Information for Work-Study Employers

Please see the process below for requesting that a position gets posted, hiring a student, and updating/closing a job posting. Additionally, all employers should review the handbook listed below as a reference.

Employers can contact with questions or concerns.

Posting a Work-Study Position

All work-study positions are required to be posted on the Drexel Central website. To request that a position gets posted:

  • Log in to the Federal Work-Study SharePoint.
  • Under the Job Postings section, select the New icon.
  • Select item from the drop down.
  • A new page will appear. You must complete each field listed:
    • Job title – Make your title as unique as possible to distinguish from other positions.
    • Job description – In 100 words or less, describe the scope of the position and its responsibilities.
    • Qualifications – List any qualifications needed from a student. If none are required, list N/A.
    • Minimum education – Select the minimum grade level a student must have attained in order to be considered for the position.
    • Community service – Indicate if the position is considered to be community service.
    • Number of positions – Indicate the number of positions available for this posting.
    • ORG number – The organization.
    • Campus – Select the campus where this position will primarily work.
    • College/School – Select either the college or school this position is housed in; select "other" if the position is not part of a college or school.
    • Department – Select the department the position is housed in.
    • Building – Indicate the primary building location of this position.
    • Room – List the primary room number assigned to this position.
    • Supervisor – Type the username (abc123) or the last name of the supervisor and select the appropriate person from the names that appear.
    • Supervisor email – The supervisor’s email address.
    • Supervisor phone – List the supervisor's direct extension.
    • Once you have completed all fields, select Save.
  • Once you have submitted your posting, the form will close and you will be re-directed back to the Work-Study home page. You can see the status of any position you have submitted as well as review a summary of the information for each of your postings by selecting the request name.
  • You will receive an email notification confirming your submission was successful.
  • The Office of Financial Aid will review your posting to ensure the accuracy of the information listed. Once this process starts, you will receive an email notification.
  • If your posting request is approved, it will be incorporated into the general listing on the Drexel Central website, where it will be viewable to students. If there are issues with your posting, financial aid staff will return the posting to you with comments for editing.

Updating a Work-study Position Posting

You must follow the instructions below to request a change to position information or request to close the position; otherwise, your work-study postings will remain viewable on the Drexel Central website in the approved format. You can make a change to a posting as follows:

  • Log in to the Federal Work-Study SharePoint.
  • The "Job Postings" section of the homepage has a list of the postings you have submitted.
  • Select the position title.
  • A form will appear on the right portion of the screen.
  • To make edits to your posting, select the Edit at the top. You will be able to edit any information and resubmit the form. The Office of Financial Aid will need to approve the edits before your posting can be updated online.
  • To close a position, select "Close." Once closed, a position is archived and cannot be reopened. To reopen, a new job posting must be submitted for review an approval.

Hiring a Student for Work-study

Once your position has been approved by the Office of Financial Aid, you may:

  • Identify students that you would like to interview for your work-study position.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews to fill the position once you have determined the student is eligible to receive work-study funding.
  • Once you have decided to hire a student, complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). Note that EPAFs more than two pay periods behind will not be approved.
  • If the student has never worked at Drexel or has not worked here in the last three years, they will receive an email from Human Resources to complete new hire paperwork.
  • The student will need to provide documentation to Human Resources showing identity and authorization to work. View a list of Form I–9 acceptable documents.
  • Once the EPAF reaches HRIS in the approval routing queue and all necessary new hire paperwork has been completed, HRIS enters the student into Banner's HR/Payroll system. Once this has been completed, your student's timesheet will be activated in DrexelOne.

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