Adding and Dropping Courses

Course registration is a multi-step process that supports your academic progress through careful planning. This page provides information on how to register. If you need help regarding the specific courses that are required to progress you toward completing your degree, please use DegreeWorks and consult with your academic advisor prior to actually registering for courses.

Please note that not all students have the ability to register for courses online. There are specific programs and disciplines of study that require academic advising offices to register students for courses. Please check with your academic advisor if you are uncertain registering for courses online.

Preparing Your Preferred Schedule in Advance of Registration

The Schedule Ahead resource allows you to create sample course schedules for an upcoming term prior to your time ticket. This feature enhances your ability to map your academic progress and create up to 10 alternate schedules for an upcoming term. Once your registration time ticket opens, you will have the option to complete registration based on a sample schedule created prior.

You can use the Student Guide: Schedule Ahead Registration Feature [PDF] to help you use this new feature.

Additionally, please note the following important aspects of the Schedule Ahead resource:

  • Schedule Ahead is available from Week 4 through Week 1 of an upcoming term (i.e., a student can create sample mock schedules for the spring 2023–2024 term from Week 4 of winter 2023–2024 up through Week 1 of the summer term).
  • You can create up to 10 mock schedules for an upcoming term.
  • If you have registration holds, you will still be able to use Schedule Ahead, but will remain unable to complete actual course registration until your hold(s) are resolved.
  • Course restrictions and registration errors will not show when creating a mock schedule in this tool. You should fully investigate each course you use in a sample schedule to ensure there will be no restrictions or errors when you attempt to complete actual course registration. You can learn about restrictions by utilizing the Term Master Schedule.
  • Using this resource is for planning and demonstrative purposes only; creating a sample schedule does not guarantee a seat in any of the courses selected.
  • As with all course planning, you should continue to utilize DegreeWorks and consult with your academic advisor

Course Registration

Watch the course registration video for more information.

Student Guide: Registration Interface [PDF] – Download the guide as a reference for navigating the registration interface.

Student Guide: Using DegreeWorks [PDF] Download the guide as a reference for utilizing DegreeWorks.

Auditing a Course

The audit option provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to attend a course, but carries no earned credit with no standard letter grade. Participation in the course will be evidenced by the "AUD" grade designation on the transcript. The "AUD" grade designation does not affect a student's GPA.

Additionally, the following policies apply to audited courses:

  • Credits for courses taken using the audit option are not counted in clearance for graduation (Granting of Degrees policy); thus major requirements cannot be fulfilled using the audit option.
  • The credits for courses taken using this option count toward the maximum term credits allotted to full-time students for their program of study. Full-time undergraduate students who audit a course that raises their term credits above the maximum are billed on a per-credit basis for the term credits above 20. Full-time graduate students and all part-time students will be billed for the audited course on a per-credit basis. 
  • Due to pedagogical or other considerations, some courses may not be audited.
  • In order to take a course using the audit option, you must secure approval from both the instructor and your academic advisor before the close of the course add/drop period.
  • Students may not change the option to audit courses or petition to take these courses for credit after the end of the course add/drop period.
  • Instructors will not be able to assign a grade during grade submission for students electing this option.
  • Students electing this option will receive an automatic grade of "AUD."
  • Students who elect to audit a course are not eligible to receive financial aid for that course.

Registering a Course as an Audit

You may register for courses using the audit option during the course add/drop period. Registration is subject to the approval of the course instructor and your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will assist you in determining whether the audit option is an appropriate option for you.

  • Registration is subject to course availability within established enrollment limits. No new course sections will be added.
  • If you wish to add a course using the audit option, please contact your academic advisor to begin the course addition process.
  • Course audit requests must be submitted by the end of the add/drop period for the term in which you wish to audit the course.

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