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1.5 ln. ft.
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The West Philadelphia Hospital for Women, founded in 1889 by Elizabeth Comly-Howell, M.D., was established in order to provide a place in West Philadelphia where women could be treated by women. In 1929, the hospital merged with the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia. At the time of the merger, it was arranged that all maternity cases would be sent to the West Philadelphia Hospital, and surgical cases would be kept at the Woman's Hospital. 

Records include a printed history of the Hospital, ca. 1899; charter and by-laws, 1912; annual reports, [1890-1927]; minutes, [1889-(1917-1932)], of the Board of Managers; minutes, 1908-1914, of the Executive Committee; rules, 1901, for the Superintendent and Directress of Nurses; letter, 1916, concerning the election of new members of the Broomall Club; and resolutions to merge with Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, n.d.

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11 ln. ft.
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Founded in 1861 by Ann Preston, M.D., first woman Dean of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, the Hospital provided clinical experience for the College students and practical training for nurses, and had its own administration and Board of Lady Managers. In 1904, the College established its own, separate hospital for the training of women medical students. In 1929, the West Philadelphia Hospital for Women merged with the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, retaining the latter's name. 

Records include: minutes, 1861-1960, of regular and special meetings of the Board of Managers, and minutes of annual meetings, 1931-1963, of the Board; minutes of the Executive Committee, 1898-1950, and of its financial committee, 1935-1950. Minutes, 1929, of the Building Committee; reports, 1885-1929, of the House Committee. Register of deaths, 1872-1890. Training School for Nurses records include extracts from minutes of the Hospital's Board of Managers, 1863-1881; state requirements, 1927; Class Day programs, 1923-1924; School bulletins, 1957-1960. Annual reports of the Surgical Clinics, 1891-1897. Financial records include reports and summaries, 1894-1963; account book, 1932-1939; budget, 1962-1963; contributions and endowments, 1892-1964; and bequests.



2 ln. ft. 
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Texts of addresses given by College Presidents, Deans, and faculty to the students on such occasions as commencements and opening sessions. In the 19th century and early 20th century most of the addresses were printed. Included in these printed editions are copies of the class letter to the lecturer requesting publication of the lecture - a request and acceptance which became a tradition for the first fifty or so years of the College. As the 20th century progressed, copies of the speeches kept were merely typed versions (often drafts).

Some of the addresses are available only in published form, as journal articles. By the 1950s, copies of the comments made upon presentation of honorary degrees are included with Dr. Marion Fay's opening remarks at commencement ceremonies. Especially significant in this collection are the Introductory lectures and Commencement addresses from approximately 1850 - 1880, during which time lectures were given by Ann Preston, Hannah Longshore, Rachel Bodley, as well as male physicians who were instrumental in organizing the College.

A list of speakers and years of addresses is available.


VASCHAK, Mathilda R., M.D., Manuscript, 1977

1 ms. and notes (18 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Pioneer Medical Women of the Americas" by Vaschak. Presented at the XV Congress of Pan American Medical Women's Alliance in San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 1977. Also includes notes about women physicians of Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.


HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., Manuscript, 1977

Manuscript, 1936
Typed manuscript entitled "Did Women Write Medical Books Before 1850, and What, and Who, and When" by Hurd-Mead, noted medical historian. Presented at the Medical Women Authors Dinner of the Medical Women's National Association, Kansas City, Missouri, 14 May 1936. 1 ms. (3 pp.)


CORNER, George, Ph.D., Manuscript, 1936

1 ms. (6 pp.)
Manuscript, 1977 Photocopy of typed manuscript about Louise Pearce, M.D., past president of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, written by Corner, past president of the American Philosophical Society.


SENDERS, Virginia L., Manuscript, 1964

1 ms. (14 pp.)
Mimeographed copy of typed manuscript entitled "Educating Tomorrow's Women" by Senders, dealing with education in general, not specifically with medical education. Presented at symposium on Changing Patterns in Education Beyond High School, Boulder, Colorado, 8 August 1964.


PORTER, Judi, Manuscript, 1958

1 ms. (24 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Development of the Status of Women in American Medicine" by Porter. Apparently written in fulfillment of a requirement for a college course.


WOLFE, Eva, Manuscript, 1950

1 ms. (24 pp.)
Carbon copy of typed manuscript, autographed by Wolfe, entitled "Elizabeth Blackwell and Some of Her Followers in Canada" by Wolfe. Written for English 101-X at Sir George Williams College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 1950.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., Manuscript, 1929

3 ms. (1 original, 11 pp., and 2 typescripts)
Handwritten manuscript by Macfarlane. Gives an account of Dr. Mary Pauline Root's admission to Blockley Hospital (later named Philadelphia General Hospital) as an intern as told to Macfarlane by Root when they were driving along Maine roads on 23 August 1929. Also includes two typescripts of account.


FENICHEL, Carol Hansen, Ph.D., Manuscript, 1977

1 ms. (50 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Disquisitions on Neurology, Psychiatry, and Related Topics: An Analysis of the Theses from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1851-1888" by Fenichel. Written for a History of American Medicine course at the University of Pennsylvania.


KILSON, Marion, Manuscript, 1976

1 ms. (30 pp.)
Manuscript, 1976 Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Women Physicians in Modern American Medicine" by Kilson. Prepared for the Macy Conference on Women in Medicine, 1976.


PAGE, Lillian, R.N., Manuscript, ca. 1952-1953

1 ms. (7 pp.)
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Typed manuscript entitled "History of Nursing at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania" by Page.


GRISCOM, Mary Wade, M.D., Manuscript, 1934

1 ms. (152 pp.)
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Typed manuscript entitled "History of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia" by Griscom. Written upon the request of the Hospital's Board of Managers, and published in 1934 as a two-part article in the Medical Woman's Journal.


MARSHALL, Clara, M.D., Manuscripts, ca. 1892; 1920; n.d.

3 ms. (53 pp); 3 typescripts (21 pp).
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Handwritten manuscripts: ca. 1892, discussing the early history of WMC, focusing on the influence of Esther Fussell Lewis, sister of Bartholomew Fussell, M.D.; ca. 1920, entitled "History of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania," containing in part the draft for the typed "History" (of which there are three copies). Notation attached to this manuscript states "not finished at her death--1931."; (n.d.), by Marshall, quotes excerpts from the memorial comments of Eliza E. Judson, M.D., on Ann Preston, M.D., 1873.


HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., Manuscript, ca. 1939, 1940

2 mss. and correspondence.
Hurd-Mead and Mary Beard provided information for the Gallant American Women radio series for a broadcast on Women in Medicine. Includes Series III schedule of topics and dates, typed manuscript of "Women in Law," by Jane Ashman, and entire script for "Women in Medicine" broadcast.

Note: Additional Gallant American Women scripts (by different women, on different physicians) are available in the reprint file.


JAMESON, Florence, Manuscript, n.d.

1 ms., partial (22 pp.)
Typed partial manuscript (pp.11-32), entitled "The Shoeman's Daughter" by Jameson. A story in blank verse based on facts as told to Jameson by the late Dr. R. Wistein, the shoeman's daughter.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection.


WISTEIN, Rosina Rehor, M.D., Manuscript, n.d.

1 ms. (212 pp.)
Typed manuscript, with handwritten changes and notes, of Wistein's autobiography. Includes brief letter from Bertha Van Hoosen.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection


TRUAX, Rhoda, PAPERS, [1951 - 1953]

2.5 ln. ft.
Typed, edited manuscript of Truax's book, The Doctor's Jacobi, concerning Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi. Correspondence, [1951-1953], about the book from Marjorie McAneny and other members of the Jacobi family, and other friends and reviewers.


MILLICAN, Edith, M.D., Letters, [1943 - 1948]

16 letters
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Sixteen typed letters from Millican describing her activities during her medical missionary service in China.


ALSOP, Gulielma Fell, M.D., PAPERS, [1945 - 1951]

1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, [1945-1950], with Richard Shryock, William G. Leaman, and others about the history of women in medicine; correspondence, 1949-1950, with Ida J. Draeger, Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., and Ellen C. Potter, M.D. about Alsop's work on The History of the Woman's Medical College: 1850-1950; and correspondence, 1950-1951, of Alsop, Draeger, and the J.B. Lippincott Co. concerning the publication of the History, with handwritten notes and corrections, and source references; carbon copy of first draft of history; and page proofs for book. Chronological outlines of WMC history, and outlines for preparation of the history. Reviews and order forms for book.



3 ms. (13 pps.)
Two typed manuscripts: "The Romance of Germs and the Conquest of Bacteria" and "The Relation of Birth Control to Insanity." Also two pages of a third typed manuscript concerning a case of adenocarcinoma.


STONE, Hannah M., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1936

1 ms. (3 pp.)
Typed autographed manuscript entitled "Birth Control and the Woman Physician" by Stone, Medical Director of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, New York, New York.


POYNTER, Lida, PAPERS, [ca. 1850 - 1946]

30 ln. ft.
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Typed (unpublished) manuscript on the life of Mary Edwards Walker, M.D., by Poynter. Contains correspondence collected by Poynter by and about Walker, and approximately 12, 000 sheets of notes and newsclippings.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection.
Additional materials: photographs.


DEWEY, Barbara, MANUSCRIPT, 1949

1 ms. (4 pp.)
Typed manuscript of excerpts from a paper on Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner, M.D., by Dewey, University of Michigan.



3 in.
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Papers of the Longshore family, active in medicine in Pennsylvania. Autobiographical and biographical sketches of Hannah E. Myers Longshore, M.D., member of the first graduating class of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania and first woman to establish a medical practice in Philadelphia; fragment of a letter; speech describing some of her early experiences as a physician; miscellaneous clippings and announcements. Biography of Joseph Skelton Longshore, M.D., brother-in-law of H.E.M. Longshore, describing his activities in the founding of the Female Medical College and the Penn Medical University; letter, 1834, to his brother Thomas Ellwood Longshore; obituary. Autobiography of T.E. Longshore, husband of H.E. M. Longshore, which focuses on the life of his wife; small amount of correspondence, 1850, 1893; history of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, by T.E. Longshore, with accompanying notes and letters.



1.25 ln. ft.
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History of the School, which was founded in Chicago in 1870 as the Woman's Hospital Medical College. Minutes, 1870, of the Board of Trustees, containing By-Laws which state that the School's trustees worked "in connection with" the Hospital trustees. Minutebooks, 1871-1902, of the general faculty, and of its executive committee meetings, with miscellaneous inserts, including reports from the Board of Trustees, committees, etc. In 1877, the School incorporated under the name of Woman's Medical College of Chicago, and in 1892, the School merged with Northwestern University to become Northwestern University Woman's Medical School. List of School alumnae, occasionally noting year of retirement, to 1913. Complete survey forms, 1914, of the alumnae, including name and address, date of graduation, hospital appointments, specialty, publications, etc. Biographical sketches of students and alumnae. Revised Constitution and By-Laws of the Alumnae Association; minute book, [(1881-1902)-1921]. Correspondence, 1890, of Eliza H. Root, concerning fundraising for a memorial bust of William H. Byford. Notes and a list of subscriptions for a Wadsworth memorial. Contract, 1896, and notes and manuscript for the Alumnae History. By-Laws, (n.d.), and letters, 1907, recording the dissolution of the Woman's Clinical Dispensary of Northwestern University. Correspondence, [1894-1911], concerning the School's library, named the Charles Warrington Earle Memorial Library; list of holdings, Biblioteca Femina, 1947, of Northwestern University Library. Published annual announcements of the School, 1873-1890; and information circulars, 1896-1901. Additional materials: photographs, engravings


GOWING, Jean, M.D., PAPERS, [1914 - (1950 - 1976)]

5 ln. ft.
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Record, 1925, of Gowing's work as a student at WMC, and letters of recommendation, 1925, for applying for internships. Miscellaneous correspondence, [1936-1976], with her classmates from WMC's Class of 1926. Scattered minutes, reports, and correspondence reflecting Gowing's activities with the Alumnae Association, [1950-1974], including concern about differential treatment for female faculty members, 1966; the admission of male medical students to the College, [1968-1969]; and the selection of a new College president, 1971. Correspondence and related materials, [1962-1969], reflecting Gowing's activities as alumnae representative to WMC's Committee on Admission Policies which discussed the admission of male medical students. Minutes, reports, correspondence, and notes from Gowing's work as a staff pediatrician, and from her activities on a variety of WMC hospital committees. Correspondence, notes, lecture outlines, examination questions, [1948-1970], from Gowing's teaching of pediatrics at WMC. Miscellaneous materials concerning Gowing's appointment as Acting Medical Director of WMC, 1952. Scattered patient records, [1914-1928], from the Gaston/Gowing office. Minutes, notes, correspondence, program announcements, and other materials, [1950-1973], relating to AMWA. Correspondence, notes programs, [1937-1974], of the Medical Women's International Association including a copy of a paper and related materials for Gowing's lecture presentation on trisomy at the 1962 meeting.


Oral History Collection on Women in Medicine, NON-TEXTUAL, 1977-1979

159 audio cassettes, 12 ln. ft.
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Audio tapes, transcripts, collateral material and office files related to interview project with 43 physicians and medical students. Transcripts are indexed individually and collectively.

For list of subjects interviewed, see Oral History page.



1 ms. (27 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript (second draft) of the Medical College of Pennsylvania history for the Philadelphia County Medical Society Bicentennial issue. The author, Insinger, states that the account is an updated version of Pioneer--Pacesetter--Innovator: The Story of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Newcomen Society, 1971.


ALSOP, Gulielma Fell, M.D., MANUSCRIPT, ca. 1950

1 ms. (9 pp.), 2 letters
Typed manuscript entitled "Clara Marshall, Dean" by Alsop. Also two letters (from Anne Vauclain and Alice L. Miller), containing information on Marshall.


SHRYOCK, Richard Harrison, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1950

1 ms. (22 pp.)
Carbon copy of typed manuscript entitled "Women in American Medicine" by Shryock. Presented at the centenary of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 14 April 1950. Later published in Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, 5:9 (September 1950), pp. 371-379.


MADISON, Miriam Clarke, PAPERS, [1950 - 1960]

15 letters
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Correspondence, mostly concerning social matters, to Madison from Eleanor Taylor Calverley, M.D., first woman physician to practice in Kuwait. One letter from Egypt discusses nutritional matters.


FAY, Marion Spencer, Ph.D., PAPERS

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Reprints, photographs, academic gown; correspondence regarding Catherine Macfarlane's use of radium; correspondence regarding Gulielma Fell Alsop and other WMC alumnae.



32 ln. ft.
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Printed Constitution and By-Laws, [1937-1947], of this women's medical society, founded in 1917 as the Medical Women's National Association. Miscellaneous correspondence, [1946-1948], concerning the establishment of a Medical Women's Library at WMC. The bulk of the collection is comprised of materials which were to form a part of this Library, including: bibliographies, [1932-1956], of women in medicine; biographical information about medical women; published material on women's and co-educational medical schools, medical women's organizations (including AWH and MWIA), non-medical women's organizations, hospitals organized by women, medical women missionaries, papers by women physicians, women in the armed forces, and women's political issues; and catalog cards to the book collection. Miscellaneous materials include scattered reports, minutes, and correspondence, [1917-1978], of AMWA Branches in Maryland, Michigan, and Philadelphia. Correspondence and notes, [1944-1950], mostly of Bertha Eugenia Loveland Selmon, M.D., regarding the Medical Woman's Journal, published by AMWA. Scrapbooks reflecting AMWA activities.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: photographs, books.


GUBISH, Nancy Jane, M.D., PAPERS, [1935 - 1973]

2.5 in.
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Miscellaneous biographical material about Gubish, including her elementary school autobiography; small amount of official medical correspondence; song, with lyrics and music by Gubish.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: diplomas, certificates, awards, photographs, reprints.


NOBLE, Mary Riggs, M.D., PAPERS, [1910 - 1955]

17 items
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Letters, 1910, to Noble from WMC graduates working as missionaries and practicing in India; school diplomas, awards, and certificates honoring Noble's work in public health; and clippings about her missionary work in India.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: photographs, reprints


POTTER, Ellen Culver (WMC 1903), PAPERS, [1903-1953]

4 in., 14 photographs
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Dr. Potter practiced obstetrics and gynecology and was Director of the Hospital of WMC from 1918-1920. The papers include correspondence between Potter and Gladys Daskam (1949-1954), manuscripts by Potter and others; reprints; speeches and presentations; and photographs.


SHEPPARD, Walter Lee, PAPERS [1919-1941]

4 ln. ft.
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Minutes, reports, correspondence, and other materials, [1919-1941], reflecting Sheppard's general activities on the Board of Corporators, and its Executive Committee; the Woman's Medical College and Hospital, including reorganization of the Hospital Board; a new site for the College; establishing a branch medical school in Shanghai, China; the appointment of Maude E. Abbott to the Pathology Department; the removal of Alice Weld Tallant from the Chair of Obstetrics; fundraising; appropriations of state aid for the College; joining the Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia; association with the Welfare Federation of Philadelphia; and miscellaneous invitations to College and Board functions. Also contains records of Sheppard's work on the Education Committee, 1921; and from the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure, 1929-1938, including correspondence with Helene Lippay Wastl and with Arthur M. Kennedy. General correspondence, legal briefs, and related materials from Sheppard's files as Counsel for WMC, [1922-1941], including revision of the College By-Laws; the establishment of a Catholic scholarship in the memory of Julia Phiania Harton, M.D.; and a pledge by Agnes P.R. Groome. Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1931, mostly dealing with financial matters during Sheppard's term as Acting President of WMC; and scattered correspondence and reports, [1932-1941], reflecting his activities as Vice-President for WMC.


HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., PAPERS, [1888 - 1949]

2.5 ln. ft.
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Autobiographical sketch of Hurd-Mead, physician and medical historian. Correspondence, both personal and concerning her History of Women in Medicine, (Vol. 1, The Haddam Press: Haddam, CT, 1938) from, among others, Mary Ritter Beard, Howard A. Kelly, M.D., and Sir William Osler, M.D. Special correspondence series includes a group of letters with autobiographical sketches of Hurd-Mead's Newburyport, Massachusetts high school class of 1883 graduates. The other special correspondence series contains letters, [1929-1940], reflecting Hurd-Mead's activities in the Haddam, Connecticut Garden Club. Manuscript of her History of Medical Women in England, unpublished volume III of a proposed three-volume work, and scattered correspondence concerning this history. Financial account book, 1894-1926, for her medical practice. Book review of her published work. Certificates and memberships, and brochures reflecting her Garden Club activities. Reprints concerning medical topics and gardening.


MCLEER, Susan V., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms. (10 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Update--Women in Medicine at MCP" by McLeer, MCP Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Director for the Division for Women in Medicine. Presented at the alumnae/i homecoming at the Medical College, 15 April 1978.

Additional materials: books



1 ms. (6 pp.)
Photocopy of typed notes for paper entitled "Early Women's Medical Societies in Pennsylvania" by Peitzman.



Copper plaque, ca. 1912; photograph.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1902 - 1971]

2 ln. ft.
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Biography of Macfarlane, Philadelphia physician and Professor of Gynecology at WMC, written in 1970 by Sister M. Juan La Barr. Correspondence, [1902-(1945-1968)], concerning Macfarlane's professional activities, especially her staff, committee, and professional appointments at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The bulk of the correspondence deals with the American Medical Women's Association Library and Memorial Building Fund, and contains materials from Mabel E. Gardner, M.D.; George A. Hay; Dehlia A. Lynch, M.D.; Rose V. Menendian, M.D.; Nellie S. Noble, M.D.; and Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D. Manuscripts of papers, speeches and presentations by Macfarlane dealing with activities and people of WMC, and medical and gynecological topics. Copy of television film and script for 1956 "This is Your Life" guest appearance. Certificates, brochures, and programs, many reflecting Macfarlane's work in cancer prevention and detection. Scrapbooks containing miscellaneous materials about WMC, women physicians.


SELMON, Bertha Eugenia Loveland, M.D., PAPERS, [1932 - (1940-1948)]

6 in.
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Correspondence concerning the "History of Women in Medicine" section (edited by Selmon) of the Medical Woman's Journal. Manuscripts and notes by Selmon and others on the history of women in medicine.

Additional materials: photographs, artifacts, reprints, clippings



2.5 ln. ft.
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Correspondence regarding statistics on and names of African-American alumnae of WMCP; lists of black alumnae 1947-1974; reprints of articles on black women physicians. Draft article on African-American women prepared in 1977/1978 by archives' staff members Margaret Jerrido and Sandra Chaff.

see also: Abstract 179


TREGO, Emma Fell, OBJECTS, ca. 1902

wooden box
Dissecting kit: 7 items in wooden case. Emma Fell Trego was a Swarthmore student in 1902 (there is no documentation of her graduating). This dissescting kit was likely used in her zoology class at Swarthmore, and is similar to the dissecting kits used by medical students at that time.


"OUR HOSPITALS", journal

"Our Hospitals" 1940, Women and Children's Hospital of Chicago.


MORANTZ, Regina Markell, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms. (21 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Women Physicians, Coeducation and the Struggle for Professional Standards in Nineteenth Century Medical Education" by Morantz. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August 1978.

NOTE: located in stacks with other journals.


FREEZE, Karen Johnson, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms. (23 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Czech Women and the Politics of Educational Reform in Austria: Women and the Medical Profession, 1890-1900" by Freeze. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August 1978.


JOHANSON, Christine, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms. (37 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Bureaucratic Politics, Public Opinion, and Women's Medical Education During the Reign of Alexander II: 1855-1881" by Johanson. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August, 1978.


TAYLOR, Jane Bliss, MANUSCRIPT, 1949

Handwritten manuscript of Taylor's recollections of Mary Edwards Walker, M.D. Carbon copy of typed transcript of the manuscript.


KAUFMAN, Polly Welts, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms., partial (46 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript of Kaufman's doctoral dissertation on Boston Women and City School Politics, 1872-1905; Nurturers and Protectors in Public Education, including introduction, Chapter IX (dealing with the work of Elizabeth Keller, M.D.), and the footnotes for this chapter.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection


TUVE, Jeanette, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978

1 ms. (14 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript by Tuve. This segment, chapter 3, deals with Adelaide Kukanine, M.D., and represents a larger work on the first Russian women physicians from ca. 1865-1925.


MCP Office of Institutional Relations, OBJECTS, 1966

Brass trowel used in the laying of the date-stone for the New Clincial Teaching and Services Wing of the Hospital (September 9, 1966).


MUDD, Emily, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPTs, 1971, 1978

2 ms. (6 pp.)
Two separate introductions of Helen O. Dickens, M.D., by Mudd: at the presentation of the 1970 Philadelphia Gimbel Award on 2 January 1971; and at the Drew Award Dinner, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 10 December 1978.


HOOVER, Anna Ryder, OBJECTS, 19th C.

Two brass pessaries originally belonging to Anna (Nancy) Ryder Hoover, donated by Mary Lehman Windus, M.D. (WMC 1928).



1 ms. (8 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Early Women Doctors in New Zealand" by Hughes. Presented in Australia.



1 ms. (5 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript about Rosetta Sherwood Hall, M.D. Prepared by Phillips for inclusion in Notable American Women, 2nd ed.



1 ms. (35 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Quiet Life of a Philadelphia Woman: Mary Willits (1855-1902)" by Peitzman. Presented at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 21 March 1979.

Additional materials: reprint


DRACHMAN, Virginia G., Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1979

1 ms. (17 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "A Unique Medical Community in Late Nineteenth-Century America: The New England Hospital for Women and Children" by Drachman. Presented at a meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, May 1979.


Address to the

graduates of Temple University's School of Medicine, 1979


BOWEN, Amy Metcalf, OBJECTS, 1912

WMC bronze class pin inscribed W.M.C. 1912. Records indicate the pin was given indirectly to the Archives by Amy Metcalf Bowen, WMC 1912.



1 ms. (26 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "A Background on Abraham Flexner's Attack on Women" by Broussard. Written in fulfillment of a Harvard University course requirement.



2 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, lists of medical missionary personnel, and printed materials, [1915-1972], of MCP missionary alumnae; and of general medical missionary organizations, particularly the Medical Mission Sisters; mission hospitals; schools; and non-medical missionary groups around the world, but particularly in Ceylon, China, and India.

Additional materials: scrapbook, photographs, publications, reprints. Inventory available.


WMC/MCP Events: Buildings, RECORDS, [1929 - 1986]

1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, speeches, invitations, and programs related to opening ceremonies for new buildings and additions to the College and Hospital.


WMC/MCP Events, RECORDS, [1900-1989], 1991-1995

1 ln. ft.
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Scattered correspondence, speeches, copies of invitations and programs relating to commencement. Typed comments made upon presentation of honorary degrees. Correspondence, speeches, printed invitations and programs relating to Founders Day and Homecoming, WMC's Centennial Celebration, fetes, women's history week, Kate Hurd-Mead lectures, The Gimbel Award and other annual and unique events.



1.5 ln. ft.
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Student records including: matriculation books, [1904-1967]; class lists for faculty lectures, [1886-1896]; examinationrecords, [1888-1901]; and scattered certificates and recommendations foradmission to the College, 1877, 1909. Student Association records including: Constitution and revisions, [1895-1976]; minutes, [(1895-1916)-(1943-1961)]; roll book, 1913-1927; correspondence, [1920-1947], including material concerning the establishment of an honor system and the removal from the faculty of Alice Weld Tallant, M.D. 1923; financial records, [1919-1925]. Student theses. Alumnae/i Association records including: Constitution and by laws, containing historical notes and listing past presidents of the Association, [1907-1960]. Annual meeting reports, presentations, and programs, [1894-1981]; minutes, [(1886-1894)-(1941-1949)]; registers, 1951-1970. Correspondence and other material relating to the removal of Alice Weld Tallant, M.D., 1923.



27 ln. ft.
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Reports, correspondence, notes, announcements, and biographical and other information relating to activities of the alumnae/i of the medical school, [1953-1975], and of the nursing school, [1975-1978]. Folders of biographical and related information on individual medical school alumnae, [1851-Present]. Alumnae/i Association Treasurer's reports, [1926-1951]. Executive Committee Minutes, [(1906-1918)-1951]. Newspaper clippings from Public Relations department. Financial records of Alumnae Relations and of the Alumnae Association, [1958-1977].

Additional materials: photographs, needlework, academic gowns.


School of Nursing: Records, [1913-1980], RECORDS, [1932-1971]

3 ln. ft.
Records, including histories, [1932-1971], of the School; annual reports, [1913-1949], to the State Board of Examiners for the Registration of Nurses; course outline, 1975; student course record, [1904-1922]; miscellaneous evaluations of students, [1922-1932]; commencement programs and invitations, [1950-1980].


WMC/MCP ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS: Development and Public Affairs, RECORDS, [1963 - 1981]

Correspondence, minutes, and news releases on the following MCP groups, events, and programs, [1963-1981]: National Board, Commonwealth Board, Auxiliary, Board of Advisers, Board of Corporators, Sup-port Groups, Executive Board, Altrusa Club, Commencement, Hospital Day, Founders Day, Gimbel Award, leadership training, patient visitation, Summer Policy program. Biographical and other information collected by the Development Department on various individuals associated with MCP. Records, including histories, [1932-1971], of the School; annual reports, [1913-1949], to the State Board of Examiners for the Registration of Nurses; course outline, 1975; student course record, [1904-1922]; miscellaneous evaluations of students, [1922-1932]; commencement programs and invitations, [1950-1980].


WMC/MCP Publications, RECORDS, 1850 - present ca.

30 ln. ft.
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Published materials include annual announcements and College bulletins, 1850-Present; presidential notes and reports, [1964-Present]; student yearbooks and newsletters, 1910-1914, 1956-Present; special hospital publications, [1896-1973]; nursing school publications, [1921-1976]; news releases, [1950-Present]; newspaper clippings, [1850-Present], on the College, faculty and students; reprints of articles by MCP faculty and alumnae/i, [1916-1950]; pamphlet and monograph materials and memorials, [1868-1961], on women physicians and individuals affiliated with MCP; miscellaneous MCP publications.


Hospitals and Clinics related to WMC/MCP, RECORDS, 1854-1960

3.5 ln. ft, 9.0 volumes
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Maternity and Operating Case Books
College Out-Practice Maternity Case Books: Out-practice book, January 1924 - June 1933, listing delivery information for parents and child.
Maternity Case Books: Admissions book, 1910-1924; case books, 1923-1960; delivery and operations brief book, 1910-1926.
Operating Room Book: 1937-1943 Log book, June 1937 - December 1943, listing patient name, operation, surgeon, assistant, and anesthetist.

Nursing Alumnae/i Association:
Scrapbook, 1966.
Broomall's Out-Practice and Maternity Hospital
Clinic case books, 1890-1900, 1903.
Clinic of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania
Case books containing history and treatment for patients of Edwin Fussell, M.D., 1856-1858, Elwood Harvey, M.D., 1856, and Kersey G. Thomas, M.D., 1854-1855.
Hospital and Dispensary of the Alumnae of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (AKA the South-Eastern Dispensary for Women and Children and renamed the Amy S. Barton Dispensary between 1904 and 1906):
Managing Board minutes, 1895-1917; letterbooks, 1905-1917, of the Corresponding Secretary of the Board; clinic case books, 1895-1900, includes some student lecture notes [1894-95]; printed annual reports, 1896-1904.
Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania:
General staff minutes, 1917-1932.


ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS: Public relations, RECORDS, 1949 - [1960s - 1976]

1.5 ln. ft.
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Materials related to MCP Public Relations Department, (department name was changed to the Communications Department in 1989). Materials of former administrative staff, faculty, guest speakers and honarary degree recipients. Biographical data, correspondence, inhouse news releases and publications, newsclippings, photographs, publications, programs and speeches.

For more recent materials from the Communicaitons Department, please consult the archivist.


Surgical Pathology, RECORDS, [1922-1962]

27 ln. ft.
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Collection contains pathology logbooks, the majority containing information gathered in a research project conducted by I. Nathan Dubin, M.D.

Surgical Pathology Specimen case books, [1922-1929], listing patient name, result of study, and including some autopsy reports; surgical pathology diagnosis casebooks, 1953-1957.

Uterine Cancer Cytology Research Project Records, [1957-1962], including industrial casebook, 1958-1962, listing names of participants and their attending pathologist in this six-year project to screen for cervical cancer women working in industry in four counties in the Philadelphia area; industrial casebook reports, 1957-1962, with study reports on each participant; and industrial positive log book, 1957-1960, with names of participants with suspect Pap smears who were referred to their family physicians (project directed by I. Nathan Dubin, M.D.).

Museum Technique Instruction Book of Iseult V. Finlay.


MILLER, Iva M. Townsend, M.D., PAPERS, [1869 -1936]

2.5 in.
Correspondence, 1934-1936, with medical missionaries providing biographical information on women missionaries to Miller, who was requested by AMWA to gather information for a history of Medical Women of the World; notebooks and lists of medical women missionaries, [1896-1935], including biographical information compiled by Miller.

Additional materials: reprint, newsclippings.
Note: Part of AMWA Collection.


AIKEN, Margaret, R.N., NON-TEXTUAL, 1979

4 cassettes, .5 ln. ft.
Oral history interview with Margaret Aiken, R.N., Director of Nursing Education. Interview focuses on Aiken's nursing career spanning some 43 years and reviews her long association with MCP. Collection includes tapes, transcripts and collateral material.



6 in.
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Printed catalogues and annual announcements, [1852-1941], from women's medical schools worldwide. Also contains reports, (1901, 1920), from the Countess of Dufferin's Fund, a British organization which provided "female medical aid" to women of India.


WMC/MCP DEAN'S OFFICE, RECORDS, 1852-1890; 1904-1971

3 ln. ft.
Financial record and matriculation record, 1850-1852; matriculation book, 1852-1890; matriculation book, 1904-1967; ledger detailing faculty fees; registration books, 1904-1971; minutes and smll amount of correspondence of the Student-Faculty Relations Committee, 1944-1961.


WMC/MCP DEAN'S OFFICE, RECORDS, 1850-1864; 1874-1963; 1954-1967; 1944-1961

4 ln. ft.
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Minute books, 1850-1864, 1874-1963, of faculty meetings, including rough drafts, correspondence, and related materials; attendance book for faculty meetings, 1954-1967. Minute book, 1944-1961, with correspondence relating to activities of Faculty-Student Relations Committee.

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