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Oral Histories

Oral history collection on Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 2003 (Accession 2003.20)

Twelve video oral history interviews with Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania graduates, faculty and staff. Interviews were conducted in 2003 by Joanne Grossman and TJ Dixon.

  • Barnes, Anne , M.D. (faculty)
  • Bartuska, Doris, M.D. (WMC 1954)
  • Brooks, Brooks, M.D. (WMC 1965)
  • Chick, Barbara, M.D. (WMC 1959)
  • Cohen, D. Walter, D.D.S. - Chancellor Emeritus and former MCP President
  • Forster, Gail - early leader of the National Board of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.
  • Klinghoffer, June , M.D. (WMC 1945; faculty) - this interview can be viewed online, courtesy of Christof Daetwyler of the TIME (Technology in Medical Education) group at Drexel University College of Medicine.
  • Kroser, Lila, M.D. (WMC 1957)
  • Landau, Burton, Ph.D. (faculty)
  • Polk, Gene-Ann, M.D. (WMC 1952)
  • Schnaufer, Louise, M.D. (WMC 1951)
  • Wood, Margaret Gray , M.D. (WMC 1948)

Oral History Collection on Women in Medicine, 1978 (Accession 31)

Audio recordings, transcripts and support materials of interviews with 44 physicians and medical students. Each transcript is indexed and is introduced by a biographical sketch based on the interview.

  • UPDATE Some transcripts are online, linked below.
  • Audio reference copies of the interviews are available on-site.

The project was conducted over a two year period by Carol Fenichel, Cynthia S. Pomerleau, Ph.D., Regina Morantz, Ph.D. and Sarah Burke.

Individuals interviewed:

Barnes, Ann , M.D.
Bartuska, Doris , M.D.
Benes, Susan , M.D.
Bennet, Maxine , M.D.
Braunwald, Nina , M.D.
Brown, Dorothy, M.D. (restricted)
Bruce, Nadine, M.D.
Clark, Esther Bridgman, M.D.
Conley, Frances, M.D.
De Schweinitz, Louise, M.D.
Docking, Leah Stevens
Dolby, Karen, M.D.
Dustan, Harriet, M.D.
Fay, Marion, Ph.D.
Gamble, Vanessa
Hardy, Harriet, M.D.
Haseltine, Florence, Ph.D., M.D.
Heller, Fredericka
Herman, Judith, M.D.
Holmes, Grace, M.D.
Howell, Mary, M.D.
Jeffries, Rhonda, M.D.
Karatinos, Gillian, M.D.
Koeneke, Irene, M.D.
Magee, Joni, M.D.
McGrew, Elizabeth, M.D.
Michaelson, Beryl, M.D.
Morani, Alma Dea, M.D.
Nichols, Victoria, M.D.
Scholl, Catherine
Scudder, Ida, M.D.
Shainess, Natalie, M.D.
Sirridge, Marjorie, M.D.
Sirridge, Mary, Ph.D.
Sirridge, Stephen, Ph.D.
Soule, Jan, M.D.
Spiegel, Ann, M.D.
Spurlock, Jeanne, M.D.
Steele, Paul
Stitt, Pauline, M.D.
Sturgis, Katharine, M.D.
Thomas, Caroline Bedell , M.D.
Wilson, Marjorie, M.D.

Oral histories in the Black Women Physicians Project (Accession 178), 1988-1989

  • Brown, Jayne Dickens Henderson, M.D., 1988
  • Dickens, Helen Octavia, M.D., 1988
  • Moorehead-Laurencin, Helen, M.D., 1989
  • Gamble, Vanessa Northington, M.D., Ph.D., 1988

Individual oral histories in the collection

This is a partial listing. Many collections not listed here may contain interviews; they are best located by searching collection description subjects or names through the site search. Some oral histories are the sole item in a collection, others may be part of a larger collection of personal papers.:

  • Aiken, Margaret, R.N., 87
  • Cooper, Beaufort (Boots), M.D. 1992.16
  • Copperman, Gertrude, M.D. 261
  • El Saadawi, N., M.D., 211
  • Taber, Elsie, Ph.D., 155
  • Togasaki, Yoshiye, M.D., 265
  • White-Hammond, Gloria, 184

The following tapes have no accession number. They are housed with the audio tapes boxed with tapes from Accession 265 and 1992.16.

  • Boutte, Thelma Coffey, M.D., 1989
  • Kirkpatrick, Dahlia, M.D., 1989
  • Barnes, Janet, M.D., 1989
  • Lain, Sarah, M.D., 1989