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Collection descriptions 200-299

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BEREGOFF-GILLOW, Paula, M.D., PAPERS, [1923 - 1977]

Small amount of correspondence, 1920s; photograph of medical diploma, 1925.

Additional materials: reprints, newsclippings.



1 cap, 1 gown
Dr. Jeffress's (WMC 1949) academic regalia.


POTTER, Merle Mosier, M.D., PAPERS, [1909 - 1984]

6 in.
Autobiography; correspondence [1916-1984]; honors and awards, [1909-1984], focus on Potter's work as a college physician at Pembroke College, and as physician for girls in the Providence, Rhode Island school system.

Additional materials: photographs, reprints, newsclippings.



Annual reports.


LI, Bi Cu, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, n.d.

1 audio cassette, transcript
Interview with Dr. ALfred Li, regarding his aunt, with Dr. Bi Cu Li (WMC 1905), including transcript. Dr. Li practiced at the Lucie F. Harrison Hospital in Fu-shen, China from 1905-1950, primarily in obstetrics and gynecology. She later lived in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and died in 1974.



16 ln. ft.
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Pathology autopsy reports


MCNAIRY, Margaret Caroline, M.D., PAPERS, [1902 - 1979]

1 ln. ft.
Correspondence, typed manuscript of lectures by McNairy, certificates, programs.


MORGAN, Olive J., Ph.D.,OBJECTS, n.d.

Artwork, including 2 framed drawings and a sculpture of a woman physician "Emma" by Alma Dea Morani, M.D.



1 ms. (26 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Women Physicians and the Proletarianization of Medicine" by Hill-Beuf. Part of a book-length manuscript in progress.


SMITH, Jill Gates, MANUSCRIPT, 1984

1 ms. (27 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Catharine Macfarlane, M.D.: A Connecting Link" by Smith. Submitted in fulfillment of a course requirement at Temple University.



1 ms. (16 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Dr. Charlotte Baker (1855-1937) of San Diego: A Typical Second Generation California Woman Physician" by Calmes.



Public radio (WHYY) audio interview with Saadawi.


materials related to FLORENCE HASELTINE, M.D., PAPERS, [1938-1983]

13 ln. ft.
Restricted. Please contact us for use.
Dr. Haseltine holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a physician specializing in obstetrics, gynecology and human genetics. She taught at Yale University for several years, is Past President of the Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research, and is currently the Director of Population Research at the National Institutes for Health. The collection includes: correspondence, [1938-83]; science fair awards, 1958; clippings, [1955-94]; grade school and high school materials; diaries, 1958, 1963; baby book, 1942; American Medical Women's Association materials (AMWA), [1977-82]; Yale University School of Medicine materials, [1975-83]; materials on research topics, [1977-83]; materials on individual colleagues and their work, [1977-83]; materials re: academic and committee work, 1977-83; organization and university materials, [1977-83]; lectures, c. 1982; photographs, negatives, 8mm films; message pad carbons, 1979-87; obstetrical patient appointment book, 1980; surgery notes, 1973-77.


JACKSON, Ruth, M.D., PAPERS, [1926 - 1979]

6 ln. ft.
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Correspondence [1926-1979]; patient records [1957-1972]; financial records [1952-1959]; significant amount of material on the Ruth Jackson Research Foundation [1958-1974].

Additional materials: photographs, reprints, newsclippings.


TAYLOR, Ann Gray, PAPERS, 1910-1963

Dr. Gray (WMC, 1918) was on staff at MCP from 1938 - 1958 in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Materials include newsclippings, 2 photographs, copies of awards and citations, and academic gown and hood.


ALLISON, Mary Bruins, M.D., PAPERS, [1934 - 1985]

2 ln. ft.
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Photocopy of typed memoirs written in her retirement after 40 years of practicing medicine mostly in the Arabian Mission of the Reformed Church of America; correspondence [(1934-1938)-1985] in relation to work in Arabia, primarily Kuwait.

Additional materials: photographs.


MACINNIS, Katharine Baylis M.D., PAPERS, [1926 - 1974]

1 ln. ft.
Typed manuscripts of lectures given by MacInnis on allergy [1935-1949]; small amount of correspondence; programs; awards.

Additional materials: photographs, textbook, reprints



1 ms. (4 pp.)
Photocopy of typed transcript of a speech by Kroser, president of AMWA. Presented at MCP branch meeting on 9 March 1984.


ANDREWS, Jeanne, M.D., PAPERS, [1944 - 1956]

5.5 ln. ft.
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Handwritten and typed student lecture notes from classes at MCP, notes taken at medical lectures and from journal articles.

Additional materials: books, memorabilia, newsclippings reprints.



1.5 ln. ft.
Scattered handwritten minutes, 1978; 4 secretary's record books, 1949-1971, containing membership information; membership address file; correspondence; minutes; reports.


EVANS-MILLER, Alice R. M.D. (MCP 1898), PAPERS [1896-1898]

Total collection size including MS116: seven books, 1 in.
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Scrapbook belonging to Evans-Miller containing snapshots of her student days, including classrooms, buildings, students and local streets.


BROOKS, Jane Frances, M.D., PAPERS, [1967 - 1968]

1 ln. ft.
Medical student lecture notes primarily from epidemiology and pharmacology classes at MCP. Notes taken by Brooks, a 1970 graduate of MCP.

Additional materials: textbooks


CASHMAN, Eleanor, R.N., OBJECTS, ca. 1941

1 cape
Nurse's cape belonging to Vashman, who completed WMCP's nursing program in 1941.


SANTORO, Elissa J., M.D. , PAPERS, 1983

6 in.
Biographical clippings and printed program relating to Santoro, a surgeon who specialized in breast cancer.

Additional materials: programs, reprints


GREEN, Martha Raum, RN, PHOTOGRAPHS, ca. 1920s

Photographs of West Philadelphia Hospital for Women, School of Nursing. Green graduated from the School of Nursing in 1929.


GREAVES, Blanche Fiscus, M.D., PAPERS, [1886 - 1922]

1 ln. ft.
Majority of material consists of photographs and negatives related to Greaves and her family and friends; small amount of correspondence, licenses, and membership cards.

Additional materials: newsclippings.


MORANI, Alma Dea, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, 1984

3/4" video tape
WGBH NOVA production "Frontiers of Plastic Surgery," focuses on Morani's work as a sculptor in relation to her practice as a plastic surgeon.


GAYDOS, Anna E., M.D., OBJECT, ca. 1980

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Hypodermic syringes, drug cylinders and ampules.


WMC/MCP: Associate Deans, RECORDS, 1944-1963

6 in.
Statistics on student status, enrollment, and attrition from a 20 year survey, (1944-1963), of the WMC medical students who were 30 years or over when they matriculated. Student handbooks, 1946-1948; 1960-1971; 1980 - 1982. Photographs and correspondence, [1938-1946].>


POTTER, Ellen (WMC, 1908), OBJECTS, ca.

1 desk
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Office desk with inscription, gift of Ellen C. Potter, M.D. Class of 1908.


VARKER, Mary Dickinson, M.D., PAPERS, [1923 - 1958]

4.5 ln. ft.
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Course outlines, students notes, from medical student days; correspondence, annual reports of West Philadelphia Hospital for Women [1923-1927]. Majority of collection is comprised of textbooks.

Additional materials: photographs, reprints


MAUSNER, Judith, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor (Epidemiology), PAPERS, [1963-1980]

26 ln. ft.
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Correspondence [1963-1975]; epidemiology meeting materials [1968-1977]; lectures to students, exams, grades, outlines [1967-1980]; smoking studies reports, reprints, handwritten notes [1971-1972]; correspondence [1963-1975]; epidemiology meeting materials [1968-1977].

Additional materials: reprints.


BEATTY, William K., MANUSCRIPT, 1981

3 ms. (25 pp.; 3pp.; 5 pp.)
Photocopies of three typed manuscripts on the history of the Mary Thompson Hospital; reprint entitled "Mary Harris Thompson--Pioneer Surgeon and Hospital Founder" by Beatty which appeared in Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine, Chicago, Vol. 34, 1981, pp. 83-86.


SPANGLER, Mary Bell (WMC, 1985), PAPERS, 1894

1 newsletter
WMC Newsletter.


DAVIS, Audrey B., MANUSCRIPT, 1985

1 ms. (27 pp)
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Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Medicine Through the Lens of the Museum" by Davis. Presented at the Kate Campbell Hurd Mead Lecture at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.



1 ms. (62 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript of dissertation entitled "History of Anesthesia at the Medical College of Pennsylvania" by Somerson. Presented to the faculty of MCP in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science.



1 ms. (30 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Medicine and the Arts" by Stone.


DE MARTINEZ-ALVAREZ, Josefina Villafane, M.D., PAPERS (1911, 1941, 1961-1985)

2 ln. ft.
Small amount of correspondence (1961, 1984-1985); certificates, relating to Villafane's (WMC 1911) medical practice in Puerto Rico.

Additional materials: photographs, memorabilia, pamphlets.


VASCHAK, Mathilda R., M.D., PAPERS [1965 - 1979]

1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, [1970-1979]; typed manuscript and related materials, entitled "Fernando" by Eva Dodge, M.D.; typed manuscript by Robert Oaks (Vaschak's husband) on the life of Eva Dodge; pamphlets on AMWA, [1965-1978].


CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS: A Century of Women's Health, Practices & Practitioners (University of Arizona), NON-TEXTUAL

6 audio cassettes
Audio recording and transcripts of conference held at the University of Arizona, Health Sciences Center, Tucson, AZ.


materials related to AGNES GOWDY, M.D., WMC 1935: [1927-43] , PAPERS, [1927-1941], 1960

Total collection size, including MS45: 2 record cartons of books, publications and 3-dimensional objects; 1 ln.ft.
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Collection includes: books and other publications; medical instruments; undergraduate chemistry notebook, 1927; class notes for Dr. John Stewart Rodman's class in surgery, 1933/34 and 1934/35, as well as that of Dr. Herbert H. Fritz, and Dr. Alan Parker; class notes for Dr. Joseph V. Klauder's class in dermatology, Dr. Lida Stewart Cogill's class in obstetrics (1935), and pathology and pediatric medicine notes; notes from therapeutic clinic and neurology, 1934; cardiology, gynecology and histology notes; student anatomy drawings; experimental pharmacology experiments and results; papers: 'Intracranial Birth Injuries' and 'The Symptoms and Signs Associated with Hyperplasia of the Endometrium'; state board exam, 1938; 'Routine for Residents and Internes' at Woman's Hospital, West Philadelphia, c. 1938; prescription notebook from Dr. Gowdy's days at Woman's Hospital, West Philadelphia, 1938-39; household expense log, 1941-43, and patients' bills, 1941; outpractice notebook, 1942; WMC and Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia publications; miscellaneous correspondence and clippings. Scrapbook compiled by Gowdey on her 25th reunion at WMC in 1960 (originally noted as MS45).


LANGFORD, Jessie C., M.D., PAPERS, [1889 - 1918]

1.5 ln. ft.
Correspondence, certificates, and diplomas; ground plan for grave site of Kerr family.

Additional materials: photographs


HEWITT, Dorothy, M.D., PAPERS, [1917 - 1953]

1 ln. ft.
Certificates and diplomas belonging to Hewitt.

244 (also ACC19)

BRODIE, Jessie Laird, M.D., PAPERS, [1923 - 1990]

8.3 ln. ft.
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Jessie Laird Brodie, M.D., also known as "Dr. Jessie," was an internationally recognized physician and early pioneer of birth control legislation and family planning, active from the 1930s until the early 1970s. The Jessie Laird Brodie, M.D. papers document Brodie's professional life and work, focusing on Brodie's work for various causes and organizations in family planning and contraception, such as legislation for contraception in Oregon and the Planned Parenthood Association, the Pan American Medical Women's Alliance (PAMWA), the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), and her work with the Pathfinder Fund in Latin America. The collection, which dates from 1923 to 1990, is divided into five series: "Geographical Files;" "Subject Files;" "Chronological Files;" "Pan American Medical Women's Alliance" (PAMWA); and "Visual Materials." (This description includes all material from Abstracts 244, 1992.4, and 1992.11.)



3 in.
Poetry by women physicians collected by Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D.. [1923-1931]. Poetry by women physicians, [1984-Present], includes biographical information on contributing physicians.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection


WIJNEN, Sr. Elise, M.D. M., PAPERS, [1942 - 1949]

3 in.
Reprints of articles by Wijnen in which she describes the life of a missionary sister and life as a doctor working at the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi and Patn, Pakistan, India.



1 ln. ft.
Notes, drafts, and final typed manuscript and related materials for article entitled "A Philadelphia Medical Student of the 1890's: The Diary of Mary Theodora McGavran" by Kaiser. Article appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine for Biography and History., Vol. cviii, number 2, April, 1984, pp. 217-236.


MILLER, Ruth E., Ph.D., PAPERS, [1942-1965]

1.5 in.
Miller was the Chair of the Microbiology Department, retiring in 1968. Colleciton includes nesclippings, reprints, memorial service book for Martha Tracy, 1942; various WMC pulibcations. Also included are a biographical sketch and photograph of Linda B. Lange, M.D., WMC Professor of Bacteriology and Immunology, 1937-1939.



1 ms. (53 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Sarah Campbell Allan, M.D. South Caroline's Pioneer Woman Physician: A Biographical Sketch" by McDermid. Copy of transcript of Allan's diary (1900) in Abstract file.

Additional materials: photographs.
See also: Abstract 259 for additional material on Allan.



1 ms. (11 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Lives of Women: In the Medical Field" by Lioy. Written for a History of Western Civilization course.


video tapes regarding ASBESTOS LITIGATION, NON-TEXTUAL, 1985

5 video tapes
5 video tapes of Katharine Sturgis, key witness regarding Johns-Mansville asbestos litigation.


ABRAM, Ruth J. , PAPERS, [1982 - 1985]

7.6 ln. ft.
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Correspondence and notes relating to information for the exhibit "Send Us A Lady Physician : Women Doctors in America, 1835-1920," which was developed by Abram, president of Paraphrase, Inc. The traveling exhibit focuses on the individual, community, and institutional efforts that allowed women to enter the American medical profession in the 19th century.

Additional materials: photographs, reprints.


MORANI, Alma Dea, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, 1985

1 audio cassette
Grand rounds lecture of Medical Humanities Program - lecture by ADM, "Fine Arts: Necessary for life."


METZER, Emma Pauline Weeks, Items, 1888-1924

24 ln. ft.
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REED, Theresa Greene, MANUSCRIPT, 1985

1 ms. (3 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Mound City Women Physicians: 1963-1972" by Reed. Discusses an association made up of eleven Black women who completed their medical training and practiced medicine in the St. Louis, Missouri area.


ROOT, Mary Pauline, M.D., PAPERS, [1919 - 1944]

2.5 ln. ft.
Correspondence relating to Root's work in Madura, South India, and in the American West; extracts from memoirs; notes by Root.

Additional materials: photographs.


PATCHETT, Emma Mary, M.D., PAPERS, [1898 - 1902]

1 ln. ft plus 7 books
Emma May Patchett, M.D., attended WMC 1900-02, but did not graduate: [1898-05]. Materials include exam questions and class notes taken by Patchett (originally noted as MS116); a photograph of the WMC graduating class of 1904; a newspaper clipping 'Fair Young M.D.'s Get Their Degrees' that includes an article on the WMC graduating class of 1905 and a photograph of the class; three commencement booklets: 1902, 1904, 1905; and the WMC annual announcement for 1905. Seven textbooks were donated, three of which are uncataloged (see Uncataloged Books List in Archive); there are also certificates and diplomas.

Additional materials: photographs.



1 ms. (53 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Sarah Campbell Allan, M.D. South Caroline's Pioneer Woman Physician: A Biographical Sketch" by McDermid.


FOX, Daniel M., Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1985

24 ln. ft.
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Medical Work in Philadelphia, 1875-1950: A History in Photographs" by Fox. Presented at a Symposium entitled "Philadelphia: 300 years of Art and Medicine" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on 26 October 1985.


COPPERMAN, Gertrude (WMC, 1949), NON-TEXTUAL, 1985

2 audio cassettes
Oral history interview with Copperman regarding her student days at WMC and practicing as a physician in the 1940s and 1950s. Interview was conducted by Sandra Chaff and Jill Gates Smith, Archives' staff; no transcript available.


RENKERT, Elizabeth, M.D., [1984 - 1985]

1.5 ln. ft.
Original drawings by Renkert for publication in medical journals. Copies of the Berks County Medical Record, in which the drawings appear.


"Women in Philadelphia Medicine", NON-TEXTUAL

1 3/4" video tape
Video tape, "Women in Philadelphia medicine: Profiles of Drs. Alma Dea Morani and Katharine Sturgis." Produced by Sandra Chaff and Josephine Stamm.


Bissell, LeClair PAPERS

View collection description [PDF] >


TOGASAKI, Yoshiye, PAPERS, ca. 1985

1" & 2 audio cassettes
Oral history interview with Dr. Togasaki conducted by Lois Scully, M.D. Photographs and C.V. of Togasaki.


WMC/MCP: Registrar, RECORDS, 1921-1975

4 ln. ft.
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Files of deceased alumnae maintained by the Registrar of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, graduation dates 1932-1975. Individual files include admission applications, faculty evaluations, and grades, 1932-1975.


JOHNSON, Eleanor, PAPERS, [1890 - 1927]

3 in.
Letters and notes to S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., from Gertrude Biddle, Joseph Leidy, M.D.; letters from S. Weir Mitchell to W. S. Thayer, M.D., George G. Davidson, Esq., Martin W. Berry, M.D., Dr. A. V. Allen, and Joseph Leidy, M.D. Copies of correspondence between S. Weir Mitchell and John S. Billings, M.D., sent by New York Public Library to Talcott Williams. Other correspondence from John K. Mitchell to W. S. Thayer, M.D., and Talcott Williams; from Anne K. Mitchell to Joseph F. Randolph, Esq. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding collecting S. W. Mitchell letters.


materials related to the President's Office and the Board of Corporators of WMC/MCP, and AHERF (Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation) and FRANCIS, Vida Hunt, RECORDS, 1945-73, 1988

8.5 ln. ft.
Minutes reports, correspondence, financial records [1922-1941], reflecting Francis' role as secretary to the Corporation from 1922-1934 and Vice President from 1935-1940. Records concerning the reorganization of the College, appointment of Margaret Craighill as Dean; other correspondence to and from Dr. Chevalier Jackson, Dr. Ellen C. Potter, Sarah Logan Wister Starr, and Donald Price; and financial material on the Henry Avenue site for the College. Collection of programs, tickets, and announcements, [1930-1945], reflecting WMC and Board activities.Materials related to the President's Office and the Board of Corporators of WMC/MCP, and AHERF (Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation): 1945-73, 1988. Minutes of the Board of Corporators and Executive and Finance Committee, c. 1945-73; Mission Planning Council records, c. 1969-71; Executive Planning Council records, c. 1971; Organizational Planning Council, c. 1971; CPA Annual Examination Reports, c. 1950-1978; 1 bound volume of the Affiliation between Allegheny Health Services, Inc. and the Medical College of Pennsylvania (Closed April 27, 1988). Also, one framed aeriel view of WMC/MCP; desk lamp.


STEPHENSON, Ruth, M.D., PAPERS, [1933 - 1970]

6 in.
Correspondence, 1939, to and from Margaret T. Corwin, dean of New Jersey College for Women.

Additional materials: photographs memorabilia, reprints.


MORROW, Laura, M.D., PAPERS, [1965 - 1985]

12 ln. ft.
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Large portion of collection consists of files and conference materials related to AMWA, MWIA, AWHS, [1965-1985]; miscellaneous correspondence, and speeches of Morrow, who practiced as a psychiatrist and neurologist in Passaic, New Jersey.Additional materials: photographs, paintings, medical instruments, memorabilia, reprints, clippings



10 ln. ft.
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Minutes of meetings of the Association, 1917-1975; correspondence with officers of MWIA, including Esther Pohl Lovejoy, M.D., the association's first president, and Alma Dea Morani, M.D., United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations, Social Economic, and Cultural Organization (UN-ECOSOC); files on congresses held in Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Equador, Egypt, Finland, Federal Republic of Germany, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, 1919-1974.


FLORENCE, Rosemarie S., PAPERS, [1952-1954]

1 in.
Photographs, newsclippings, and commencement programs saved by Florence during her tenure as a secretary in the Registrar's Office at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.


O'BRIEN, Patricia, R.N., MANUSCRIPT, 1986

l ms. [25 pp.]
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Invention of Modern Nursing: The Philadelphia Experience 1830-1885" by O'Brien. Written for a course at the University of Pennsylvania.


image of WMC Hospital, NON-TEXTUAL, n.d.

1 painting
Color image of the MCP Hospital, n.d.; the painting is done in the 'eglomise' style (reverse glass painting), and was one of many colleges, universities, law schools and medical schools in the Classic University Series to be offered for sale by Eglomise Designs, Inc. in Watertown, MA. It is mounted in a wood frame painted silver. The painting includes the name of the college as 'Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania', so it was done before the name was changed in 1970. Additional materials include sales brochures.


materials related to Carmen Thomas, M.D., WMC 1932, PHOTOGRAPHS, [1941-1966]

16 photographs
16 photographs, currently located among the 'uncataloged photos by Abstract number', show WMC opening exercises, alumnae and commencement events and include images of June Klinghoffer, Eva Fox, Ann Pike, Ann Gray Taylor, Katharine Boucot Sturgis, Marion Fay, Catharine Macfarlane, Irene Maher, Hartwig Kuhlenbeck, George Hay, Jean Crump, Robert G. Torrey, and Glen Leymaster and others; additional materials include academic regalia, reprints, newsclippings, a clinic pass, a matriculation card, rules for interns booklet, commencement programs, correspondence, and transcripts.


biographical sketch of Joseph Skelton Longshore, M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1986

academic regalia and 1 ln. ft.
This brief sketch outlines the life of Dr. Longshore,, a founder of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, and was apparently intended for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography. Author and date unknown.


Maurice Clifford, M.D., PAPERS, 1968-1986

3 ln.ft. and multiple framed items, plaques, and memorabilia
The materials describe the work of Dr. Clifford in his years as a physician and professor at WMC/MCP and later as President of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1979-85 (He was the first African-American in the nation to become president of a mostly white medical school.) Materials include correspondence, memoranda and clippings related to his work as an MCP physician, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and Vice-President of Medical Affairs; similar materials cover his appointment as President, his inauguration, his work with staff and committees, and his retirement. Also included are: commencement materials; materials related to the exhibition Send Us a Lady Physician; Dateline MCP, 1986 (general MCP clippings collection); publications containing articles by and about Dr. Clifford; honorary degree for Katharine Boucot Sturgis; 22 photographs, including some with dignitaries such as Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Ann Landers; academic regalia; books; plaques; scrapbook; certificates; memorabilia.


audio taped radio interview regarding African-American women physicians, NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1986

1 audio tape
Sound recording of WNYC AM 83 interviewer, Carrie Carmichael, speaking on-air with Margaret Jerrido, an Archives staff member who spearheaded the Black Women Physicians Project. The project was intended to gather information about black women physicians and their experiences as black women doctors.


'C. Marion Kohn (1884-1969): The Most Caring Person I Ever Met', MANUSCRIPT, 1985

32 pages
Photocopied material related to Rebecca Fleisher, M.D., 1907. The paper by Lily Schwartz was written in fulfillment of a college history course, and includes a brief mention of Rebecca Fleisher, M.D., an 1886 graduate of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, who founded the Industrial Home for Jewish Girls. There are two photocopied pages of material regarding the building of a solarium for the Jewish Hospital Association in memory of Dr. Fleisher. Use of the manuscript is restricted: permission must be obtained from the author.


Sympathy and Science: Women Physicians in American Medicine: 1985, MANUSCRIPT, 1985

3 ln. ft.
Manuscript and proof sheets for this book written by Regina Morantz-Sanchez, a well-known historian of women in medicine, who used the Archives and Special Collections extensively in her research. The bound volume is cataloged as R692/N64/1985.
*Note: The proof sheets are stored off-site at Pierce Leahy in customer box number 5201854.


materials related to I.A.R. Wylie, PAPERS, [1910-66]

1.5 in.
I.A.R. Wylie wrote novels, some of which were transferred to the screen. In memory of her long time companion, Louise Pearce, M.D., former President of WMC, she bequeathed the materials in Abstract 116 (aka MS20 ) to WMC, along with the literary rights to her work. The materials in this Abstract were transferred to the Archives later by MCP's legal counsel. This Abstract contains: biographical information; clippings of book reviews, advertisements, and a clipping regarding Wylie's bequest; 12 photographs of the author.


materials related to Sina Stratton, M.D., (WMC 1895), NON-TEXTUAL, 1895

Framed Pennsylvania state medical license of Sina Stratton, M.D.


MCP Facilities and Planning Department, RECORDS, 1966-78

1.5 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

Files related to the space allocations and needs of various MCP departments, and long-range planning files.


'Science and Gender: The Career of Alice Hamilton' MANUSCRIPT, 1986

23 pages
This paper by Barbara Sicherman focuses on Alice Hamilton, M.D. who graduated from the medical department at the University of Michigan in 1893. The paper looks at Hamilton's reform work in the Progressive era; not to be quoted without the author's


"Response: Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture' [response to the paper noted above regarding Alice Hamilton], MANUSCRIPT, 1986

7 pages
This response to the paper in Abstract 286 is by Dorothea R. Johnson, M.D., and is a follow-up, rather than a response to the paper that was offered at the 1986 Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture at the College of Physicians. Johnson discusses the current state of occupational medicine, which was pioneered by physicians like Dr. Hamilton.


materials related to Elizabeth McLaughry, M.D., WMC 1894, PAPERS, 1946-82]

36 pages of materials
There are two papers in this collection: 'Dr. Elizabeth McLaughry - Her Philosophy of Psychotherapy' by Elizabeth Veach, M.D., 1953, and 'Elizabeth McLaughry, M.D., 1865 - 1967: A Truly Liberated Woman' by her grand niece, Mary Beth McLaughry, 1982. There are also additional research materials related to Dr. McLaughry.


materials related to Ann Preston, M.D., FMC 1852, PAPERS, [1831 - 1880]

1.5 ln. ft.
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Preston was an early graduate of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania (later WMC) and later became the first woman dean of a medical school, her alma mater. Originals, copies and transcriptions of Preston's correspondence, [1831-1880]; printed addresses and lectures, [1855-1870]; poems, 1842 and n.d.; Preston family Bible with Preston family register, 1838; booklet for a 1965 program honoring the work of Chester County physician William Darlington (1782-1863); two books owned by Preston, An Address on the Occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the Founding of Pennsylvania Hospital, by George Wood, M.D., 1851, and A System of Human Anatomy..., 1850. (This collection was noted in the original Guide under MCP-C4 (Deans).)

See also: Abstract #107 (aka MS7); Abstract #17 (aka MS98); and Abstract #2 (aka MS166).


materials related to Martha Tracy, M.D., WMC 1904, PAPERS, [1893-1950]

2.5 ln. ft.
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Martha Tracy was a student, professor and influential dean at WMC. Reprints of publications by Tracy and other physicians, mostly concerning cancer [1894-1916]; addenda to an application for federal assistance to the WMC hospital via the Public Works Administration, c. 1941; correspondence regarding Tracy's appointment as Acting Dean, and then Dean of WMC, 1917-1919; transcriptions of historical materials re: Thomas E. Longshore, 1893-94; materials regarding missionary work in relation to WMC, [1921-1930]; Founder's Day program/scrapbook, 1935; WMC ephemera (invitations, class tickets, etc.), [1891-1927]; materials related to Dr. Mary Griscom including a medal, c. 1895; reports on WMC to the Graduate Council, Corporators and Alumnae Association, [1928-1935]; correspondence relating to the admission of WMC to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 1918-1919, 1928; correspondence regarding WMC standing and requirements, 1919-1921; transcriptions of materials related to the history of WMC; addresses by Tracy, [1921-1940]; WMC annual report, catalogs and announcements, [1926-1930]; 'Statement of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania in Support of its Application for State Aid', 1904; correspondence regarding state support for WMC, c. 1921; endorsements for WMC, 1913, 1915, 1926-27; materials re: WMC fundraising drive 1919-20; miscellaneous material regarding WMC, [1874-1940]; 'Ye Medical Student's Primer', text and illustrations by Tracy, 1904; original sketch/cartoon by Tracy, 1901 (WMC-related); general correspondence, 1899, 1918-23, 1925-34, 1938-41; material related to the closing of the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 1928; notes on preventive medicine (1930) and ethics (1923); addresses and papers by other physicians on women in medicine, 1923, 1934, 1940, 1950 and n.d.; articles on women in medicine by Tracy, [1926-1936]; material regarding Anna Howard Shaw; material re: the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 1921; general materials regarding women in medicine, 1939 and n.d.; medical journals and other printed materials, 1913, 1921, 1928; 'Survey of Hospitals in Metropolitan Philadelphia', 1946; reprints of material by Hans Von Baeyer, in German, 1914-15, 1917-18, 1926, 1928, 1930-32 ; material regarding Marie Curie, the WMC Curie Fund, and her visit to WMC, 1921 and 1929; material re: discrimination against women in medicine, 1920-22; clippings re: WMC move to East Falls and status of women physicians [1921-31]; memorial material, 1942-43, 1948; bibliography; five family photographs sent by Honoria Acosta-Sison, WMC 1909 to Tracy; Tracy's cigarette holder and case. (This collection was noted in the original Guide under MCP-C4 (Deans).)


materials related to Rachel Bodley, PAPERS, [1868-91]

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Bodley was a professor and Dean of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The collection includes: volume of bound pamphlets and reprints re: women in medicine, including Bodley's 1881 valedictory address, 'The College Story', [1868-81]; bound volume of The Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, 1870; correspondence re: Anandibai Joshee, WMC 1886, 1882-83; general correspondence with alumnae, 1884-87, n.d.; bills and receipts for pharmaceutical needs, 1885-87; certificate of permission to teach one student at the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, [1858-1878]; general correspondence, 1875, 1879, 1880-91; will of Annie Ashton Howell, 1886; single course announcement re: exercise, 1887; dean's book fragment, 1874-76; dean's book, 1885-88; faculty materials, 1876-1888; materials re: the WMC library; memorial materials, 1888; correspondence re: missionaries; 'Report on the House of Refugees, Boys Department and Girls Department...', 1885; matriculation fees report, 1886/87; student materials; 1876-78, 1887-88, 1890; Woman's Hospital and Dispensary business card, n.d.; correspondence re: Emeline Horton Cleveland. 1878-79; WMC reports on registered students, 1886-88; alumnae questionnaire, 1881. (This collection was noted in the original Guide under MCP-C4 (Deans).)


materials related to Clara Marshall, M.D., WMC 1875, PAPERS [1879-1930]

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Clara Marshall was Professor of Materia Medica, and Dean of WMC. General correspondence, [1879-1927]; correspondence re: Marshall's appointment as Dean of WMC, 1888; correspondence re: students, 1888-93, 1898, 1909, 1912; materials re: Rachel Bodley, 1888; correspondence re: the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, 1896, 1903-04; application for membership in the Association of American Medical Colleges, 1904; reports of registered students, 1888-96, 1900; bibliographies of some alumnae, 1900; correspondence index, 1893-96; correspondence re: rating by Council on Medical Education, 1913-14, 1916; correspondence re: merger with the University of Pennsylvania, 1916; materials re: cap and gown controversy, 1890-93; Articles of Association of the Indiana College of Medicine and Midwifery, 1883, 1892; copies of correspondence re: interns at Philadelphia General Hospital, 1914-15; ephemera, 1887-88, 1890, 1929, n.d.; Alumnae Medical Society meeting announcements, 1897-98; Philadelphia County Medical Society meeting announcement, n.d.; commencement programs, 1903, 1918, 1930; course schedules and faculty lists, [1882-1905]; 'Memoranda of College & Hospital the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania', 1884; WMC 75th anniversary program, 1925; Alumnae Association annual meeting programs, 1914, 1919; commencement programs for the WMC Training School for Nurses, 1915-17; reprints by Marshall and others, and other miscellaneous printed materials, [1874- 1914]; Dean's book re: WMCP Hospital, 1905-09; faculty reports on students, 1889-91; reports of results of examinations of candidates for graduation, 1896; materials re: Louise Wright incident (suspension of student), 1891. (This collection was noted in the original Guide under MCP-C4 (Deans).)


WMC/MCP: Comptroller - George Hay, PAPERS [1923 - 1965]  

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Correspondence, [1923-1965], to and from George A. Hay, Comptroller, concerning College fundraising and financial matters, physical planning, and public relations; groups of correspondence, financial materials, and publicity about annual fundraising activities of the Massachusetts Committee of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, [1947-1962], and the WMC Centennial, 1949-1950; and correspondence and materials, [1913-(1947-1965)], relating to merging with the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia. Notebook, ca. 1942, containing extracts from wills and other documents relating to the establishment of funds, scholarships, and bequests to WMC. Treasurer's reports, [1923-1963]. Collection includes the obstetrical casebook (1853 - 1896) of Margaret Phillips Richardson, M.D. who practiced in Juniata County, Pennsylvania until mid-1857.


materials related to Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, M.D., PAPERS, c. 1940  

.25 ln. ft.
Ferebee was an African-American graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine (1924), and an early president of the National Council of Negro Women. The collection comprises photographs and reprints.


materials related to Nicole Cohen-Addad, M.D. and the New Jersey Medical Women's Association, PAPERS, [1982-1990]  

7.5 inches
The New Jersey Medical Women's Association (NJMWA) is Branch 4 of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA). Dr. Cohen-Addad was President of the Association in 1989-90. The collection includes: Referral Directories, 1986, 1990; general correspondence, 1982-90; meeting minutes, 1983-85, 1989; program materials, 1989-90; financial records, 1984-86, 1988-89; materials re: AMWA's position on abortion, 1989; materials re: medical waste, 1989; AMWA newsletters, 1983-84, 1986, 1989; list of executive committee and active members, 1986-88; membership roster, 1989; Student American Medical Women's Association (SAMWA) materials, 1983-90; general correspondence re: Cohen-Addad's work in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of of New Jersey, 1982-88; student papers in pediatrics, 1984-86, 1988; correspondence re: Cohen-Addad's employment at the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, 1980; material re: the American Academy of Pediatrics, 1981-83; material re: the Amercian College of Nutrition, 1982, 1986; continuing medical education (CME) materials, 1982-85; NJMWA newsletter, 1982, 1984-86; AMWA Archives Committee materials, 1984-85; AMWA leadership directory and branch president directories, 1985-86; AMWA by-laws, 1983-85; materials re: Rita Newman, President-elect of AMWA, 1983-85; AMWA's strategic plan, 1985.


'The First Woman Doctor: Elizabeth Blackwell' MANUSCRIPT, 1987  

3 pages
This report by Megan O'Neill was a school project.


'Frances Emily White: Physiologist, Medical Educator, Philosopher and Advocate of Women's Rights' MANUSCRIPT, c. 1986  

27 pages
This manuscript by Edward Morman was written to accompany a slide show presentation shortly after the author's term as an MCP Humanities Fellow. The material explores White, her relationship with the students and Dean Rachel Bodley of WMC during her tenure as Professor of Physiology, her abilities as a medical educator, and her position on the 'woman question.'


glass lantern slides made by Milo David Levitt, M.D., PAPERS, c. 1950  

5 ln. ft.
These endocrinology slides were made when Levitt was a WMC faculty member in the Physiology Department, 1949-59. There are 177 slides, a guide for 80 of them; approximately 50 index cards describing the slides; and approximately 30 case histories that correspond to the slides. These materials are housed in a large black case.

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