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Klinghoffer donation

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Bissell Collection

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Photocopies of materials related to Anny Halpert Elston, M.D. (AHE)

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Book: My Autobiography: Memoirs on the Early Education of Korean Women Doctors

2001   1.0 volume
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Margaret Gray Wood Collection

1948-1998   44 photographs and various objects
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Gottlieb Collection

4 boxes
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Harry Gottlieb was Director, Diabetes Section, Endocrinology & Metabolism Department (1988); Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs (1991-95).


Alumnae/i Association Inventory

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Commonwealth Board Inventory

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MCP board

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MCP Hospital Women's Board/Auxiliary, MCP National Board and MCP Commonwealth Board

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Development Office

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National Board

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WMC/MCP Public Relations

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Computer disc (MS Word for Windows, 6.0) containing a paper: ''Carrying Health to the Country''

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Manuscript; "Why Support a Woman's Medical College?"

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Gottlieb Collection

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Doris Bartuska Collection

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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing yearbooks

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MCP publications

3 bound volumes of lists of MCP publications, according to department, 1990-92


Materials related to Doris Bartuska, M.D.

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Harry Gottlieb papers

1960-1997   3 boxes
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June Klinghoffer papers

1948-2002   5.0 record cartons
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Dr. Chick's papers, including objects

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Dr. Chick's (WMC 1959) black medical bag with "B. Chick" embossed in gold letters and containing the following: reflex tester, stethoscope (in pieces), rubber hose, tape measure, four unidentified, small instruments; four tongue depressors; three swabs; Parke, Davis & Company six-inch ruler/promotional piece, n.d


materials related to June Klinghoffer, M.D., WMC 1945

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Woman's Medical College sweatshirt, 1950

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WMC sweatshirt "Woman's Medical College Hospital"; white letters surrounding a white caduceus on (faded) red shirt; c. 1950


MCP Hahnemann Records (Women's History Month)

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materials related to an MCP Hahnemann Women's History Month program sponsored by the Archives and Special Collections: audio cassette tape of the program; copies of the original short story from which the script was written; script, adapted by Steven J. Peitzman, M.D.; research materials; program notes; event announcement flyer; March 2002


Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Records

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Blue bound meeting minutes and related materials for the Medical College of Pennsylvania, the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University, Allegheny University of the Health Sciences, Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation (AHERF), the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Hospital System and Allegheny University Hospitals, 1993-98.


Gene-Ann Polk Papers

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materials related to Gene-Ann Polk, particularly during her time as a student at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMC 1952).


Elsie Treichler Reedy

1951 and 1975
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1. WMC 50 year class pin that belonged to Elsie Treichler Reedy, WMC 1901 (pin awarded in 1951); gold tone with image of a female angel and child, name of college and "FORWARD" on the front; the back reads "Elsie T. Reedy, M.D./1901-1951" 2. WMC/MCP pendant with chain gold tone with "MC/MCP/125/1850" and the college seal; these were given to alumnae/i in 1975 in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the college; this belonged to the donor, WMC 1960.


Barbara Schindler Papers

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These items were located in two offices at Queen Lane: the microscope was in Dr. Schindler's office (in the Dean's Office suite) and the scale and the tissue slicer were in Burt Landau's Office (Medical Education). The microscope was given to Dr. Schindler by Leo Cosio, a former staff member, who had come upon it somewhere in the building. No one knows how the other two items came to be in Dr. Landau's office. Dr. Schindler offered these items for use in the Queen Lane exhibition which opened May 17, 2002. She has decided that they should become part of the Archives collections and so has donated them to the Archives.


Medical objects donated for exhibition

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1. book Homeopathic Drug Picture. 2. silver case for hypodermic needles. 3. long needle syringe. 4. hand-held mirror instrument. 5. set of scalpels in wood box. 6. forceps. 7. oval French purse case for case of needles. 8. silver oval case containing needles. 9. glass and metal syringe.


Materials related the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) fraternity

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Wood box containing seven small brass weights, numbered metal tabs (in mgs) a small brush and a broken slide


MCP Hahnemann Ephemera

1 white ceramic mug with the MCP Hahnemann seal in gold and blue and "MCP Hahnemann" printed beneath the seal in blue.2 short, clear glass with the MCP Hahnemann seal in gold and "MCP Hahnemann" printed beneath the seal in gold.3 Lee Casual Collection blue oxford shirt with "MCP Hahnemann/School of Medicine" embroidered over the pocket, size Small.


Margaret Gray Wood Collection

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Materials related to AHERF and its affiliations with MCP and Hahnemann


Maude Abbott in Philadelphia



Materials related to Mechteld C. van Hardenbroek (aka Sears), M.D. and her work in Libya and Colorado, particularly in high altitude sickness and environmentally-caused illnesses

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Gross anatomy lab

(c. 1900), sepia-colored copy print of a gross anatomy lab in use, complete with numerous students and cadavers, c. 1900; there are seven women in the photograph; the place and people are not identified.


The Face of America: Distaff Doctors

c. 1959, "The Face of America" column, titled "Distaff Doctors"; describes the two photographs (one large, one small) of thirteen members of the Woman's Med class of 1959 assisting an injured child; this was likely from a national magazine, such as The Saturday Evening Post; it is framed in a simple wood frame.


Agnes Gowdy oral history

videotaped interview of Dr. Agnes Gowdy, WMC 1935; interviewers: Dennis Novak, M.D. and Steven J. Peitzman, M.D.. From Dennis Novak's office, Office of Medical Education.


Materials related to AHERF

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LeClair Bissell papers

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see accession file (and accessions 264 and 2001.18)


MCP Hahnemann Flag

This flag represented , which existed from November 11, 1998 through June 30, 2002. When Drexel University bought the institution after operating it since November of 1998, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drexel. The name was dropped and it became Drexel University, College of Medicine on July 1, 2002. This flag, which was flown at the Queen Lane Campus until June 30, 2002, was then transferred to the Archives.


New Profiles from Unpublished Sources

New Profiles from Unpublished Sources, C.N. Parchure, et al, eds., 1997


Materials related to women in medicine, collected by the donor

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administrative materials related to WMC/MCP, Hahnemann and Allegheny

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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Skit Night photographs

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These photographs capture some of Skit Night, 1966. Skit Night an annual event - the student body's send-up of life at Woman's Med.


Materials related to Mechteld Van Hardenbroek, M.D.



Materials related to Doris Bartuska, M.D.

1956, 2002
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Materials related to AHERF, Drexel and Tenet

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Materials related to AMWA's 2002 Hall of Fame Gala

This was AMWA's second annual Gala, which honors women physicians posthumously, as well as some contemporary women physicians. The 2002 posthumous inductees included Elizabeth Blackwell, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Susan La Flesche Picotte, and Anandibai Joshi. The contemporary inductees were Antonia C. Novello and M. Jocelyn Elders.


Materials related to Anne Cummings, M.D.

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Anne Cummings, M.D. was Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, Division of General Internal Medicine.


Materials related to Edith Petrie Brown, M.D.

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Materials collected by the Provost's Office

View collection description [PDF] >


materials related to the Admissions Office

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Drexel University mug

c. 2002


Materials related to LeClair Bissell, M.D.

[1950-2002]   2.5 ln.ft.
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Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D.

[1968-2002] (bulk 1986-2002)
View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to Alton Sutnick, M.D.

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materials related to AHERF, [1993-98] and to Allegheny General Hospital [1977-89]

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June Klinghoffer dedication video


Anne H. Patterson, M.D.

1.0 folders
Anne H. Patterson, M.D. compiled by the donor, a descendent (grandson); this is a geneology-focused biography of Patterson, an 1891 graduate of Woman's Medical College of Baltimore and a long-time medical missionary at Suchien, China; includes images.


Materials related to Catherine C. Robinson, a 1935 graduate of The Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania's Nurses Training School

yearbook - Fidelitus, 1935 (see nursing yearbook collection for additional copies); .2abgold and garnet necklace with "WCH" and "35, "CCR" is inscribed on the back.3 a class ring, also gold and garnet with "35, and "CCR" inscribed inside.4 WMCH School of Nursing pin, gold tone with gray and red cross enamel.5 American National Red Cross Nurses pin, gold tone with red, white and blue enamel.6-19 photographs of Catherine Robinson, classmates and others in the nursery at WMC and other related sites, c. 1935 (these are identified); .20-25 certificate case, red with gold letters reading "Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/School of Nursing", contains 2 photos of Robinson on the roof of the nurse's home, 1935, her diploma, her NJ State Board certificate, 1939, form listing her grades on the Board exam, n.d..26Robinson's "Certificate of Pre-Professional Education", 1935.27wood block and brass plate photo printing negative showing a portrait of Catherine Robinson (same portrait in 1935 yearbook, above); .28-29 two photographs of the class of 1935 (one is a graduation portrait).


Materials related to Edith Flower Wheeler, M.D.

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Materials related to Minerva Buerk, M.D., (WMC 1946)

View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to Marilyn Pratt, M.D., particularly in relation to the Women's Institute and Health Center

View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to Juliet Eshner Nathanson, M.D.

View collection description [PDF] >


W/MCP Alumnae/i Relations Office financial records

View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to WMC/MCP's Commonwealth Committee/Board and the National Board

[1953-1991]   1.0 document boxes
View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to Doris Bartuska

View collection description [PDF] >


Materials related to the MCP Development Department, Alumnae/iRelations

View collection description [PDF] >


Development Dept. (Alumnae/i Relations)

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Oral history collection, 2003

12 oral history interviews captured on digital video tape (DVDCAM): Lila Kroser, Louise Schnaufer, Donna Brooks, Walter Cohen, Burt Landau, Gene-Ann Polk, June Klinghoffer, Margaret Gray Wood, Doris Bartuska, Gail forster, Barbara Chick. Collection includes VHS copies of digital video tape interviews, and audio tape copies of sound portion of interviews; there are also 7 additional VHS copies of some of the interviews. These were made for interview subjects that had requested them; one raw transcription (verbatim, with no editing) is also included: Gail forster .


Materials related to Dr. Sutnick

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Videotape: tour of Queen Lane exhibition by TJ Dixon and Joanne Grossman, opening reception and remarks for exhibition

Videotape: tour of Queen Lane exhibition by TJ Dixon and Joanne Grossman, opening reception and remarks for exhibition, May 17, 2002.


Materials related to Rose Hartmann, M.D. (WMC 1957) and her extended family

[1857-2001]   2.5 document boxes
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MWIA materials

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Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (pilot)

Videotape: Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (pilot for the television series), 1993 (air date); 1 hour and 40 minutes


Materials related to Agnes Gowdey, M.D.

[1932-56]   0.15 ln. Ft.
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Faculty Group Practice/Drexel University banner

c. 2000
Banner: nylon, gold lettering on blue field: "/Faculty Group Practice/Drexel University" and dragon logo.


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania records

1968 and 1970
.1 Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae Directory, 1970.2 The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae News, May 1968 Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae Directory, 1970.2 The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae News, May 1968.


Journey to Leadership Profiles of Women Leaders in Public Health



Doors of Opportunity Some Women and Med of the Woman's Medical College videotape

Video tape Dr. Peitzman's lecture, "Doors of Opportunity Some Women and Med of the Woman's Medical College"; delivered on Feb. 27, 2003 at the University of Pittsburgh to the C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society; centers mainly on the lives and careers of three 19th century graduates of WMC: Mary Willits (1881), Frances Van Gasken (1890) and Ellen James Patterson (1898).


Alton Sutnick mixed materials

1985 and 2003   1.0 objects


Medical College of Pennsylvania commencement program

Commencement program: Commencement Ceremony, May 16, 2003, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Materials related to Margaret Gray Wood, M.D. and Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation (AHERF)

[1989-97]   2.5 ln. Ft.
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How Medical History Helped Me (Almost) Love a V.A. Hospital

"How Medical History Helped Me (Almost) Love a V.A. Hospital", prepared for Historians at the Bedside, an anthology being compiled and edited by Jacquelyn Duffin, MD, PhD, for Oxford University Press, by Steven J. Peitzman, MD, 2003.2 "Pioneering Otolaryngologists of The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1883-1900", by Mary C. Davies.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records

2 copies of the Medical College of Pennsylvania/Medical College Hospitals Telephone Directory, 1994; Medical College of Pennsylvania Telephone Directory Supplement, 1992; Telephone Extensions For Center and Library Staff, 1995; "MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine/1848/1850" patch - black letters and dates on white field with blue caduceus (circle shape), n.d., c. 1995


Drexel Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament with seal; ball ornament, blue with gold seal, c. 2002; .2: as above, gold with blue seal, c. 2002


Materials related to the American Medical Women's Association Third Annual International Women in Medicine Hall of Fame Dinner

Program (3 copies) and copy of remarks made throughout the event re each woman honored Doris Bartuska (WMC 1954), Jane Desforges, Elizabeth Ingram Adamson, Martha Mae Eliot, Louise D. Larimore (WMC 1915), Alma Dea Morani (WMC 1931), Barbara Stimson; each honoree was the first woman board certified in her specialty.


Object: microscope

c. 1935
Object:microscope in wood box with lenses and booklet:a: wood box: key opens door to box; "Williams, Brown & Earle, Inc./Scientific Instruments/Philadelphia" on metal plate at top near handle; metal handle and hinges; lens storage area in inside of door has space to hold seven lenses; fittings on the door provide a place to hold the bookletb: booklet: "The Microscope: It's Construction, Use and Care", Spencer Lens Company, Buffalo, NY, 1935 (microscope pictured is almost exactly like the one in the box)c: lens and cases: one lens (6X), a metal case for a 1.8mm lens and a plastic lens case are fitted into the lens storage area in the box d: microscope: "Williams, Brown & Earle Inc./Phila." on metal plate at base; "Property of Woman's Medical College of Penna/Dermatology" on red plate at base; four lenses on microscope.


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania oral history interviews, 2003

View collection description [PDF] >
View Doris Bartuska interview transcript >
12 oral history interviews captured on digital video tape (DVDCAM): Lila Kroser, Louise Schnaufer, Donna Brooks, Walter Cohen, Burt Landau, Gene-Ann Polk, June Klinghoffer, Margaret Gray Wood, Doris Bartuska, Gail Forster, Barbara Chick. Collection includes VHS copies of digital video tape interviews, and audio tape copies of sound portion of interviews; there are also 7 additional VHS copies of some of the interviews. Two raw transcriptions (verbatim, with no editing) are included: Gail Forster and Doris Bartuska; the Bartuska transcript is also online. The Gene-Ann Polk interview is indexed with notes and timestamp in the linked collection description.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records

Student Handbook, MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, Volume I, 1996-97.2: Student Handbook, Medical College of Pennsylvania Track/Consolidated Track, 1995-96.3: Senior Electives Catalog, Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1994-95.


June Klinghoffer Papers

2 notes to Dr. Klinghoffer from former students, Mary Simmonds (MCP 1975) and Doris Bartuska (WMC 1954) and one photograph of Klinghoffer and Simmonds.


Drexel University Office of Faculty Affairs Records

Reference manual from the Office of Faculty Affairs: contains policies used for appointments, promotions and tenure, 1994-98.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records - nursing photographs

[c. 1905-73]
Notes: 26 of the 38 photographs have Archives "P" numbers on them, and were missing from the Archives since at least 1978. It seems that these photographs were given "P" numbers, probably by Ida Draeger, the librarian who maintained historic materials. The Archives was formally established in 1977. Shortly thereafter, someone must have noticed that these images, though noted in Ida's card catalog, were missing. There was a note on each card to this effect. The photos have now been returned, 25 years later - or more, and are now part of this accession. Some are oversized and so are housed with other oversized material.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records

[1979-98] (bulk 1990s)
View collection description [PDF] >
Object:Faculty minutes, Middle States accreditation materials and related items


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine

View collection description [PDF] >
Queen Lane Library, Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine (IFM) curriculum modules


Woman's Hospital of Pennsylvania photographs

Brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia.2 close up view of the front of the brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, showing the door with "The Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia" over it.3 side view of the brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia.4 view of a mural painted on the old Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia building, showing Ann Preston at the top.


American Medical Women's Association Records

View collection description [PDF] >
AMWA's Third Annual International Women in Medicine Hall of Fame Dinner program, remarks and six photographs re This event honored women who were first to become board certified in their specialties. Six women were honored Doris Bartuska - endocrinology (WMC 1954), Jane Desforges - hematology, Elizabeth Ingram Adamson - psychiatry, Martha May Eliot - public health, Louise Larimore - pathology (WMC 1915), Alma Dea Morani - plastic and reconstructive surgery (WMC 1931). program, remarks and six photographs.


Coal Miners' Doctor

View collection description [PDF] >
Coal Miners' Doctor by Rita A. Mariotti, M.D.; autobiographical account of the author's work at a United Mine Workers of America hospital in eastern Kentucky.


Rose Hartmann Collection

View collection description [PDF] >


Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation [AHERF] Records

During 1997-98, the Archives reported to the AHERF development department, and the director was required to attend "key prospect" meetings. These meetings brought development officers together to strategize about fundraising opportunities. The materials in this collection were distributed at these meetings. AHERF declared bankruptcy on July 21, 1998.


Medical College of Pennsylvania / Hahnemann records

Class photographs, 1993-97; class schedules, 1997-99; Program for Integrated Learning (PIL) Resource Guidebooks, 1992-97; Block I Resource Material, n.d., c. 1992


Materials related to LeClair Bissell, M.D.

[1956-2003] (bulk, 1970s and 80s)   1.25 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >


Why Support a Women's Medical College? Philadelphia's Early Male Medical Pro-Feminists

1956-2003   1.0 folders


National Board of the Medical College of Pennsylvania [1974-2003]   0.2 ln. Ft. 2003.36.

Dr. Wallis and AMWA papers

[1981-98]   13.75 ln. ft.
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Cora Clinkscales Lenox papers

[1908-99] (bulk 1960s-90s)   1.0 ln. ft.
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Also included are: numerous award objects, certificates and some books. Dr. Lenox attended WMC in 1929, dropped out to become a missionary to China, earned an M.D. there, and earned an American M.D. by finishing at WMC in 1948.


MCP Commonwealth Board and National Board

[1974-99]   0.2 ln. ft..
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LeClair Bissell Papers

[1963-2003]   0.83 ln. Ft.
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Lila Wallis Collection

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materials related to Alton Sutnick, M.D.

[1967-2000] (bulk 1980s)
Certificate in blue case re Sutnick's visiting professorship at the University of Belgrade, then Yugoslavia, 1988; video tape of Carelift International television piece, 2003; presentation certificate International Conference of Medical Education, 2000; postcard re Sutnick's role in discovery of Australia Antigen, 1997; published announcements, [1997-99]; course certificate, 1967; photographs [1967-2000]


Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine records

Curriculum plan: "Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine: Goals of the Undergraduate Medical Student Curriculum".


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital drawing

Print: black on white ink drawing of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital: "The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/Philadelphia/Founded 1850"; artist name at right: Betty Heiges, '86.


Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D., NIH Director

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Women in Medicine speech by Dr. Ann Arnold

1977   1.0 folders
speech given by Dr. Ann Arnold at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 2, 1977, Toronto, Canada: Women in Medicine.


Pennsylvania Statutes Relating to the Founding and Change of Name of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/copied 2/28/47 from Dean's Office records secured by W.H. Robinson, Esq. from original sources

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Student American Medical Association (SAMA), MCP chapter

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Dickinson Alumnus

1956, 1961, 1966   1.0 folders
Three issues of the Dickinson Alumnus from 1956, 1961, and 1966, containing articles about Elizabeth Bucke Miller, alumnae of both Dickinson and WMC.


Art work: bust of Dr. Sutnick

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Development Office

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Individual alumni files for both WMC/MCP and Hahnemann

c. 1990   288 ln. ft.
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2003   1.0 objects
The MCP Medical and Dental Staff commissioned this portrait in memory of Dr. Korzeniowski, a faculty member and specialist in infectious disease. Gift from MCP Medical and Dental Staff Thomas Santora, M.D.


Materials related to the 50th anniversary celebration of the National

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Twenty-eighth Annual Announcement of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania



Class of 1952/50 Year Reunion" video tape

Video tape (VHS): "Class of 1952/50 Year Reunion"; includes scenes of Agnes Gowdy (WMC 1935) receiving an award and speaking.


The McHale History Project

La Salle University Research Project on the History of Higher Education and Four Year Degrees in the City of Philadelphia", Matthew J. Smalarz.


MCP Hahnemann University School of Medicine records

MCP Hahnemann University School of Medicine Faculty Appointments and Promotions Criteria", November 11, 1998; .2: MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine Interim Faculty Bylaws.


Portrait: Maurice Sones

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Hartwig Kuhlenbeck books

1982   1 volume
The Human Brain and Its Universe, Hartwig Kuhlenbeck, M.D., 1982; 3 volumes as follows: Vol 1, The World of Natural Sciences and Its Phenomomenology; Vol. 2, The Brain and Its Mind; Vol. 3, The World of Philosophy The is the "Second, revised and enlarged edition of Brain and Consciousness.


Materials related to Lila Kroser, particularly her work with the Medical Women's International Association

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Materials related to Alma Morani

Art work by Marlin Ooms, Salvatore Morani and related material, [1939-92]Papers. notes and correspondence by Morani, mostly re: art and medicine, n.d. and 1990, 1995Published material re: the Morani Art Gallery and art and medicine, [1993-97]Biographical material re: Salvatore Morani, 1982Correspondence, 1969Clippings, [1955-90]Photographs of art work, n.d.Photographs of Dr. Morani.


Materials related to Charleen Green Kirkpatrick, WMC 1954

Text of obituary, July 2003, print of scanned photograph of Dr. Kirkpatrick, n.d.


Rose Hartmann photographs

c. 1920s-70s
53 photographs depicting Rose Hartmann, M.D. (WMC 1945) and her family.


Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine poster

Poster: shows image of WMC class of 1891 with caption, noting Halle Tanner Dillon-Johnson; text includes: "'I am in the world to change the world'", quote by Muriel Rukeyser, and "The Hedwig van Ameringen/Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine/Program for Women.


Send Us A Lady Physician" exhibition

Materials related to the "Send Us A Lady Physician" exhibition: promotional buttons, label text, assembly and installation guides.


Materials related to Dr. Kroser, particularly her work with MWIA and AMWA

[1954-2004] (bulk, 1980s-2004)   4.0 ln. ft.
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Materials related to Agnes Gowdey, M.D. (WMC 1935), collected by Grace PalmerDate

[1938-2002] (bulk 1950s-2002)   1.5 ln. ft.
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MCP Hospital Collection

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materials related to Hannah Reeve Sanders, M.D.

[1974-2001]   1.5ln. ft.
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Xenia E. Bond, M.D. A Look At A Life And How It Is Remembered Now

2003   1.0 volumes
Master's thesis in history "Xenia E. Bond, M.D. A Look At A Life And How It Is Remembered Now", by Gwen Eline Pattison.


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine Curriculum modules

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Master's thesis in Oral Traditions program at the Graduate Institute of Milford, CT



Materials related to LeClair Bissell and her work on issues regarding homosexualilty and addictions

[1967-1985]   2.5 ln. ft.
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Materials related to Marie Muller McDermott (WMC 1957) and years at Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

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MCP Hospital photographs

6 photographs mounted on plaques: MCP Hospital medical residents.


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine Curriculum faculty and staff lists

Lists of MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, Allegheny University of the Health Sciences faculty, administrators and staff, including steering committees, executive committee of the faculty, faculty, department chairs, course and clerkship directors, university officials.


The Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hospital Storeroom Catalog




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Materials related to Doris Bartuska and the various organizations she is involved with

Including The Institute for Women's Health and Leadership, the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the National Board for Women in Medicine, and its Alumnae/i Association, St. Bridget's Church, the Distinguished Daughters of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia County Medical Society, the American Medical Association


The Gift of Ah Marr

2004   1.0 volumes
The Gift of Ah Marr, by Rose L. Tse and Gloria Bond; chronicles the life of Rose L. Tse, M.D. who graduated from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1960.


Inventory: MCP Theses & Dissertations

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Gertrud Clara Reyersbach Collection

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Materials related to the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), particularly the Massachusetts branch

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Dr. Marcus was President of the Massachusetts branch of AMWA, and was very active in the national organization. She was on the American Medical Association's Advisory Panel on Women in Medicine, and was a founder of the Committee on Women of the Massachusetts Medical Society.


LeClair Bissell papers

[1981-2005]   0.21 ln. ft.
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WMCP Sesquicentennial records

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Taped oral interviews, photograph, materials related to the Sesquicentennial of WMC/MCP, and to the Archives Committee, [1990-2000].


Nurse's uniform

Student nurse's uniform belonged to Arlene Christensen (nee Godshall), a 1949 graduate of the School of Nursing at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; includes blue dress, white pinafore and white cap.


Materials belonging to the donor, Bonnie Lee Seace (nee Smith), R.N., a 1968 graduate of the School of Nursing at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania



Image of women in the gymnasium at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

ca. 1890
Print from a publication framed and matted image of give women in the gymnasium at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; titled "Pennsylvania - The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia - Scene in the Gymnasium. From Sketches by J.D. Shaw. - See Page 123" J.D. Shaw.


Program: Pennsylvania Medical Society Presidential Inauguration

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Materials related to Arlene Godshall Christensen, R.N.

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materials related to Margaret Maxwell and the Medical Women's International Association

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Materials related to LeClair Bissell

[1950-2005] (bulk 1970s)   0.42ln. Ft.
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A Tribute/to Catharine Macfarlane, M.D.

ca. 1971
Framed tribute certificate (oversize): "A Tribute/to Catharine Macfarlane, M.D. '98/From Friends and Admirers/who contributed to the Special Fund in her memory/during 1970 and 1971"; the document then lists contributors alphabetically (over 400 names); at the bottom it reads, "The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania", the Tribute appears to be hand-drawn calligraphy.


Materials related to the inauguration of D. Walter Cohen, D.D.S. as President of the Medical College of Pennsylvania; the merger with Allegheny Health Services, Inc. (subsequently known as AHERF); the College's merger with Hahnemann University; AHERF's subsequent bankruptcy; and Tenet Healthcare's role post-bankruptcy.

Materials include correspondence, reports and various other publications, [1987-99], [1987-1999]


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine Records

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Pittsburgh Medical Bulletin Official Journal of the Allegheny County Medical Society

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Pittsburgh Medical Bulletin Official Journal of the Allegheny County Medical Society, June 2, 1945; of particular note “Long Live The President”, a short piece on women as medical society presidents in the war years; includes some good statistics on women physicians in the military.


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute records

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Materials discovered upon the Archives move from the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute to the former Woman's Medical Hospital in 2004. All were found in one box and relate to various subjects.



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Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D. and her father, William "Duke" Haseltine

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The ten computer discs within this accession (see attached) are restricted until February 1, 2013.


Materials related to Doris Willig, M.D. (WMC 1936)

[1915-2004] (bulk 1950s-80s)
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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital Records

[1960-75] and n.d., c. 1960s
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Strategic Plan for the Medical College of Pennsylvania, 2006



Provider of Last Resort The Story of the Closure of the Philadelphia General Hospital, by Donna Gentile O'Donnell, 2005

2005   1.0 volumes


The Writings of Andrew Stritmatter

1998   1.0 folders
Missionary in China, compiled by R.W. Caslow, 1998


Philadelphia High School for Girls 150 Years - A Beginning, 2001

2001   1.0 objects


Photographs of Girls' High project (Save Our History); photographs of June Klinghoffer statue

2006   3.0 objects
The Philadelphia High School for Girls/Drexel College of Medicine (2 CD's) June Klinghoffer statue (1 CD) The Girls' High/DUCOM CD's show images of the DUCOM Archives/Girls' High project that was funded by the History Channel in 2006. This project brought students, faculty and Archives staff together to teach and learn about the history of women in medicine, Archives and Girls' High. Students transcribed handwritten historic material for inclusion in the Women Physicians digital project, as well as with the original material.


June Klinghoffer oral history

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Gene-Ann Polk Papers and Susan Smith McKinney Steward Society records

1946-2004   6.5 ft.
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Marjorie Sirridge Papers

1900-2006, (bulk dates 1950-2006)   13 ft
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Institute for Women's Health and Leadership records

1994-2003   13 record cartons, 2 document boxes


Materials related to Marion McIlveen

1934-1951   4.0 folders
Framed print of WMC Hospital, photocopies of clippings and photos, pamphlet on Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ, scrapbook 1934-43.


Papers of Elizabeth Cisney Smith

View collection description [PDF] >
Correspondence, diaries, photographs, autobiographical writings, financial records, and medical practice records of Elizabeth Cisney Smith. Collection also contains biographical writings about Dr. Smith by her daughter, Isabel Smith Stein. There is also a limited amount of material related to Smith's husband, also a medical doctor, Augustus Edwin Smith.


Antique chairs

2.0 objects
Possibly otolaryngology chairs (two) with a round rotating base, covered with leather, and a back slab of wood.


From Monster to Mentally Ill: The Cases of Susan Smith and Andrea Yates

2007   1.0 folders
Conference paper from History of Women's Health Conference, held on April 11, 2007 at Pennsylvania Hospital.


Alton Sutnick, M.D. Collection

2007   1.0 folders
Keychain: 1850/MCP/1988; program for the event honoring Dr. Sutnick as the 2006 Strittmatter Award winner: The Philadelphia County Medical Society President's Ball and Awards Presentation/June 15, 2007 at the Ace Conference Center (2 copies); invitation to the event honoring Dr. Sutnick as the 2006 Strittmatter Award winner (2 copies); Philadelphia Medicine (official publication of the Philadelphia County Medical Society), June 2007, Volume 103, No. 6, noting Alton Sutnick as the 2006 Strittmatter Award winner (2 copies).


Stoops Swank Survey Collection

1992   1.0 folders
170 questionnaires and analysis: designed to determine characteristics of women from recent graduating classes of the Medical College of Pennsylvania.


The Women's Movement in Wartime: International Perspectives, 1914-19

2007   1.0 objects
Book with chapter by donor: Esther Pohl Lovejoy, the First World War, and a Feminist Critique of Wartime Violence.


Miracle in the Hills: The lively personal story of a woman doctor's forty-year crusade in the mountains of North Carolina, with enclosed notes by the donor

1953   1.0 objects
This is an autobiography by Dr. Sloop (WMC 1906), with accompanying notes on the manuscript by the donor, Dr. Parsavand (WMC 1957).


Department of Community and Preventive Medicine Strategic Plan

1995   1.0 folders


MCP Hahnemann University Faculty Roster

1999   1.0 folders
Faculty list including department and employment status.


Proceedings of the Symposium of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine

1994   1.0 folders
Proceedings published in the Journal of Women's Health, Volume 3, Number 5, 1994. This symposium took place at the Medical College of Pennsylvania on May 19, 1994 and was organized by the Office of Medical Education and Linda Nieman, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs at MCP; work by the following invited speakers is included in the Proceedings: Florence Haseltine, Vera Bittner, Ellen Leibenluft, Kathleen Squires, Sandra Levison, Joan Leiman, Linda Nieman.


MCP Dean's and President's Collection

Correspondence, records, meeting minutes, faculty files and departmental information from the Dean's and President's offices of MCP.


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine Course Materials

2005-2007   3.3 ln. ft.


Internal publications

1999-2000   2.0 objects
2000-2001 Student Handbook, 1999-2000 Senior Elective Course Catalog.


Dr. Akhil Vaidya's Cancer Genetics Lecture Materials for First Year Medical Students

1995   1.0 folders


AMWA Membership directory

1991   1.0 folders
1990-1991 AMWA membership directory published 1991


In Touch with Teens

3 VHS tapes
Videos of training from California on teen dating violence prevention.


Florence Haseltine Papers

[1989-2007]   0.42 ln. ft.
Papers, corresp, lectures and talks, digital files related to Florence Haseltine.


Barbara Schindler Papers

Papers, meeting minutes, working files.


USMLE Review Collection

1996   2.0 cassettes
National Board of Medical Examiners review.


Internal Publications

[1993-1996]   1.0 item
Spiral-bound book: Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Faculty Research: A Directory of Faculty Expertise.


Doctors: The Biography of Medicine

1988   1.0 item
Softcover book by Sherwin B. Nuland.


Life Sketches of Medical Women in India

1986   1.0 item
Hardcover book by Usha Saraiya.


Elisabeth Baldwin Ward Trowbridge Collection

1933-2008   1.0 Box
Paperback book; scrapbook w/news clippings.


June Klinghoffer Papers


Gertrude Minthorn

1911   1.0 folder
1911 WMC yearbook and ms about Gertrude Minthorn, who designed much of the art for the yearbook that year. Her sister was a student.


Ann Preston Marker Collection

2008   1.0 folder
From Steve Peitzman: Corresp., speech and clippings related to Ann Preston historical marker, also jpgs.


Marlene Dubin Medical College of Pennsylvania Collection

Photos and clippings related to hospital renovation in the 1980s; material related to June Klinghoffer, M.D.


Second Year Survival Guide

2008   1.0 folder
Advice from upperclassmen (class of 2010) to second year Drexel Med students - 42 page Word file, printout.


Hahenemann Photographs

1.0 Box
Hahnemann Photos, 1890s-1910s, from Lewis Woodward. Woodward graduated from Hahnemann c. 1899-1900.


Hahnemann Diploma

1.0 item


Gentle Genius

2008   1.0 item
DVD of WMC graduate


Queen Lane Building Poster

2008   1.0 item
digital images of proposed building on a CD.


DUCOM Ceremonies Collection (DVD)

2007-2008   4.0 items
DVDs of Commencements and White Coat ceremonies.


The Sounds of Progress

2.0 items
Radio documentaries on women in science on CD.


History of Nursing

2008   2.0 items
Educational documentary on history of nursing using some DUCOM images, from reference request from Ken Lam.


MCP-Hahnemann Research Guidelines

1995   2.0 volumes
printed/plastic bound notes: Introduction: Institution Review Board and Guidelines for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Involving Human Subjects


Journey Through Caring Times

2005   1.0 volume
Book celebrating Hahnemann University Hospital nurses


Hahnemann Class of 1910

1910   1.0 photographs
Photo of Hahnemann Class of 1910


Florence Haseltine Papers



Men Without Guns

1946   1.0 volume


Gladys Scholl & Others

1968   1.0 photographs
Photo of Rachael Wilkinson, Kitty Haas, Peg Scharf, Lilian Wilson; Ms. Strauss, Mary Staph, Gladys Scholl (WMC Development), Bea Miller, Margaret Kelly, Mary Smith, Gladys Pugh.


Woman's Place

1970   1.0 volume
Book from MCP Library, donated back by Martha.


Self-study Database: Liaison Committee on Medical Education

1997   3.0 volumes
Three spiral-bound volumes with the MCP-Hahnemann & Allegheny logos.


Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest

2008   1.0 volume
1 book sent by the author, Waheed Rabbani.


Emma McNair Kittredge Quinn Medal

1.0 item


Marie DiBernardino Papers

1946-1967   1.0 folder
1 booklet, 1 postcard, 1 printed sheet.


Sex & Gender Research Forum DVD

2009   1.0 object
DVD containing video of the Sex & Gender Research Forum.


Men Without Guns

1946   1.0 volumes


St. Christopher's Hospital for Children: 130 Years of Service

2009   1.0 object
CD-ROM containing photos of this history of St. Christopher's hospital.


Lorraine Stengl, M.D. Papers

1914-1997   1.0 Box
2 photos, 1 lucite paperweight, 1 gold ring, 1 small book, 'A Modern Mother's Experience' by Belle Moskowitz.


Florence Haseltine Papers


Frank H. Lawrence Diploma, Hahnemann, 1903

1903   1.0 items
MD diploma for Frank H. Lawrence, Hahnemann class of 1903.


Emma McNair Kittredge Quinn Certificate

1970   1.0 item
Certificate relating to Quinn's work in Taiwan; she was awarded the Order of the Chrysanthemum (according to family).


Memories, Spanning a Lifetime: Dr. Ken Rosner (Hahenmann Class of 1932)

2008   1.0 item
DVD of video about the life of Dr. Rosner, a Hahnemann M.D. who graduated in 1932, commissioned by his daughter, Barbara Burke (the copyright holder); Dr. Rosner died in 2009 at age 102.


Western Medicine in a Chinese Palace

1972   1.0 item


Health Education in Cyberspace

1996   3.0 cassettes
Sixth Annual Symposium on Health Science Education: Health Education in Cyberspace: An Educational Symposium for Health Care Professionals, given September 26, 1996. Produced by Allegheny University of the Health Sciences.


DrexelMed Journal

2006-2009   half docbox
DrexelMed Journal, Hahnemann University Hospital: A Graduate Medical Education House Staff Research Document.


Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine records

1996-2009   14.0 record cartons


LeClair Bissell Papers

c. 1985   1.0 ln. ft.
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Clinical Education publications



Medical School Admissions Requirements



Walter Cohen Papers

Publications, clippings and general MCP-Hahnemann memorabilia (mostly 1990s).


MCP Hospital Telephone Directory

1995   2.0 items


MCP-Hahnemann Internal Publications

1990   5.0 items


Drexel University College of Medicine Alumni Weekend Publications

2010   2.0 items
Two bound volumes - 2010 Awards & Class Directories.


Homeopathic Medical Index

1917(?)   1.0 item


Women Doctors in War

2009   1.0 item
Signed copy of book co-written by Mercedes Graf, a previous researcher.


Florence P. Haseltine papers

1992-2010   2.0 record cartons
Society for Women's Health Research minutes and meeting notes, 2009, 2010. CD of SWHR May 4, 2010 Annual Business Meeting. SWHR materials have note of restriction. DVD: "Conversaiotns with the Chancellor" University of CA, Santa Cruz. 2008 oral history transcript from Yale. Menopause presentation. Slide presentations on women's health and gender differences, 1993-1995; 35mm slides in sleeves. 25" of the Journal of Women's Health and Journal of Women's Health and Gender-Based Medicine, 1991-2002, which Haseltine served as editor in varying roles. 2 books: "Reproductive Isseus for Persons with Physical Disabilities" - Haseltine, Cole and Gray, 1993; "Magnificent Mavericks: History of the Navy at China Lake", California, Vol. III - Elizabeth Babcock, 2008.


Mary Dratman papers

1943-2008 (bulk 1972-2000)   46.0 boxes


American Medical Women's Association records

50.0 boxes


Office of Educational and Academic Affairs, Vice Dean Barbara Schindler records

1990-2009   8.0 record cartons.

2011.1 and 2014.8.

Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia records

1899-2012   17.5 ln. ft.
View collection description >

The Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia was founded in 1868, composed of male doctors interested in diseases and problems peculiar to women. The Society held events featuring case studies, autopsy specimens, and discussion, and continues today in a similar vein, with a mission of educating obstetricians and gynecologists, residents, students and all practitioners devoted women's health. Long known for drawing both academic and non-academic members, the Obstetrical Society sponsors Resident Education Day as well as the Leon Israel Award.
The records of the organization include meeting minutes, financial records, lecture files, and review course records. The collection dates from 1899 to 2012, with the bulk of the material dating from 2000-2007. The collection is unprocessed but has a box-level inventory. Included are meeting and council minutes circa 1938 to circa 2009; by-laws; Office of the President records from 1938 through 1943; financial records, 2001-2008; files on lectures presented by the OB Society, 2000 to 2007, including flyers, sign-in sheets, speakers' questionnaires, evaluation forms, video recordings, and notes on the lectures; Society newsletters, 1987-2003; Resident Education Day (RED) materials; correspondence; mailing lists; and curriculum vitae; book list; information on the Society's OB-GYN review course; dvd recordings on topics including oxytocin safety, O.B.E.R.T., EMR & quality, labor induction, and simulations, all undated; and Society seminars, dating from 2010 to 2012.


William C. Kashatus collection

circa 1895 - 1975   12.0 items
lithograph: Art of Caring
lithograph: C. Hering, framed oversize
photograph: Hahnemann Medical College, framed, oversize
photograph: Rufus Weaver in lab, framed
photographs: photographs of pathology department staff, 1968-1975
pathology course gradebook
student grade log 1958-1969.


Watercolor painting of Samuel Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle, Washington, DC. Artist: Margaret Huddy

1.0 item


Dr. Rowland Ricketts photographs

1924-1946   12.0 items
Bio of Dr. Rowland Ricketts, Sr. from Rowland Ricketts, Jr.'s letter that arrived with the photographs:
He received his BS degree from Hahnemann and his MD and HMD. Several years after graduation, he went to Villanova and received an MA in Liberal Arts. An outstanding organist and pianist, he truly was a Renaissance Man. He worked for a while in practice with Harry Eberhard, MD, and taught at Hahnemann up through 1948. He joined the Veterans Administration, from which he retired, having worked in Togus Maine, Norton Virginia, Wilmington Delaware closing out his full time medical career in Philadelphia, as the Chief Medical Officer. Interestingly, his office was at Broad and Cherry in Philadelphia - a very short walk from Hahnemann. He was very active with his music, and even at 95, he stayed current in anatomy, neuro-anatomy and gastroenterology, reading extensively in these fields. Inventory:
-Proof for picture in 1928 Medic [yearbook] HMC
-Dr. Ricketts, Dr Lane, [and 2-4 nurses] Women's Homeopathic Hospital 1929
-Dr. Rickett's at Dissecting Group Hahnemann Med College [1930s-40s?]
-Hahnemann College postacard
-Dr. Ricketts attending class reunion. Date ? [1940s-50s?], Dr. Athey ["lauer Rt. Hd. Carmen."]
-Rowland Sr. Demonstrating anatomy at Hahnemann [1940s-50s?]
-Jack Oakel (student) talking in dissecting room to Dr. Ricketts, circa 1930-'48
-Centennial Banquet in honor of Rufus B. Weaver, M.D. at which daddy was the speaker of the evening
-Dr. Ricketts addressing convocation in honor of Sam'l Hahnemanns birthday. Auditorium of Hahnemann Med College, April 10th, ?
-Dance Band Hahnemann Med Coll. Daddy was faculty advisor. [early-mid 1940s]
-Rowland Sr. with classmates T. Fenton & K Athey. Premedical School, 1924, Physics Lab.
-Mortimer Kopp, [OJ] Walker, FW [Larson], Clarence D [Kosai], EB [Swerdfegia], Joseph [J Kerulin], Chevalier L Jackson, Gabriel [Tucker], Chevalier Jackson. [Posed group photo; in pediatric/surgery theater?]"


Drexel University College of Medicine, Mini-Medical School course notes

2005   0.1 ln. ft.


Medical College of Pennsylvania teaching tapes (VHS)

tbd   1.0 record cartons
3 VHS tapes; approx 20 more tapes will be coming to be included in this accession.


"Drexel Med, Murphy's of East Falls" t-shirt

c. 2005   1.0 item
White t-shirt, medium, Gildan brand, dark blue print, says "Drexel" in Collegiate-style font, "Med" below, has image of Andy Capp-type character walking through saloon-type doors, then underneath says "Murphy's of East Falls".


American Medical Women's Association, Dr. Diane Helentjaris, M.D. papers

1992-2002 (bulk 1992-1996)   1.25 ln. ft.
These may be the records held by Diane Helentjaris while she was Secretary of AMWA and AMWA Branch I President. Contains minutes, programs, and notes from meetings of officers and subcommittees. Dr. Helentjaris was also the AMWA President in 2004-2005.


Edith Flower Wheeler photograph

c.1883   1.0 photographs
Single photograph of Dr. Edith Wheeler as a young teenager. Mounted 4.25"x6.25.


John and Cora Lenox letters

1930-1945   1 half doc box
Two spiral-bound volumes of transcribed letters from Drs. John and Cora Lenox who were medical missionaries in China. Daughter Jacqui Lenox edited and "self-published" the two volumes titled "Adventure and Commitment: 15 Years in West China."


Commencement planning records, Medical College of Pennsylvania

1980-1990   2.5ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >
Commencement planning materials including correspondence, logistical details, program planning.


Hospital records, Medical College of Pennsylvania

1977-1984   8.75ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >


Mary Dratman papers

1969-1999 (bulk 1973-1988)   9 record cartons
Bulk of collection is research and raw data 1973-1975, research papers 1969-1992, non-Dratman articles, Dratman research papers 1969-1992, correspondence regarding research, correspondence related to WMCP. Collection includes 3/5" floppy disks.


Lynn Hardy Yeakel papers

1992-2008   5.0 inches
Materials related to an array of Lynn's work including Womens Way, Health and Human Services, her US Senate campaign, Vision 2020 at Drexel and her book, "A Will and A Way." Notes, meeting and conference material, manuscripts, correspondence, a few photographs. A Womens Way tote bag was removed.


Drexel College of Medicine Medical Student Oral Histories

2012   999.0 digital files
Oral histories of current (2012) Drexel Med School students, interviewed by 10th Grade students participating in Mastery Charter School (Shoemaker campus) internship program.


"Our Mission" and safety information reference card, Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital

c. 1985   1.0 item
Laminated handy reference card, 3.25 (h) x 2.5 (w) inches.


Bruce Hunter Sisler papers

Sisler was a 1926 graduate of Hahnemann. 6 boxes (including 1 oversize) arrived by mail February 23 & 24, 2012. Sisler appears to have worked at least in Pittsburgh, Miami, Washington DC, Tennessee, Ohio(?), and Texas. His dates are 11Jun1901 to 2Sep1979.


David Abner Strickler diary

1878   1.0 volume
David Strickler graduated from Hahnemann Medical College in 1881. Diary featuring brief descriptions of Strickler's daily activities (and remarks on weather) for every day in 1878. Also included brief financial ledger, several addresses, and several other stray notes.


"Visit/Case Card" for Obstetrical Department of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

c. 1915   1.0 item

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