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Collection descriptions 300-399

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materials related to Doris Bartuska, M.D., PAPERS, [1941-93]  

4 ln. ft.
Bartuska, WMC 1954, was a professor of internal medicine in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at WMC/MCP. The Abstract includes: materials re: Bartuska's numerous awards; work on the Strittmatter Award Committee, 1986-88; women in medicine, [1967-1993]; general correspondence, 1982-93; adapted song lyrics by the MCP classes of 1973 and 1975; 15 appointment books including miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera, 1974-89; photographs, [1964-89]; personal materials including correspondence and clippings, [1970-93]; materials related to the Philadelphia County Medical Society and her presidency of that organization, c. 1990; materials related to the American Medical Women's Association and her presidency of that organization, 1987-88; The New Hampshire Journal of Medicine, 1855; memorial materials re: Marion Marion Fay, 1990; fundraising materials re: the Katherine Boucot Sturgis Chair in Community and Preventive Medicine, 1986-89 and the Sturgis Lectureship Endowment, 1979; materials related to Dr. Joachim Gerlach, c. 1965; bound volume of the Philadelphia County Medical Society's publication Philadelphia Medicine, 1989-90; certificates, [1941-50]; book, 1973; 22 spiral bound medical school (WMC) notebooks and additional folders and loose materials, c. 1953; 1951 register of WMC alumnae; pocket calendars, 1989-91; Endocrine Society papers, 1974; materials related to the Pfahler Foundation, 1990-91; first-year course materials in endocrinology, 1973; various reprints, clippings, publications, and ephemera.


materials related to June Klinghoffer, M.D., PAPERS, [1958-1988]  

2.5 in.
June Klinghoffer, WMC 1945, was on the faculty of WMC/MCP in the Department of Medicine since 1948. Citation for Dorothea Daniels Glass, M.D., MCP commencement, 1987; memorial for Katharine Boucot Sturgis, M.D., WMC Board of Corporators meeting, 1987; address: 'Leadership for the 21st Century', MCP symposium, 1988; WMC personnel list, 1958; materials re: awards, 1987; curriculum vitae, 1974; blank Department of Medicine exams, 1958-70 (some are faculty copies with answers provided.)


'The Strange Career of Dr. Mary Dixon-Jones: A Study in Thwarted Ambition' MANUSCRIPT, n.d.  

30 pages
This paper by Regina Morantz-Sanchez explores the career of Dixon-Jones, WMC 1875. Dixon-Jones was involved in a dispute over the quality of care provided at the woman's hospital she founded in Brooklyn, NY, especially in regard to gynecological surgery.


materials related to D. Walter Cohen, D.D.S., PAPERS, c. 1987  

4 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

D. Walter Cohen became President of MCP in 1986, and later held the position of Chancellor through the Allegheny University of the Health Sciences years. The collection includes: materials re: Founders' Day events, Cohen's inauguration and attendant events, planning and budget information for his inauguration and events, press clippings and a report related to the exhibition Send Us A Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835 - 1920. *NOTE: All materials except those related to the exhibition are located in off-site storage at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 6255679-81. The Send Us A Lady Physician materials are on-site.


'Science and Medicine in the Social Construction of Woman: From Aristotle to the Corpus Callosum' MANUSCRIPT, 1987  

34 pages
This paper was presented at the 1987 Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture by Ruth Bleier. She explores the ways in which science and medicine have been used since Aristotle's time to support the notion of female inferiority.


"I have some pictures you might like...': The Photograph Album of a Nineteenth Century Woman Medical Student' MANUSCRIPT, 1987  

81 pages
This master's thesis by Jill Gates Smith, examines the photo album of Laura Heath Hills, an 1896 WMC graduate. (The photo album is also in the collections, Abstract 126, aka MS57.) The author discusses the use of photographs in research, and specifically, the images in the album as they describe the lives of women medical students at WMC in the late nineteenth century, with a particular focus on lesbianism.


materials related to Reva KING, Ruth TICHAUER, M.D. and SERVAS INTERNATIONALl, PAPERS, [1973-1987]

2.5 in.
Reva King was the President of Servas International, an organization devoted to creating a network of support for people who assist the poor in foreign countries in a variety of ways, including medical help. General correspondence, largely between King and Ruth Tichauer, M.D., Bolivian National Secretary for Servas International, 1980-87; clippings and other materials re: Servas International and Ruth Tichauer, M.D., [1973-1987]


Archives Tour at MCP, NON-TEXTUAL, 1987  

1 audio tape
This is a sound recording of a tour of the Archives and Special Collections and historically significant sites at MCP in 1987. The tour was part of the American Association for the History of Medicine's annual meeting and was led by Regina Morantz-Sanchez.


materials related to Clara HORNER-RODGER, M.D., WMC 1912, PAPERS, 1912

Graduation photograph of Dr. Horner-Rodger and a 60th Annual Commencement Program for her graduation from WMC.


'An Analysis of Productivity of Nontenured Faculty Women: Some Preliminary Findings Based on the Faculty Cohort Studies' MANUSCRIPT, 1985  

27 pages
This study, by Barbara Feldt of the Office of Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan, was one in a series of studies that 'have explored the reasons for lower rates of promotion and retention of women and minorities and have attempted to identify areas where changes might be made to improve these rates. ' This study focused on the medical school at the University of Michigan. Not to be quoted without the author's permission.


materials related to Dorothy WHIPPLE, M.D., MANUSCRIPT, [1928-1988]  

10 ln. ft. (This does not include the restricted materials.)
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Dorothy Whipple, a pediatrician, graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School about 1925, was a resident at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and eventually became Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, D.C. This Abstract includes: general correspondence, 1948-88; clippings and columns, 1952-60; manuscript of an umpublished book, 'Education of a Doctor's Daughter'; manuscript of an unpublished book 'Sex Education'; various published and unpublished manuscripts; correspondence re: publication of Dynamics of Development: Euthenic Pediatrics and Is the Grass Greener?; materials re: a book series on K-12 health education; photographs; materials re: Dr. Whipple's retirement; published books and pamphlets; materials re: travels; material re: Dr. Whipple's study of drug use: state hearings, correspondence, articles, clippings, fan mail; materials re: Georgetown Medical School; personal correspondence; some materials not noted here are restricted until 2057.


materials related to oral history interview with Joseph LEIGHTON, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, [1951-87]  

11 audio tapes and one set of duplicates; 2.5 in.
Joseph Leighton was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology at MCP from 1971-1987. There is no transcription of the audio tapes. Additional materials include: research notes for the interview, lists of questions asked, reprints, photographs, and Dr. Leighton's C.V.


'Historic Health Related Benefits for Black Philadelphians' MANUSCRIPT, 1987  

2 copies; 51 pages
This master's thesis by Marilyn Baker Alston, was written in fulfillment of the requirements for the master's degree in social work at Temple University. The study 'examines the historic health care systems for Black Philadelphians' and includes photocopied images.


moving images of the Gimbel Award, NON-TEXTUAL, 1987-1989  

1 film, 3 video tapes
These moving images are in a variety of formats: film, 3/4" video tape and VHS tape, honoring Lynn Hardy Yeakel, Juanita Kidd Stout, and Loretta Podolak Finnegan: 1987, 1988 and 1989 respectively.


materials related to Minerva BUERK, M.D., WMC 1946, PAPERS, 1972, 1987-88  

2 clippings, 2 pieces of correspondence, 1 photograph.
Dr. Buerk was a dermatologist in the Philadelphia area. The materials include clippings, correspondence re: Dorothy Macy, M.D., and a photograph of Dr. Buerk and her colleagues at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

See also: oversized Bachrach portrait of Buerk, 1941.


'A Fresh Look at Dr. Frederick Clayton Waite's Histories of Women Doctors in the 19th Century' MANUSCRIPT, 1988  

15 pages
This manuscript is the text that accompanied a slide show presented by Linda Lehmann Goldstein in 1988. The script discusses Waite's work on the history of women in medicine, and includes biographical sketches that accompany slides he used in a 1934 lantern slide show on that topic. There is also a list of the twenty slides used in Ms. Goldstein's presentation.


video tape related to Marjorie SIRRIDGE, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, 1985  

1 video tape
Marjorie Sirridge was a professor of medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri.


materials related to Leila RICHARDS, M.D. and her book 'The Hills of Sidon: Journal from South Lebanon' PAPERS, 1983-85  

2.5 in.
These materials were used in writing the Hills of Sidon by Dr. Richards. Photocopies of Richards' handwritten diaries, created when she worked in a clinic in Sidon, Lebanon,1983-84; typed transcripts of Richards' Sidon diaries, 1984-85; Ansar Prison Camp: The Testimony of Two Palestinian Prisoners, a publication by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign, c. 1983; 11 pages of typed accounts from refugees of the Camps War, Beirut, May and June, 1985.


letters to Dolly CHAPMAN, PAPERS, 1979, 1986  

2 letters
Dolly Chapman (Mrs. William Chapman) was president of the Commonwealth Board of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, a support group for the college. Letter; from someone named Mussells with a return address of Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, to Mrs. Chapman regarding a colloquium in honor of Katharine Boucot Sturgis, October 4, 1979; short note from Katharine Boucot Sturgis to Mrs. Chapman apparently regarding a death, July 7, 1986.


'Medicine and Motherhood' MANUSCRIPT, 1988  

.5 in.
This manuscript by Marilyn Heins, M.D. was presented with slides at the 1988 Kate Hurd Mead lecture. Heins postulates 'that medicine and motherhood were harder in 1988 than in the past and that the contemporary woman physician has a tough job if she chooses to Combine medicine and motherhood, as most do.' The manuscript includes a bibliography and a facsimile of the slides used.


materials related to Tessie Tricker, PAPERS, 1944, 1961, 1965  

.25 in.
Tessie Tricker was the telephone operator at WMC from 1926-66. Collection includes two issues of 'The PBX Call', 1944 and 1961: the 1944 issue contains an article, 'On Alert at the Hospitals' and pictures Ms. Tricker. She is also pictured and featured in the 1961 issue in an article titled 'PBX Personalities.' A 1965 issue of 'Thermometer', the WMC Hospital staff publication, pictures Ms. Tricker in a section showing staff honorees.


materials related to Martha Dunn Corey, M.D., WMC 1879, PAPERS, [1875 -1926]

2.5 in., 1 metal cash box, 1 large flat item (diploma)
High school commencement invitation, c. 1875; correspondence to Corey from Cordelia Greene, Corey's preceptor and founder of the Castile Sanatorium, 1877, 1879, 1900; letter to Corey from Beatrice Harraden, 1896; letter to Corey from her son, Dunnleigh, n.d.; 2 letters to Corey from her adoptive mother, 1880; general correspondence, 1880, 1886, 1887, 1889, 1900, 1907; letter to Corey from S. Weir Mitchell, n.d.; letter to Corey from Rachel Bodley, 1883; clippings, 1926; legal documents: driver's license, 1920, marriage certificate, 1888, Baptist Church membership, 1877, Certificate of Redemption of Real Estate Purchased by the State, 1888-89, WMC diploma, 1879; blank stationary from places in Great Britain; ship's passenger list, 1887; receipts; promissory note, 1888; prescription, 1926; expense lists; blood chemistry lab results; lock of blond hair; wallet; tweezer-like instrument; small shell; three small glass beads; very worn coin; 12 images; Valentine with envelope and note; lock of light brown hair; metal cash box ; medical instruments (It is likely that these belonged to Dr. Corey, but the provenance is unclear.)


materials related to Hartwig Kuhlenbeck, M.D., MULTIPLE FORMATS, [1798-1983]  

217.5 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

Dr. Kuhlenbeck was a long-time member of the WMC/MCP faculty. He was a professor of anatomy and later neurology, from 1935 to 1971. This large collection (174 record cartons) includes: correspondence; manuscripts, 1913-54; diaries, 1914-18, 36-41, 47-50, 51-54, 57-63; day books, [1927-65]; approximately 500 books (and multi-volume sets) in German, Japanese, English, and French, largely related to medicine and philosophy, including Kuhlenbeck's own publications, [1798-1983]; journals; reprints; WMC publications; personal papers of Mrs. Kuhlenbeck (Ozelia): materials related to WMC's Women's Auxiliary, 1948-62, draft publications, correspondence, clippings; war memorabilia including medals, c. 1943; three-dimensional objects; ephemera; clippings; diplomas; certificates; academic hood; American Red Cross jacket; more than 2,000 photographs; travel photo albums; post card album; flash cards in Chinese and Japanese characters; language notebooks; sketch books.


materials related to the Center for Women in Medicine, RECORDS, c. 1975  

25 ln. ft.
The Center for Women in Medicine (CWIM), an organization rooted at MCP, is sometimes referred to as the predecessor of the Institute for Women's Health, a current organization. (CWIM is no longer functioning.) The collection includes: national surveys; re-training programs materials; Women in Medicine - Action Plan 70s materials; pre-med materials; Archives materials; alumnae/I surveys; materials re: related organizations; financial papers; advisory council materials; correspondence; statistics; subscriptions; bibliographies; staffing materials; public relations materials; surveys of women at MCP and other universities; foundations files; slide show; committee and board materials.

*NOTE: This collection is housed off-site in twenty record cartons at Pierce Leahy (customer box numbers 3757001-62, and 3757201-300. The remaining twelve record cartons are on-site. (See inventory.)


medical instruments from the MCP Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic; ophthalmology scanner from the MCP Ophthalmology Department, OBJECTS, c. 1940

medical instruments from the MCP Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic; ophthalmology scanner from the MCP Ophthalmology Department: c. 1940


instruments, supplies and books belonging to J. George Sommer, M.D., c. 1890


materials related to Anna M. Brady, M.D., WMC 1951, PAPERS, [1951-86]  

5 in.
Anna Brady was an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Army, and a veteran of the Vietnam War. She was the only woman commanding officer of a U.S. Army medical unit there. The collection includes: Dr. Brady's c.v. and other biographical materials; clippings, [1968-84]; photographs; 1951 WMC commencement program; materials re: Alumnae Association Award, 1969; other award materials, 1970, 1984, 1986; MCP development materials; correspondence (some with Catharine Macfarlane and Alma Morani), 1968-69; family correspondence (including postcards), 1968-69; 'Vietnam Conflict Map', 1967; 'American Division News Sheet', 1969; U.S. Army orders and recommendations, 1969; family records, [1954-68]; materials related to Dr. Brady's tenure as Director of the Department of Orthopedics at Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia, 1973.


Alpha Epsilon Iota, RECORDS, [1906-1957]  

5 in.
View digital surrogates of materials related to Alpha Epsilon Iota >

Records of the women's fraternity Alpha Epsilon Iota, including 'The University of Chicago Magazine' published by the Alumni Council, 9 issues, November 1924 - May, 1925 and February and March, 1927; minutes of the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Iota, includes some clippings and ephemera; [September 1935-June 1957]; handbook, 'Ritual of Alpha Epsilon Iota'; c. 1940; 'Grand Chapter Constitution, Alpha Epsilon Iota', includes names of members, 1906-10; newsletter, 1938.


materials related to Lillie Rosa Minoka-Hill, WMC 1899, PAPERS, [1903-59]  

1 in.
Dr. Minoka-Hill was a Mohawk Indian, who was adopted by Philadelphia Quakers. She worked and lived in Wisconsin among the Oneida Indians. The collection includes the following: Dr. Hill's blank prescription sheet; copy of blank prescription sheet of Dr. J.G. Allen of Philadelphia, Hill's adoptive father; Diamond Jubilee program for the Haskell Institute of Lawrence, KS, 1959; copy of Hill's handwritten speech on the occasion of her adoption into the Oneida tribe; copy of letter from Hill's daughter advising receiver of her mother's death, 1952; copy of a brief biographic sketch by Hill's granddaughter, 1987; copy of invitation to join the Altrusa Club of Green Bay, 1948; copy of a letter re: memorial to Hill, 1953; copy of a speech by Hill re: American Indians and their health care, n.d.; copy of program of the North American Indian Club of Detroit, MI, 1948; copy of University of Wisconsin Honorary Recognition Ceremony program, 1949; copies of two special tax stamps for 'Practitioner Dispensing Opium, Coca Leaves, etc.'; copy of the will of Joshua G. Allen, Hill's adoptive father, 1903; petition re: the distribution of Hill's estate, 1952.


'Gender and Medical Socialization' MANUSCRIPT, c. 1988  

45 pages
This manuscript by Steven C. Martin, M.D., Robert M. Arnold, M.D., and Ruth M. Parker, M.D. of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program seeks to show that 'interactions between gender and medical socialization will help determine the future of the American health care system.' A bibliography is included.


'The Medical World of The Agnew Clinic: A World We Have Lost?' n.d.; and 'Eakins's Agnew Clinic: The Medical World in Transition' MANUSCRIPT, N.D., 1985  

2 articles, 29 pages including illustrations, and 7 pages including illustration
These articles by Diana E. Long (Hall) explore the Thomas Eakins painting, The Agnew Clinic, and the central figure in that work, David Hayes Agnew. She seeks to determine, in part, what the image reveals about 'gender as a primary (dis)qualification for medicine'. "Eakins's Agnew Clinic" was published in Transactions & Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, March 1985.


materials related to Gimbel Brothers Department Store and the National and Philadelphia Gimbel Awards PAPERS, [1928-82]  

23.75 ln. ft.
The Gimbel Philadelphia Award honored volunteers working for humanity in addition to their professional accomplishments for the community at large. When Gimbel Bros., Inc. closed, the selection committee sought out a new sponsor. In 1987, MCP assumed sponsorship and renamed it the MCP/Gimbel Award. The collection includes: materials related to Gimbel Brothers Department Store's holiday parades and events, [1928- 49]; materials related to recipients of the National and Philadelphia Awards, [1932 -82]: includes public relations materials, clippings, speeches, photographs, ephemera, audio-visual materials, selection committee materials. These materials are stored at Pierce Leahy in nineteen record cartons, customer box numbers 5201801-810, 5201831-


MCP Commencement RECORDS, 1988  

2 video tapes
Video tape of MCP Commencement.


materials related to Ida B. Scudder, M.D., WMC 1929, and the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India PAPERS, [1939-86]  

2.5 in.
The collection includes an analysis of cases at the Christian Medical College Hospital (CMCH), 1939-86; a bound patient register from the department of radiotherapy at the CMCH, 1939-85; oversize photographs.


materials related to Marie Seixas Howard, M.D., WMC 1909 BOOKS, c. 1909  

4 record cartons: 30 books and publications, 1 box of instruments and supplies, 1 pennant
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes 30 books (largely textbooks), and some other publications; a WMC pennant, 1909; instruments and supplies including a microscope slide case with slides, sterilizers, large, filled, hand-labeled medicine bottles, rubber rings, bandages . The books and publications are stored at Pierce Leahy in four boxes, customer box numbers 5987707-708 and 5987713-714. The instruments and pennant are on-site.


'A Handbook of Obstetric Manikin Procedures' 1.0 volume, 1952  

21 pages
This handbook is by Ann Gray Taylor (WMC 1918) and Joan M. Roberts (WMC 1946). Taylor was a professor of obstetrics at WMC from 1925 to 1959. Roberts was a clinical assistant and instructor in obstetrics at WMC from 1947 to 1953. The handbook was used with the course in obstetric manikin procedures offered for fourth year students.


materials related to Lila Stein Kroser, M.D., WMC 1957 PAPERS, [1957-95]  

10 record cartons
View collection description [PDF] >

Dr. Kroser, a specialist in family medicine and gerontology, was on the MCP Board of Corporators, President of the MCP Alumnae/i Association, President of the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) and Treasurer of the Medical Women's International Association (MWIA). The collection includes: biographical information; MCP homecoming and commencement materials, 1957, 1984-85, 1987-1989, 1990, 1994; Founders' Day materials, 1985-86; MCP Board of Corporators materials (reports, strategic plans, etc.), 1984-86; College Committee materials, 1986-87; MCP Women's Health Institute materials, 1986-89; MCP fundraising materials, 1992; MCP admissions materials, 1992; WMCP Bulletin, 1966/67; Alumnae/i Association materials, 1985-88, 1994; correspondence [1983-90]; photographs; clippings; travel materials re: Kroser's election to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; conference and meeting materials; AMWA materials (Kroser's presidency, by-laws, correspondence, public relations, minutes, strategic plans, reports, meeting information, student membership materials, mailing lists, finance and AWH committee materials, branch 25-Philadelphia materials, clippings, issues of JAMWA and other publications), 1976-88, 1992; American Medical Association materials, 1984; MWIA materials, including statutes and by-laws, reports, meetings, programs, minutes, financial reports and receipts, mailing lists, questionnaires, newsletters, and correspondence [1963, 1983-95]; family commencements; medical and other publications; Gimbel Award materials re: Lynn Hardy Yeakel, 1986; retirement materials for Maurice Clifford, MCP President, 1980-85; inauguration materials for Walter Cohen, MCP President, 1986; materials regarding the MCP/Allegheny Health Services merger, 1986-87; invitation and program for the first President's Ball under Allegheny, 1987; materials re: Kroser's loan of art works to the MCP art gallery, [1987-89]; materials related to Kroser's inclusion in America's New Women Entrepreneurs, 1986; materials re: Kroser's financial support of organizations, institutions and political organizations, 1985-87; Commonwealth Board Award materials, 1987-88; Girls' High School Award materials, 1988; materials re: Kroser's work with the Philadelphia County Medical Society, 1984-86, 1988; materials re: the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians, 1988; physicians' partnership agreement, 1989; holiday cards; conference badges; materials re: MCP's Patient Care Pavilion, 1986; materials regarding Temple University (Kroser is an alum); Special Trust Fund committee material, 1988; materials regarding the exhibition Send Us A Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835-1920; materials regarding the American Academy of Family Physicians, 1991-93; materials regarding the National Conference of Women, Minority and New Physicians, 1993.


framed certificate of institutional membership showing MCP's national affiliations and services through its blood bank RECORDS, 1963  

1 framed certificate


materials related to Anne Barlow, M.D. PAPERS, 1938-53, [1970-85]  

4 record cartons
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Dr. Barlow was in the OB/GYN Department at MCP and President of the American Medical Women's Association. The collection includes: biographical material; photographs, slides and speeches, 1976-77, 1979-81, 1983-85; reprints (Barlow and others), 1970-72, 1978; AMWA materials; diaries, 1938-53.

NOTE: These materials are located off-site at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 6255682-685.


materials from the Department of Psychiatry at WMC/MCP RECORDS, [1966-73]  

1 in.
Course material: 'Psychiatric Component of Physical Diagnosis Course for Woman's Medical College Sophomores', 1966; New York City request for research proposals material: letter and 'City of New York Health Services Administration/Narcotics Antagonists Research Program/Request for Research Proposals', 1971; proposal: 'Contract Proposal for a Graduate Training Program in Primary Care/Submitted by the Medical College of Pennsylvania', 1973.


'A Fair Chance for Menstrual Theories: An Analysis of Medicine's Interpretation and Management of Menstruation and Its Disorders' MANUSCRIPT, 1988  

20 pages
This paper by Karen Cavallo was written in fulfillment of a requirement for the History of Health Care course at Sarah Lawrence College. She explores 'the roots of menstrual taboos and physician authority over menstruation, 19th century medicine's views of menstruation, menstruation in the context of Victorian ideology, menstruation theories and their impact on women's' access to higher education', and 'the parallels of the past with the present.'


'The Black Community and the Birth Control Movement, 1915-1945" MANUSCRIPT, 1989  

37 pages
This essay by Jessie M. Rodrique appears in Passion and Power: Sexuality and History, Peiss and Simmons, eds., Temple University Press, 1989. Rodrique argues that the decline in African-American fertility between the late 19th century and World War II was directly related to increased use of birth control, and that in fact, African-Americans 'were active and effective participants in the establishment of local clinics and the birth control debate.'


materials related to Emily Rambo Anderson, PAPERS, c. 1885  

1 box of skeletal remains, 1 photograph
Anderson was a student at WMC from 1884-87, but did not graduate. The collection consists of two items: a box containing a human skeleton which Anderson studied while she was a student; and a print of a photograph of Anderson, her mother, and daughter.


materials related to Dorothy Macy, M.D., WMC 1944, PAPERS, n.d.  

1 box of academic regalia
This collection consists of Dr. Macy's academic hood, gown and mortar board.


News Letter of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, RECORDS, 1942 and 1944


letters related to Dorothy Emerson, PAPERS, 1951

Dorothy Emerson was the Supervisor of the Clinical Laboratory at the WMCP Hospital in 1951. This is a collection of letters she wrote to her parents in Kansas City, KS, discussing the problems she was having there, her relationships with Dr. Eva Fox and Dr. Dapena (a pathologist), and her resignation.


'Dr. Lizzie Maud Carvill, 1873-1934: First Woman of Ophthalmology' MANUSCRIPT, 1989  

21 pages
This paper was written by Joan Krizack of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. This is a biographical paper on Carvill whom Krizack believes was the first woman ophthalmologist. Carvill was employed by the Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary (predecessor to the MA Eye and Ear Infirmary) at one time.


materials related to Hazel S. Wilhelm, M.D., PAPERS, 1981, 1988-89  

11 pieces
Dr. Wilhelm was a pediatrician who practiced in New York City, and later in Falmouth on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She received her M.D. from the State University of New York. The collection includes clippings, a photograph, correspondence, biographical information, alumni material, and ephemera.



View collection description [PDF] >


materials related to Grace Nugent, M.D., MCP 1989, PAPERS, c. 1986  

5 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection consists of Dr. Nugent's class notes and some photographs, which are stored off-site at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 5987709-712.


materials related to Sophie Trent, M.D., PAPERS, [1934-1989]  

3 ln. ft.
Dr. Trent was a physician and researcher interested in tropical diseases. She was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps Reserves and a member of the leadership of the Pan American Medical Women's Alliance (PAMWA) and the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), as well as an artist and poet. The collection includes course notes and a bulletin from Pembroke College of Brown University, 1934-37; course transcripts, GRE report, alumni and other materials from Brown University, [1937-1989]; Trent's M.D. thesis from Yale University School of Medicine, 1943; correspondence, examinations, course notes from Yale Medical School, 1938-45; copies of The Yale Record, 1949 and College Years, 1939; Phi Beta Kappa handbook, 1938; 7 textbooks and handbooks, [1924-1942], materials re: Trent's internship at Vanderbilt University, 1942-43; materials re: her Rockefeller Foundation internship, 1943-45; materials re the School of Tropical Medicine and Trent's internship there, 1936-51; case histories, notes, research papers and medical literature (reprints) regarding Puerto Rico and tropical diseases, 1944-45; Duval County Hospital (FL) residency, 1948; biographical materials, curriculum vitae, clippings, reprints, correspondence, photographs, research papers, publications by and about Trent, [1945-1981]; PAMWA materials, [1960-1981]; AMWA and branch materials, [1962-1973]; materials regarding the Medical Women's International Association, [1966-1980]; American Medical Association materials, 1953; American Society of Tropical Medicine materials, 1946-48; photographs and correspondence regarding her stay in Dahran, Saudi Arabia as an employee of the Arabian American Oil Company, 1949; materials regarding her practice in the Virgin Islands, 1947; practice and teaching in Connecticut, 1950-1989; service in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, 1960; materials related to her master's degree in art, 1979-81; three books of poetry by Trent, 1965, 1970, 1983; directories of Connecticut physicians, 1954,1963-64, 1971-72; Directory of Medical Women, 1949; two cases of pathology slides of tropical diseases, c. 1944.


'Caroline V. Anderson: A Pioneer', MANUSCRIPT, 1989  

15 pages
Jessie Audette wrote this paper in fulfillment of an undergraduate course in Women's Studies at Oberlin College. This is a biographical essay focusing on the life and career of Dr. Caroline Anderson, a nineteenth century African-American, woman physician.


historical books on medical subjects, [1803-1944]  

32 volumes
This collection, which largely consists of medical text books, biographical and institutional histories, and some treatises, was transferred to the Archives by Allegheny General Hospital. See the Abstract file for the inventory.


materials related to William D. Johnson, M.D., PAPERS, [1954-1986]  

1 ln. ft.
Dr. Johnson was on the faculty at MCP in the Pathology Department from 1977 to 1985. The collection includes correspondence and meeting minutes, [1975-86]; issues of Sewanee Review, 1954, 1960; preprints and reprints of articles written by or co-authored by Dr. Johnson; awards, diplomas, medical licenses, fellowship notices, and a plaque.


materials related to Eliza Jane (Jennie) Wood Armitage, M.D., WMC 1870, PAPERS, [1860-1895], [1920-1930]  

1 ln. in. and scales and weights
The collection includes one page of Dr. Armitage's diary, 1864; a membership diploma of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templar, 1872; diary of births attended and payment received, [1860-1895], same diary records Armitage's nursing of a young family member with scarlet fever and other events, [1920-1930], same diary contains genealogical information; photograph of Armitage, c. 1925; wooden case with set of scales and weights; small medicine case with vials.


ABC TV's 'HeartBeat' program, NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1985


"Nineteenth Century Reformers: Constance Stone and Annette Bear-Crawford", MANUSCRIPT, 1986  

86 pages
This paper by Shirley Ruth Freeman was written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.A. with Honors from the School of Humanities at Deakin University, Australia. Freeman presents 'the findings and conclusions of a one year study of why and how, during the establishment of hospitals in nineteenth century Melbourne, one hospital was established by women, for women.' That hospital was Queen Victoria Hospital. Constance Stone was a WMC alum, class of 1887.


framed page of the 1852 announcement for the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania

1 framed document


material related to Phyllis Marciano, M.D., WMC 1960, PAPERS, [1957-1971]  

1.5 ln. ft.


materials related to Janet O. Yardley, M.D., PAPERS, [1979-89]  

11 ln. ft.
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Dr. Yardley was a family practitioner who spent most of her career in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. The collection includes: family practice billing and statements, income reports, forms (blank and completed), insurance records, correspondence, hospital visit record, publications and 2 syringes, [1979-89].

NOTE: These materials contain patient records, which are restricted by law. The Archivist will review materials to preserve confidentiality before access is granted.


materials related to Marjorie K. Smith, M.D., PAPERS, [1923-90]

1 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

Smith was a pediatrician, with an M.A. in Public Health from M.I.T. She spent a significant portion of her career in New York. The collection includes biographical material; academic diplomas and transcripts, 1923, 1926, 1943, 1947; continuing education materials, [1975-81], materials on cerebral palsy, c. 1955; correspondence, [1925-90]; materials re: Smith's work in Kentucky, 1957-63; materials re: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1943, 1980s; professional memberships, [1970-84]; work in NY, [1953-83]; Smith College donations, 1984; Tufts donations, 1985; financial materials, 1983-84;materials re: Foulkeways retirement home, 1980; typescript and handwritten versions of Smith's memoir about her childhood in Montana; materials re: the estate of Henry Smith, 1954.


materials related to the WMC Pediatrics Department, RECORDS, [1963-84]

1 ln. ft.
View collection description >

The collection consists of staff records for the department of pediatrics and includes curriculum vitae, reprints, correspondence and reference letters.


materials related to Stella Y. Botelho, M.D., WMC 1949, PAPERS, [1916-1988]

6.25 ln. ft. of paper materials and seven additional boxes of other materials.
View collection description >

Dr. Botelho was a physiologist with research interests in the exocrine glands and respiratory and neuromuscular physiology. She was also a professor, and spent most of her career in and around Philadelphia. The collection includes: correspondence, 1950-81;laboratory notebooks, 1948-74; NIH grant correspondence and reports, c. 1974-81; reports, abstracts, papers, [1952-84]; family-related materials, c. 1916-37; materials related to students, 1953-76; photographs, 1920-49; memorabilia and textiles, 1919-49; awards and citations, c. 1936-88.


materials related to Emily B. Mudd, Ph.D., PAPERS, [1967-87]

2.5 in.
Emily Mudd was a friend of Katharine Boucot Sturgis, M.D., WMC 1942 and her husband Samuel B. Sturgis, M.D. These materials largely concern them. The collection includes: personal and professional correspondence and brochures, programs, etc. relating to the Sturgis family, [1967-87].


'The Woman Physician in the Great War', MANUSCRIPT, 1990

This manuscript by Lettie Gavin describes the experiences of women physicians who worked overseas as part of the war effort during WWI. She includes Esther Pohl Lovejoy, Mary Crawford, Anne Tjomsland, Nellie Barsness and Alice Tallant (a professor of obstetrics at WMC). Also included in this collection is a photocopy of a biographical sketch of Nellie Barsness, as well as a photograph and negative of her.


''Her Preference was to Heal': Women's Choice of Homeopathic Medicine in the Nineteenth Century United States', MANUSCRIPT, 1989

This manuscript, written by Kristin Mitchell in fulfillment of a thesis at the History Department of Yale University, examines 'the complex relationship between women and homeopathy.


materials related to Mary Headley Edgerton, M.D., WMC 1910, PAPERS, 1909-10, 1986

6 sheets and 1 photograph
The collection includes: letter, 1909; graduation photograph; article, 'Women -Trend Setters of Starr County' by George Headley Edgerton.


'Chicago's Petticoat Surgeon - Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen', MANUSCRIPT, 1990

84 pages (total, including bibliography and appendix)
This manuscript and accompanying bibliography and appendix were written and compiled by Gretchen E. Green for fulfillment of a requirement at the Illinois Math and Science Academy. Green sought to explore Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen' s 'significant impact on social and scientific issues in Chicago and throughout the world.'


materials related to the New Jersey Medical Women's Association (NJMWA), RECORDS, [1975-89]

5 ln. ft
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes: directories, memoranda, newsletters, minutes, brochures, history of JMWA,1976-88; financial records, 1975-89; audio tapes of lectures; materials re: activities, events, student applications, 1977-80; rosters, mailing lists, administrative correspondence, 1979-86.


materials related to the MCP Medical Staff Office, RECORDS, [1980-89]

17.5 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes the following material: surgical case review committee, [1983-88], Emergency Services, 1984-89; Ethics Education and Consultation, 1987-88; Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 1986-88; medical audit, 1984-86; executive committee of staff, [1980-86]; nutrition committee, 1984-88; critical care committee, 1986-87; infection control committee, 1984-87; rules and medical legal affairs committee, 1984-86; executive committee, 1981-82; general staff, 1984-88; quality assurance committee, 1984-85; medical board committee, [1980-87]; medical records, 1984-86; utilization review committee, 1985-87; clinical chief, 1983-87; ethics and credentials committee, 1984-85; faculty committee on graduate education, 1983-84.


materials related to the MCP Dean's Office, RECORDS, [1963-80]

15 ln. ft
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes the following material: executive faculty meeting minutes, [1964-72]; by-laws committee minutes, [1965-78]; faculty meeting minutes, 1963-71; program and resources materials, [1971-78]; faculty by-laws, 1979; faculty appointment letters, [1971-80]; faculty files. The materials described as 'faculty files' are restricted.


materials collected by the MCP Moore Library, RECORDS, [1936-90]

12.5 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes the Library's Vertical Files, general archival materials and library administrative files; black physicians; bibliographies on women in medicine; book catalogues; historical material not related to women; reprints, pamphlets, booklets, bulletins, guides, clippings re: women in medicine; library annual reports, [1976-89]; library archives administrative and collections materials.


materials related to the MCP Development Office, RECORDS, [1963-87]

13.75 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

This collection includes: National Board administrative materials, 1977-87; National Board Award winners, 1963-78; Commonwealth Board administrative materials, [1977-81]; Women's Auxiliary Board administrative, financial and public relations materials, [1968-86]; Gimbel award material, 1984-86;.


materials related to the MCP Development Office, RECORDS, [1981-88]

5 ln. ft.
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This collection includes: Women's Auxiliary Board administrative and events materials, 1981-85; Annual Fund materials, [1983-87]; Homecoming and Founders Day materials, [1985-88]; Partnership '86 fundraising campaign materials.


materials related to the MCP Development Office, RECORDS, [1906-1990]

3.75 ln. ft.
This collection consists of the following: closed estate files.


'Women, Medicine, and the Missionary Experience', MANUSCRIPT, 1991

150 pages
This manuscript by Courtney A. Smith was her honors thesis for New York University's College of Arts and Sciences. Smith examines 'American women's medical involvement in their own country and abroad in order to look at the opportunities they had and the differences between the missionary physician and the homeland physician.'


materials related to the MCP Alumnae/i Office (Development), RECORDS, 1914, 1958, [1984-89]

This collection includes reunion materials, [1984-89]; homecoming photograph album, 1984; Special Trust Fund brochures, c. 1986; student loan brochures, 1988; Fund for MCP brochure, c. 1986; MCP introductory brochure, c. 1986; Partnership '86 brochure; The Iatrian, 1914; Annual Report, 1987; Gift Reports, 1987-88; plaque awarded to WMC by the City Business Club, 1958; materials re: Mary Bruins Allison, M.D.; pen and ink sketch of MCP Hospital, c. 1986. Most of these materials have been disbursed to appropriate collections. See accession file.


'Resolution by the Board of Corporators of MCP on the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Board', n.d.

framed document: 'Resolution by the Board of Corporators of MCP on the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Board': n.d.


materials related to Charlotte Silverman, M.D., WMC 1938, PAPERS, [1937-90]

2 in., plus reprints
View collection description [PDF] >

Silverman was Associate Director for Human Studies in the Department for Health and Human Services. The collection includes: 34 reprints concerning epidemiology and public health related to tuberculosis, mental health, infectious diseases, and ionizing and nonionizing radiation, [1943-90]; correspondence, course outlines, ephemera and clippings, [1937-62].


WMC/MCP: Archives, RECORDS, 1977 - 1987

View collection description [PDF] >

The Archives and Special Collections on Women in Medicine was established as a department in 1977, although various staff had been collecting historical material for generations. This collection includes the administrative records of the department including newsletter documentation and financial records.


MCP: Yearbook photo/negative morgue, PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1980


materials related to Frieda Neyman, M.D, MCP 1991, PAPERS, c.1989

3.75 ln. ft.
Neyman is a pediatrician. The collection consists of her student notes taken during her schooling at MCP.


diploma of Marion Curtis Littlefield (Clarke), M.D., WMC 1908, PAPERS, 1908

1 diploma


Philadelphia Club of Medical Women, RECORDS, 1926-82

7.5 in.
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The collection includes: financial records, 1926-72; a history of the club; membership lists, 1953-82; club by-laws; correspondence, memos, address lists, 1955-86; executive meeting minutes and announcements, 1936-79; membership questionnaires, 1967; annual dinner meetings materials, 1947-63.


materials related to Justina Ford, M.D., PAPERS, [1955-91]

.25 in.
Dr. Ford was an African-American physician. The collection includes: clippings, dedication programs, biographical sketches, [1955-91]; typed reminiscence of her nephew, Jack Bradley, 1987.


MCP: Dean's Office, RECORDS, 1955-77

2.5 in.
The collection includes correspondence re: the graduate program, the Graduate Council, and graduate students, 1955-77.


bound publications by Ariel Hollinshead, Ph.D., PAPERS, n.d.

1 ln. ft.
View collection description [PDF] >

These are four bound volumes of medical research papers by Hollinshead.


MCP: Special Events Office, RECORDS, [1985-88]

7.5 ln. ft.
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The collection includes commencement materials, 1985-87; newsletters; art auction, 1987; dinners and luncheons; Morani Art Gallery openings, 1987; Health Fairs, 1987; receptions; Gimbel Awards; events re: Maurice Clifford's inauguration as President; Founders' Day events; materials re: events surrounding the exhibition 'Send Us A Lady Physician'; Spring Galas; Emergency Center opening; student surveys, 1988.


materials related to the Walter Sanitarium and Maude Marion Walter, WMC 1898, PAPERS, [n.d.]

1 photograph album and 1 brochure
The collection consists of a travel photo album of Dr. Walter's and a photocopy of a brochure for the Walter Sanitarium in Walters Park, PA.

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